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  1. Hi all, We just received our green card (yay!) and I was wondering what people's thoughts were on self filing for ROC vs using a lawyer? We used a lawyer for our AOS process and it went smoothly, but honestly don't really want to spend another $3k for the ROC. Am I right in thinking that ROC packet is very similar to AOS, only we will need to include 2 years 9 months of new evidence of bonafide relationship? Thanks!
  2. Aaaaand we're done. My Green Card was delivered yesterday. See you all in 2 years for ROC!
  3. My green card arrived yesterday - almost exactly 1 year from filing! Good luck to everybody else still waiting.
  4. Hoping I don't end up in the same boat. Mine was "Out for Delivery" on Friday and is now "Awaiting Delivery Scan". Almost exactly the same thing happened with my EAD card, and literally nothing is different in terms of my address from all the NOAs which have arrived just fine...
  5. Mine is currently trapped somewhere inside the USPS system... Should have been delivered on Friday and now is just "Awaiting Delivery Scan" - my timeline is in my signature, adjusting from L1-A.
  6. Check this out https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php?cfl= - try filtering to last 3 months.
  7. My status finally changed to "New Card is Being Produced", 30 days after my GC interview. I'll report back when I have it in hand!
  8. I would highly recommend reaching out to your senators and members of congress. Given all the extenuating circumstances they may be able to support in expediting your hearing date. This is literally what they are there for.
  9. My status final changed to "New Card is Being Produced" yesterday, 30 days after my interview - very glad this process is almost done!
  10. Tomorrow will be four weeks since our interview where we were verbally approved in the room... I'm pretty frustrated as this'll eat into my citizenship timeline, and I was really hoping I'd be squared away to vote in 2024. I asked a tier 2 officer and they contacted the IO - I got a very formulaic reply back stating "USCIS records indicate your case is pending review by an Immigrations Services Officer at this time. We regret that we cannot provide a timeframe for completing the review. We will mail you a notice when or if any action is required.". So I guess all I can do is wait. My EAD/AP expires September 30, so I am going to give it one more month then file for an extension
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