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  1. Did you receive a SS# after the EAD card?

    1. Rearviewmirror


      I already had  a SS card.

  2. If it's any consolation I now have my physical card and still nothing has changed on the I-765 status! Weirdly the AP is showing as approved.
  3. I agree with all the other posters. If you click through the immigration timelines search page on VJ, or through the case filing and progress reports you'll see a lot of approved AP over the last few months, usually as combo cards (myself included). I would get in touch with USCIS and find out why your AP was denied (I believe you should have been sent a denial letter with a reason? I know this is a very stressful process, which feels like a black box right now, however you have also made it a lot further than many legal (and illegal) immigrants ever do. Looking at VJ timeline stats (here) it looks like the timeline for Albany, NY is more like a year than 35 months, so you might be closer than you think. The current processing time showing is 9.5 - 29.5 months. The first number is the time it takes to complete 50% of cases (the median). The second number is the time it takes to complete 93% of cases - so you could be a coin flip away from being processed within the next 7.5 months. Getting your green card would provide you with a lot more future stability and entry/re-entry options - and you could still stay outside the US for 6 months at a time or even up to two years if you file for a re-entry permit. This year has been super hard for everyone, but make sure you don't make a decision now that would make things tougher for you in the future too.
  4. Man that really sucks. Sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed they move fast!
  5. EAD just got delivered. So very thankful it wasn't lost in the mail as apparently I would have had to reapply. Fingers crossed I get my green card before it expires next September! Come onnnn Washington DC ASC!
  6. Yup, they came on Monday. It was out for delivery on Thursday and now seems to be lost somewhere in the mail.
  7. Same here - I-131 showing as approved but no changes on the others. Still waiting on my EAD card envelope and now mildly worried it's lost in the mail as it's still showing "Awaiting Delivery Scan" despite being out for delivery on October 8...
  8. Still waiting on delivery of my EAD it was "Out for Delivery" yesterday and now is "Alert: Awaiting Delivery Scan" - hoping it didn't get lost somewhere along the way...
  9. Yup exactly! They might refuse and only do Code 2, but if you mention it's for an I-485 appointment they might be nice and do it anyway. The biometrics technicians typically understand the process better than some Tier 1 officers!
  10. Mine is out for delivery today (notification came in Monday).
  11. Once she has the physical EAD and SSN then she can.
  12. Scroll to the bottom of this page - https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices It'll stay at NBC until you've done biometrics.
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