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  1. Yeah sorry, your lawyer is wrong. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-5
  2. Got the 24 month extension letter today. Guess we will have to wait a while for the interview. CR-1 MSC filer. Timeline is as below: Date Filed - 01/12/2021 NOA1 (18 month extension letter) - 02/19/2021 Biometrics - 08/06/2021 Case ready to be scheduled for interview - 11/03/2021 24 month extension letter - 12/18/2021
  3. They never updated our biometrics appointment/capture in myUSCIS portal. I only found out about the case update because I check that portal every single day. These were the only updates that are showing for our case right now.
  4. Just got a notification for our case. As of Nov. 3rd, the case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Keeping our fingers crossed! I-751 Submission Date - 01/07/21 Biometrics Appointment - 08/06/21 Ready to be scheduled for interview notification - 11/03/21
  5. Hey! Our biometric appointment was on 6th Aug. Haven't heard anything back yet after that. Not even about the 24 month extension letter that everybody else is getting. Did you have to call USCIS to check for your appointment/letter?
  6. Finally received our biometric appointment letter today 08/06/21. CR1 filed on 01/07/21 NOA1 received on 02/19/21
  7. It all depends on your case. Most of the people who have an interview inside the US are getting their interviews waived. Others like the one who came on CR1 visa(just an example) are getting interviewed. But this is not a rule. It all depends on your case. My suggestion would be to make an account on myuscis website and keep checking for your case updates there.
  8. Just an update for the excel sheet: As most of January filers have their NOA1 and service centers assigned to them, the sheet will now be sorted by service center and received date. This should make it easier for everyone to follow how the processing is going for their respective service centers. Please make sure you update your service centers in the sheet. That will help everyone in general to track and have an idea of how long the actual processing is. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rhI5FjegJsQOxwx9qEUxcdOUv4PUuzwvWzNQPiEo2m8/edit#gid=0
  9. It means your case was received, the check was cashed and there is now a case number assigned for your case. Your NOA1 that extends your GC for 18 months while USCIS process your case will be arriving soon in the mail. Congrats! You can also check your case updates on myuscis website using your case number.
  10. Things have changed and people are now seeing their NOA1 within a month of filing
  11. From what I've gathered reading the previous threads, CR-1 visa holders are being assigned to MSC and will have interviews scheduled in the future. Everybody else seems to have their interviews/bio etc. waived.
  12. Typically you should have the physical NOA1 delivered to you within in a week or so of receiving the text/cashing of check.
  13. They both are exactly the same. Even the outside envelopes haha. So weird!
  14. UPDATE: Received our NOA1 today on 02/19/21. It is dated 02/16/21. Also, we received two identical notices (Both NOA1 I-797). Is this normal?
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