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  1. I did get a call back early last week. Both my husband and stepdaughter ended up going last Thursday to the infopass appointment and got their stamps. I wasn't able to attend, but they said they got in fairly quickly and the whole process went real fast. Officer asked them why they hadn't had an interview yet, and my husband said due to COVID everything got backed up. Kind of a strange question to ask, you know? Like, why are you asking me this?! You tell me why! Anyways, yeah that is what happene. 🙂 Pretty uneventful.
  2. Ugh, so sorry to hear that. 😐 I know so much of the waiting game comes down to what city you live in while waiting for an interview. I just needed to know I wasn't alone. It's hard seeing others fly past you, and some even without interviews. Definitely happy for those, but wish I knew the secret behind that magic! Lol. Good luck to both of you, and wish you well. 💞
  3. @Duncan21 They did say that someone will call back. Usually takes a week or two. I actually called in early February to schedule the infopass appointment originally. However, when we got the call back the officer informed us we weren't within the 30 day window of our letters expiring, so they could not schedule an appointment at that time. They told me to call back when we hit our window. So, that's what we did!
  4. Oh, I see it alright..lol. I requested an info pass appointment as well this past week. Our extension letter expires end of this month. I also sent a letter to the state senator as well. Maybe it will help or maybe it won't, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.🙂
  5. @KatieL, holy cow January 2019!? Oh my... Well, good to know that I am not too far behind you! Just makes me nervous being that it has been so long, you know? Obviously COVID didn't help matters any. Good luck with everything, just need to stay positive. I understand the feeling. 😉
  6. Hi all. Wondering if there is anyone with 2019 cases still pending? I'm sure there are, but I keep wigging out seeing all the 2020 filers, and I have to keep reminding myself that it has really been this long! A trigger warning needs to be posted on here! Lol. Filed July 2019 and (still) waiting for an interview since December 2019. Went ahead and filed N-400 July 2020 and got notice just last month that they will be reusing my husband's biometrics. So, that is good I guess.
  7. Hi everyone! It has been a while since I have gotten on VisaJourney. Thought I would share an update. Currently, we are still waiting for the I-751 interview to take place. Case has been waiting for an interview to be scheduled since December 2019. In July 2020 my husband went ahead and filed the N-400. During this process, I found out that my stepdaughter could not file right then and there, since she turned 18 March 2020, and has to wait another two years for her to become eligible to file the N-400. So, that kind of sucks, but it is what it is. As of February 19th I saw a notice on our USCIS account that they will be reusing my husband's biometrics. The estimated wait time of case completion for my husbands N-400 currently is showing October 2021. 8 months! About a month ago it showed March or May, and now....October....so here we are.
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