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  1. **Year old zombie thread locked; it is better to start a new thread or find an ongoing one related to cancellations due to Covid-19** VJ Moderation
  2. **Moved from Direct Consular Filing (DCF) General Discussion to US Embassy and Consulate Discussion; question is relevant to Embassy process**
  3. **Moved from USCIS Service Centers to General Immigration-Related Discussion** Contact USCIS immediately and check on the status of the I-90.
  4. **Moved from US Immigration News and Discussion to General Immigration-Related Discussion**
  5. **One post and reply containing suggestion to enter and then marry and adjust status has been removed; entering the US with the intention to stay and adjust status constitutes visa fraud** VJ Moderation
  6. **Multiple non-English replies and quoted text removed as well as derailing discussion about it; if you wish you converse in another language besides English, please see the regional forums (Russian would be in the RUB forum). Only English is allowed in the upper forums** VJ Moderation
  7. Any other updates for anyone waiting in Chicago? I'm hoping we will start seeing some more movement soon.
  8. **Moved from ROC Discussion to USC General Discussion**
  9. There have been a lot of issues reported lately with attachments and files not loading or saving when filing the N-400 online. Although the official instructions say that the online form works in most browsers, it works best in Internet Explorer. If you have issues uploading or saving attachments/files, try again with Internet Explorer. For best results, consider filling out the entire form using IE. Sometimes other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox do work, but Internet Explorer is the one that will never fail. If you fill out your N-400 online and realize your attachments did not save, re-upload them later to the Documents > Unsolicited Information > Upload Documents section. Make sure all of your uploads are visible under the Documents tab.
  10. Just checked our status and it's the same. No clue what it means, maybe it just means you filed online?
  11. **Screenshot containing personal information removed; please refrain from posting identifying information on this very public forum** VJ Moderation
  12. That makes sense. I don't really blame them for doing that. ASC's don't open in my area until July 20th, so I'm not expecting much movement until closer to that date, if even that.
  13. This is a known issue. You have to use Internet Explorer.
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