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  1. How can you be sure AOS would not be denied when clearly she DID make misrepentation to CBP? It just seems to me to be fairly obvious that it was misrepresentation if she states that they were engaged.
  2. I tried to get her to come here, but she preferred I ask for her. In any case, to complicate the picture, they DID have an issue with her Visa and it was cancelled on 17 February, but she was already back in the US at that point. She said that no reason for the cancellation was given - it was sent to her Lawyer in the Ukraine.
  3. Yes, they field for an AOS. She said that she was entering the US to study her religion which they were ok with. But yes, it was a misrepresentation, because she was already engaged, so clearly she intended to get married.
  4. Correct, no K1 because they are now Married. So they are now doing the Ajustment of Status for her. My concern is the fact that she left the country twice after the engagement, before they got married. This is proof that she committed Visa fraud, as obviously they were planning on getting married on a Business Visa.
  5. A friend of mine, Bob, met a woman from the Ukraine, and he subsequently proposed and they got married here in the US. To me, it looks like all is well except for one thing: She went back to her home country, not once, but twice between the proposal, and the actual marriage. I think this is going to be a red flag. They are here in the US, and they are about to do their interview next month. It seems to me that after the proposal, if she goes back to her home country, then should would need to do a K-1 Visa to legally re-enter. But she already had a Business Visa, so she continue to use that. Is there cause for concern? Did she violate protocol by not staying in the US until the marriage was completed? Should the proposal have waited until she was back in the US in Jan? It a complicated story, but I have boiled it down to these relevant dates. December 23 2016 Met on online website. We continued our relationship daily via Skype for the next 44 days until February 6, 2017. February 6, 2017 Bob visits Ukraine for two weeks. March 6th Irina comes to visit Frank for three months on Business Visa. May 31st Irina goes back to Ukraine for two weeks, then returns to US. July 18th Proposal/Engagement October 26th Irina traveled to Ukraine for business for one week, then back in the US. January 22nd 2018 Irina traveled to Ukraine for business again for 3 weeks March 24th Irina and Bob legally married.
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