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  1. Honestly, sounds like you think of her as a commodity that you are now displeased with. You feel you didn’t get your money’s worth. We reap what we sow.
  2. Then there was really no point in having the congressperson make an inquiry. The results are the same whether you do it, or he/she does.
  3. I thought that the designated consulate for K-1s was CJD, and that the Mexico City interviews were being offered on a temporary basis to ease the backlog. I may be wrong, but it could be that they discontinued that stop-gap.
  4. Are you outside of the USCIS published normal processing time?
  5. Wouldn't the 'doctor you used the first time' have been in your wife's home country?
  6. In general, your congressperson will get the same response as you would, when making an inquiry. When was the petition filed?
  7. No one here is in a position to tell you whether it will be issued.
  8. What would be the point of shelling out $5-10k for that? C. Cat's wife is here legally with no issues. Not worth $10k when it doesn't make you "more legal" or confer any additional rights whatsoever.
  9. Not sure why you think it is faster for those removing conditions from a GC obtained through a fiancee visa. Like I said, we fully expect to wait two years for ours, as that is how long it takes to process I-751s in Nebraska, regardless of the original visa type. Oh, and it's a good thing you didn't bring her over on a B visa to adjust status - that is FRAUD, and precisely why people are denied B visas.
  10. No one is required to change their name after marriage.
  11. Exactly. No need for family reunification. Pretty clear she has no intention to live in the US, and the plan is just to try to get green cards for the entire family.
  12. It is more than just knowing "which form to file." You need to read the guides and do your own research. It is a complicated process that you need to educate yourself about. Researching and becoming educated can help you to avoid pitfalls such as not realizing that green card holders cannot live outside of the US indefinitely
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