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  1. He won't be able to come to stay. Student visas are non-immigrant, and there will not be a family preference visa available to him for the 14 years.
  2. Yes, it is bad advice. The decision will be a DENIAL. And contrary to what you're implying, there is no congressional mandate for the timing of AOS interviews.
  3. Very informative! Weird that they are not related to anteater.
  4. Please share many aardvark knowledge!
  5. Yeah, lots of people are in that situation. There has been a devastating worldwide pandemic, and many travel bans and a generalized halt to visa services at US consulates globally.
  6. If it was a grey area, the EAD wouldn't even be a thing. So many people choose the K-1 thinking it will be "faster," and fail to consider the work and travel drawbacks.
  7. This is why, for other readers, applying for the SSN should be the FIRST action after POE on a K-1. Even before marriage.
  8. Approved I-129F petitions sit at the NVC until requested by the embassy or consulate. With a huge backup caused by COVID, the consulates are just now dealing with petitions that were approved in March of 2020. They won't request new petitions until the existing backlog has had a dent made in it. There are loads and loads of threads on VJ about COVID, the worldwide halt to K-1 processing, the various lawsuits, etc.
  9. Your petition was just approved in February of this year, correct? There are many, many more ahead of you in the queue (> one year's worth).
  10. You didn't send the marriage certificate with the initial evidence? You cannot adjust status in the US on a B visa. That is immigration fraud.
  11. I would definitely look into the costs for your sister's care here, as she will not be eligible for any of the services or benefits for the blind as a new immigrant, unfortunately, and you will need to take care of her anyway.
  12. Looks like you’re grasping at straws trying for an expedite for the 3rd time. They won’t expedite this process due to arthritis. Expedite requests should come from the USC or LPR petitioner, not the beneficiary.
  13. I know several people who work for the foundation. I'd be very surprised if anything changed there. The money was allocated to the foundation years ago.
  14. If there's a risk of aging out, the Moscow Embassy said they are actually prioritizing those cases for processing. I would contact them directly about it. Emphasize the aging out risk. Doubt this would work in this situation; why would they make special accommodations for someone who isn't even yet a beneficiary of a petition?
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