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  1. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. They will have to apply on their own merits. You can of course pay for their trip, but there is no "affidavit of support" for tourist visas.
  2. OP, have you thought about Canada? I believe kiwis can get visas for seasonal jobs in bars and restaurants, ski resorts, etc.
  3. But why? He does not possess special skills or education that cannot be found amongst US citizens and permanent residents. Do you realize the expense involved for US businesses who sponsor foreign workers? Not going to happen for a minimum-wage or unskilled position.
  4. You could try the diversity visa. NZ is one of the eligible countries.
  5. No details are required. We went through a similar consulate to London, and had as many visits as you did, over a period of several years. We really only wrote down the dates in the space provided for Q 54 (I think?), and included copies of the corresponding passport stamps. Thats it. No "story of how we met," snapshots, "evidence of ongoing relationship," etc. None of that is needed, or useful, for low fraud countries. Adding things not required or requested at the petition stage just makes it take longer for them to adjudicate it.
  6. I have never heard of an RFE for photos, since they are not a requirement for the I-129F petition.
  7. Even with the CR-1, you will want to do a lot of reading and research, given that age difference. Casablanca is known to be a very difficult consulate even for cases without large red flags.
  8. Flight confirmations/itineraries and pictures are not great evidence of having travelled or whether the meeting took place in the required preceding two years.
  9. We sent the passport stamps which corresponded to the dates of our visits.
  10. RapidVisa isn't exactly this pillar of US immigration wisdom. For people that choose to send pics with their petitions, I have never heard any negatives about writing details on the backs of photos. We didn't even send any photos, except for the required passport style ones.
  11. Just FYI, there are specific criteria for expediting.
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