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  1. Hahah that’s such a cool coincidence ! You should get married at Disney land then. If that’s even a thing 🙃
  2. Omg that’s beautiful!! A stunning location! And disney land is my favorite place in the world haha!! What an amazing idea !
  3. Still hanging! Preparing documents for when we get to the next step! And wondering, why there are so many cases that seem to get approved in record times, and others that don’t. I know, we will never know (i can’t stop wondering tho) Got a new hobby in the meantime 🙂 I read that people are starting to plan their weddings 💒 I was going for February, but I’m also scared to jinx it. We are going for a courthouse wedding, just because it is easier. Would love to hear other people’s stories !
  4. Hi there, just trying to provide you with some info/ experience I had. I visited the states for three months last year, on a regular tourist visa (esta). I did not have any intentions on staying a day longer, as I was just on a longer holiday, and had to get back to work after the three months (as in, I really had no shady plans whatsoever). I had a return ticket, I had no plans on working there, no red flags. My fiancé is actually working for the government, so there is no way, we would ever do anything to jeopardise his job. I am from Germany and I had visited LOADS of times prior to this visit. What happened once I landed: first I got questioned by the regular boarder control. I answered all of his questions with no hesitation, and was full on honest. I had 5k€ on my bank account, 500$ in my pocket. I really thought, he d be ok with my answers. However, he told me I had to go have an interview with the Agents. So I went into their rooms, and they went through all my luggage, my phone, all my emails and social media. I was questioned about my motives for 2.5 hours, by three people at the same time. I told them multiple times that I was only going to read, chill, go to see Miami and some other cool places, literally no plans to do anything but chill (yeah I am that lazy). I just wanted to visit my fiancé for three months, return tickets booked and everything. I told them over and over again, to please call him, because he is working for the government and stuff. They did not call him. They told me they wanted to speak with me. If I did not like my country, and if I was sure I as going to go back? They also made weird comments about my pictures (#######) and a book I brought - I think they might have been bored or something. Either way, after 2.5 hours they found something on my phone they didn’t like. But I was able to explain that as well. I can tell you, i don’t think i would Ever go back to stay in the US for 3 months. It was a great time, but the time I spend there being questioned, wondering if I might have to go back on a plane, with the possibility of never getting to enter the country or whatever, it was super scary. Keep in mind, I had proof that I still had a job waiting for me (an email from my boss), I had also proof of a flat that I as paying (!) for monthly. So I had a lot of proof that I wasn’t going to stay there or try to do something sketchy. They also asked me, if we planned to get married and for me I stay there. I told them no, we cannot get married right now. It as just a lot of personal questions. So if I were you, i would try to get some proof that you’re going to go back at some point, i would also not mention anything about working from abroad. But that’s just my story, you might be lucky and have a different experience!! Just trying to help someone out, because I honestly didn’t think I would ever have to go through anything that humiliating. Especially, since I had so much „proof“ and because my fiancé has been working for the government all his life. Good luck to you, and safe travels!
  5. Oh wow that must be super exciting, soon you’ll be together!!! Good luck Sarge!!
  6. Sad, but I have a bunch of respect for you!!! I’ve been waiting 2.5 years since we got engaged, just to be able to hand in those papers. So I can wait a bit longer to get my noa 2, right?! As long as we all will get it at some point 🌸
  7. It says case received for me-still the same old thing. I don’t want to be pessimistic tho, I get it, you guys want a fast positive feedback, and I want that too, trust me on that (!!!) I just feel like we shouldn’t all expect a noa 2 within a record time. People have been waiting for 7/8/9 even 10 months in 2018!! It is a freaking miracle that some cases are moving super fast, we should not all go crazy and have high expectations, let’s be realistic.. it’ll be a little bit. 🙌🏾
  8. Hallo, ich suche nach Leuten mit denen ich mich zum K1 Visum austauschen kann, vielleicht ist jemand in dieser Gruppe, der auch gerade auf das NOA2 wartet, mit dem ich mich austauschen kann (gerne per Privatnachricht). Ich poste nicht so gerne. Ich würde mich über Nachrichten sehr freuen ☺️ Ich habe aber auch so ein paar Fragen: 1. die Übersetzungen zb von Führungszeugnis, dazu benötige ich dann noch eine Bestätigung des Übersetzers, das er alles richtig übersetzt hat? Ist das ein normales Anschreiben/Brief? 2. Es würde mich sehr interessieren, ob und wie ihr mit eurem Arbeitgeber gesprochen habt. Ich möchte auf der Arbeit bevor ich das Visum habe nicht darüber sprechen, dann aber wenn ich es erhalten habe asap weg, habe aber eine Kündigungsfrist (8 Wochen zum Quartalsende). Außerdem ein schlechtes Gewissen, da man ja auch einen Ersatz für mich finden müsste und das dauert sicher länger als 8 Wochen. Wie seid ihr damit umgegangen? 3. Ich habe Angst, das wir nicht genug Beweismaterial besorgt haben bzw haben wir eigentlich nur 65 Fotos in den Antrag gelegt (beschriftet mit Datum). In meinem letter of Intent habe ich aber lange geschrieben, wie lange wir uns kennen, wann wir uns gesehen haben etc. Und ich dachte das wird ausreichen. Nachdem wir den Antrag abgeschickt haben habe ich erst das Forum entdeckt und bin ein bisschen platt, wegen der ganzen „Horror“ Stories und RFE und weiß Gott nicht was. Wir haben den Antrag super sorgfältig ausgefüllt, aber ich bereue es natürlich, das wir uns nicht noch besser informiert haben. Deshalb habe ich jetzt bereits Führungszeugnisse und auch eine Bescheinugung das ich Single bin (LOL) besorgt. Ich möchte jetzt nicht noch mehr Fehler machen und alles ordentlich vorbereiten für die Zukunft (falls wir einen RFE bekommen oder auch für das Interview). Hat jemand vielleicht tips ? Deutsche sind ja super ordentlich und ich bin mir sicher jemand kann mir noch einen oder zwei gute Tips geben Wir sind schon lange verlobt und seit 6 Jahren zusammen, vllt. War ich ein bisschen zu naiv und dachte, das es nicht so schwer sein würde das Visum zu bekommen. Ein paar Kontakte habe ich im Forum schon gemacht (Spanierin und Kanadierin), die mich aber zusätzlich ein bisschen verrückt gemacht haben (z.b. Jeden Tag schreiben wie viele Updates es gibt). Sorry für den sehr langen Text. Ich freue mich über Nachrichten! Eine schöne Woche und liebe Grüße
  9. There is a military helpline number, but we didn’t receive any real information either. I’d like to know, too.
  10. Thank you! I guess that means we will get an RFE.
  11. Thank you Ashley! I read the instructions for the form (see attached picture), and I thought the written description of our last meetings, pictures and the official arrival/ departure form would be enough 🥴 I collected other evidence but my fiancé thought it would be a bit weird to send a bunch of old tickets and receipts. He said the pictures will do. Now that I’m on here I begin to doubt that it’ll do. So I’m gonna collect more evidence, oh well.. have a nice weekend.
  12. Hi there, I was wondering what kind of evidence/ proof you submitted, instead of pictures? I am getting scared that we made a bunch of mistakes with our package. I am thinking about getting further proof or additional documentation, before we get an RFE. We submitted everything that was requested on the Official website of the government, but here on the forum I see people handed in things such as e.g. a cover letter, which we did not hand in. For proof of the relationship we submitted 60 pictures, and i wrote on the back where and when the pictures were taken. Since we have done a lot of trips over the years, there are a bunch of pictures in different locations and of different things. I didn’t want to include too much personal information, so we did not include a letter written by a friend or family member. I wrote a longer letter of intent to marry, with a timeline of our relationship. Now I see examples of the letter of intend on here, and they are usually just one or two sentences. I really wish I had known about the website in advance, but I am trying now so I’m very thankful for advise or further information. THank you
  13. Thank you!! Well I hope I will just be approved right away.. by the way, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you know so much about the different visa forms and processes and all that? Very impressive!!
  14. Yeah we didn’t add a cover letter either!! I’m so bummed out that i only found this website after we already send out the petition!!! I am not too happy with the package we send, but at the moment we send it, we send everything that was requested. And it didn’t say to add a cover letter of any kind. We send in 40 pictures of the last few years of traveling and our engagement and whatnot, and I described the timeline of our relationship in my letter of intent to marry. I didn’t even send boarding passes, but I did send the overview of all the times I entered the USA, so to proof how many times I visited him. I hope it will be enough.. it was difficult enough to fill out the form!
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