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  1. Awesome news i have done my interview last week and hopefully they will send it this week trying to head before the 14th of feb 😃 - would like to book my flights soon.
  2. yes looks like they catching up, i have mine next week will keep you all updated on how it goes 😃
  3. hi guys good luck with anyone got interviews coming up, please let us know if anyone else been scheduled lately with the embassy opening today.
  4. that is a good sign yeah i am pretty nervous on this covid situation and trying get my visa done at-least by mid feb.
  5. I submitted my documents in about 2 weeks ago but have not heard anything yet and also have done my medical 2 weeks ago so i am hoping soon. they got my papers on Thursday last week.
  6. Hi guys i am in my k1 progress also and living in auckland i submited my ds and stuff and they said they progress that and contact me for the next steps, i think maybe we have an way to get an interview hoping they open in phase 2 but with people living outside of auckland this brings no certain on when people will be able to come to auckland. the govt has confused a lot of us....
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