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Found 12 results

  1. Hey folks! Just got approved today! So excited so I'm just waiting for the Notice to come in the mail and let me know where my Oath Ceremony will be and when. Had a quick question. I know the dress code recommended is "dress befitting of the Oath". With ceremonies (especially good ones like Marriages/Ceremonies etc) I usually wear my family kilt and dress shirt (obviously I will not bring decorative knives). But I was wondering if they would let me do that for the Oath ceremony or if they just want me to wear a suit. I saw in some Oath ceremony videos that folks from Ghana and Nigeria would wear their traditional clothing to their ceremonies but I have no idea what the expectations are (other than no flip flops and t-shirts etc). Any guidance on this?
  2. To track on how many Oath Ceremonies got cancelled and how long did it take for it to be rescheduled or how many still waiting. My oath ceremony got cancelled one day prior oath ceremony. Received a phone call and they said due to technical issue my ceremony is cancelled. Received at the same time document online (no actual mail was received). I’ve been told to wait now for new date or any other decision they will make over the mail. Tried to reach them via phone, online requests - getting same template answer. My timeline: Queens USCIS Local Office N-400 Submitted - 2020/12/16 Interview Date - 2021/11/24 RFE Request - 2022/03/31 RFE Responded - 2022/04/11 Approval - 2022/04/30 Scheduled for Oath - 2022/05/02 Oath Date - 2022/06/09 Oath Cancelled - 2022/06/08
  3. It is quite likely that I won't get the original N445 in hand before the oath ceremony. My interview was 4/28 and Oath is scheduled for 5/10. Has anyone attended oath ceremony with just the electronic copy printed? What is the process? Do you need to go there earlier to obtain the original?
  4. Hello guys, i would like to share my N400 Hoping someone can give me an advice. I submitted my n400 at the end of January 2020, biometrics in February, uscis closed because of the pandemic, September 2020 did my interview : Officer handed me a paper saying Recommended for approval , he told me I shall receive the oath letter within 3 weeks... months have passed , I tried calling , going to the Jacksonville office... and they always said to keep waiting... my case is outside the processing time , and I submitted an inquiry, the response was : USCIS has reviewed your Service Request. According to USCIS records, we are unable to move forward with your application until the required background checks have been completed. At this time, we are unable to determine when the adjudication of your case will be completed and no further action is required from you. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delays in processing. I also contacted the Us representative and senator in January but haven’t heard any feedback yet.... yesterday I submitted an inquiry to CIS ombudsman. thank you in advance for your replies
  5. Hello, My mother has received her interview date however she is out of the country and cannot return in time for the interview as she is getting her apartment there renovated. She has lined up the contractors, ordered the material etc which she cannot leave unattended. I am posting to see if anyone has requested to reschedule their interview because they were out of the country, and if being out of the country was accepted as "good cause". Is the above reason enough of a "good cause" in your opinion? I've heard they can cancel the N400 application if they determine it to not be "good cause". Is this true? Also, has anyone had any success delaying the Oath Taking Ceremony due to travel plans? Can they cancel the application because of a delay request in that? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello VJ, My wife got her Oath Ceremony Scheduled, but she wanted to know which photo they will mostly likely use for her Naturalization Certification. The one from Bio metrics Appointment? - They did not take her photo at the Naturalization Interview. - They used old Bio metrics for N-400. Question 1: Is there any way to change the photo, or is it kinda too late for that? Question 2: The 8 Questions on the last page of the Oath Ceremony Notice Letter, are you suppose to fill them out on the day of the ceremony and before you enter? Question 3: Most offices give the naturalization certificate the same day as ceremony right? Thank you.
  7. I had my N-400 interview on December 16, 2021 and was recommended for approval. IO told me to expect the letter in the next 30 days. I understand Christmas delays the process a bit and that's why I waited for a few more days outside of the 30 days window. Is there a way to inquire about Oath Ceremony letter? Thank you.
  8. I realize that new oath ceremonies are now not inside the USCIS building anymore (101 W Ida B. Wells Dr.), but rather I've seen some posts that says it will be on 219 S. Dearborn. Has anyone had their oath ceremony there, recently? If so I have three additional questions: 1. Are you able to make InfoPass appointment there, after the ceremony? 2. Is it outdoor or indoor? 3. Can I bring family to the ceremony? Or at least my spouse?
  9. Does anybody here going to USCIS Las Vegas on Thursday (Feb 11) for Oath Ceremony? What time is it? The officer didn't give me time.
  10. Hello guys, So I just got interviewed today for my citizenship and I passed it. The officer told me that my Oath will be next week on Thursday but he said to wait for their email as he didn't give me a time yet. I really need to get the Oath though because I live overseas as my husband works for the military, and I already rebooked my ticket and the officer knows the situation that I am not staying here in the US. My question is what if they don't email me, can I just show up in the Immigration Office on Thursday?
  11. Last year they scheduled my Oath to August/20, but they cancelled, now I got another notification, someone here in the same situation? How they doing? on line? Or at local?? Uscis is driving me crazy!!!
  12. Our case ir2 was in administrative processing from 2 years and now we recieved email from embassy asking to resubmit the fingerprints and re-oath as one year has been passed since their interview and also required the medical exam from panel physician, is it a good news or another long wait?
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