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  1. Hello, I'm in California and here one has nothing to do with the Green Card. My husband has to wait forever to make an appointment for his test which had to be taken in person, then his drivers test. None the less, seems like everything is on track for you. Now you can relax. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. 👍
  2. Ok good, then it's worth fighting for. If NVC sends you a denial, they give you a chance to reply. You can send letters from his family, parent's, uncle, aunt, anyone prominent they may know stating they were at your wedding. A letter from you about the wedding explaining reasons, your husband should do the same. Find a sponsor now if possible and send that information along with all the rest. Leave no stone unturned. If they still deny you, staying with your husband in his country for a year, two better and refile with tons of pictures with family and friends, would be great if your family visit you. Also make friends while you're there, again picture and letters. I wish you only the best, I know well it's not easy but it can be done with more evidence. Please keep us up to date. 🤗♥️🤗
  3. You need to find a sponsor as soon as possible, age is a huge red flag, but, legally they can't discriminate because of age. They will look hard for other things to use against you. Five days together, huge red flag. You have a lot of work ahead of you. You need to visit him often and I know money is tight everywhere. Question, did you meet in person be for you married him and stayed five days. If so how long did you stay? How long have you known him? Do you have pictures with his family besides them not being in the wedding pictures? Not having them in the pictures is a huge mistake. He should feel blessed they sent his passport back! They kept my husbands, said it was lost. Second interview they handed his passport back mutilated, it was stapled in so many places my husband had to pay for a new one. With much respect, there is no meanness in what I'm going to say. The future for you will be an uphill hard battle full of stress. Money will fly out the window and you will most likely need a lawyer which will be a minimum of $5,000.00, minimum. Are you confident, he's worth it, that he feels the same way you do? I ask you this because I know several women from VJ married to Pakistani men, that once they arrived it was a living hell. Please take some time to think this through. If you decide it's worth the struggle and stressful work ahead then, I'm here for you if you need me, to talk and hold your hand. I can also give you information on a great lawyer and his firm I used. Please think seriously about this. Please PM me if you like. 💓
  4. You just got some great information from Duke & Marie congratulations on that. I have read in the past it's an easy fix, this is one of the few thing that didn't happen to us. You won't need it but good luck and please keep us informed. 😊 👍
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