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  1. Tell your Irish friend you are 'Extracting the Micheal", "Taking the pee" but use the 4 letter P word, or "having the Craic", Craic is pronounced Crack...(it means fun in Irish, nothing to do with drugs)
  2. This, I was 42 at the time of the medical, I had no records as the health authority at home couldn't find records for me from the 70's. I had the titre test and just needed the Hep B shots, I'd already had chickenpox which showed up on the test too. It'll most likely be cheaper for her to get it done in her home country anyway.
  3. Logged in yesterday, the estimated completion time was back again, still at January 2021 for me , but at least it hasn't crept up.
  4. I noticed this morning the estimated completion time has disappeared when I log in.
  5. If you fill out the form online early, bare in mind it only holds the information for 30 days, make sure to keep it 'active' by saving every few weeks or it will be blank when you come back to it.
  6. Mine went from Dec 2020 to Jan 2021 St Paul, Mn, is notoriously slow anyway.
  7. I filed online 01/07, have my biometrics appointment 01/29. St Paul Minnesota with an estimated completion date of Jan 2021. I was hoping it would be earlier, but that office seems really backed up.
  8. Just submit my N-400 under 3 year rule, now back to the waiting game!!
  9. I will be, I can apply under the 3 year rule in November. I'm watching this thread keenly, hoping it won't take over a year. My kiddo turns 18 Sept 2020, it would be nice if he got it through me and not have to wait until 2022 to apply himself.
  10. In all honesty, before I moved here, I used to bring a copy of my divorce with me to prove I had sole custody of my kiddo for all travel out of my home country. I was only asked about it once (out of 5 trips) and they were happy with the paperwork.
  11. Children can adjust status and attend school. My son adjusted with me in Minnesota in 2016 and started middle school when we figured we were not going home, no issues. (My Father in law was dying and I didn't want to leave my husband after our vacation) My divorce document stated I had full custody of my son and could travel or move anywhere. Only difference is I was already married to my spouse (2014 and already in the CR1 process) when we adjusted we already had an approved I-130, just waiting for the interview at the Embassy in Dublin. We adjusted from VWP. I have no problem with my son attending the local school as my husband paid local taxes. (Our changing track added over a year till we had Green card in hand, but it was worth it to us as we were here for Dads final days and were together for support).
  12. You are correct. I am a green card holder, so is my son, my husband (step dad) is the citizen. My son will only derive citizenship if I, the green card holder, naturalize before he turns 18.
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