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  1. You are correct. I am a green card holder, so is my son, my husband (step dad) is the citizen. My son will only derive citizenship if I, the green card holder, naturalize before he turns 18.
  2. I know the chickenpox vaccine is not on the list of scheduled vaccines in Ireland, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that it's not stocked in a country that doesn't insist on it. My son and I both had had chickenpox as kids so it wasn't an issue for us. A verbal confirmation to the doctor sufficed.
  3. This....When asked at our interview about combined finances, we told the officer we have seperate accounts and each pay half the bills. We were both married before and got stung by previous spouses so like to keep control of our own money. The officer was quite happy with this response, even smiled. We did have joint taxes and a lease on a house together, but that was it. Each of our insurance policies is for our children, we both have kids from previous relationships.
  4. I printed out 4 letter size pages with 4 colour photos on each sheet and wrote a note under each one describing dates/places/occasions, that included a few photos with other family members and our kids (2 his, 1 mine). I brought the originals with me to the interview, they didn't look at those, just our wedding album. The officer was intrigued as we 'eloped' and just had pictures of us, the officiant and 2 witnesses we'd never met until the ceremony
  5. I got the text this morning, 2.59am, HA! Something funny with the system alright.
  6. I'd assume if the local station told you that then that will work. Make sure to address it to the Superintendent and ask them to let you know by return email if there is any issue, maybe if they can send you a copy via email too if possible, that way you have a copy. They really are helpful if you ask nicely Make sure to tell them the purpose of the police cert, that you need it for US immigration.
  7. No you don't have to send proof, if you want to print the photo I posted that's OK, include it with your request as an example of what you need. If you don't mind me asking which Garda station did you send it to? Maybe they are not familiar with what you need from them.
  8. Attached is the top of the certificate I got. It then lists my known names & addresses and the statement "was not convicted of any crime while residing in Ireland". It was signed and stamped by the local superintendent.
  9. Fill out the form in the link above and send to the Superintendent of the Garda Station closest to where she lived. I did that and had it back from them in just over two weeks. Allow longer for posting to a foreign country.
  10. We didn't have any joint bank accounts, as a couple we keep our finances separate. 2nd marriage for both of us. The officer was happy with that explanation, a joint lease, joint bills, hubby & his kids on my health insurance and hubby on my life insurance. We also brought photos, cards family had sent us and we married in a registry office with no family present (we eloped).
  11. Hi, It was relatively smooth for us, I did have to get a freedom to marry letter from the Dept of foreign affairs in Ireland to apply to get married, He (US citizen) didn't need anything like that. You can find lots of info at http://www.weddingsatgretnagreen.com. We opted for the ceremony only package over the anvil at the blacksmiths cottage, that came with 2 free witnesses, ha! From the time I submit my documents to our wedding day was a little over a month. We had to physically go to the registry office the day before the wedding to show our ID and satisfy them we are the folks who sent in the application.The folks in Gretna are so helpful and friendly, they made it totally stress free. I'll see if I can find my application package info somewhere and I can send it to you. My Hubby didn't live in Ireland, we're both in Minnesota now. We do plan on returning to live in Ireland when we retire, somewhere far from the madding crowd
  12. Also bare in mind you have to give 3 months notice, in person, of intent to marry in Ireland. My hubby and I went to Scotland (I'm Irish, him US citizen) as you can give notice remotely and show up in person 1 day before the wedding. We 'eloped' to Gretna Green for a quickie wedding and honeymooned in the Highlands after.
  13. I was in the same position, seperated from my ex for 3 years when I met my current husband. In Ireland you have to wait 4 years before you can divorce. We were asked in the green card interview how come we started our relationship while I was still married, we explained the 4 year wait (In total it took just over 5 years to get a divorce). The interviewer had no issue with our answer. I'm sure once you explain they will understand, life goes on after a breakup even if the loose ends are not yet tied up. We didn't front load this information, it never even crossed my mind until he asked at the interview
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