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  1. Does anyone know which month they are interviewing now? Or if they sent out interview letters recently?
  2. When did you both apply? When did you get your fingerprints in? When did you have your interview? Thanks.
  3. Exactly. They will continue to be closing for face to face meetings with out of department people. Nothing will change for our group purpose.
  4. They announced closing through at least all of may into at least the first week of June.
  5. Never mind... I have just seen the previous comment. Thank you
  6. The ones you mentioned in Boston and San Jose were interviews or Oath Ceremonies? Thank you
  7. Does anyone know of any cancellations of Oath-ceremonies or interviews that actually has happened? I understand that some of us may expect, guess or predict, but I am specifically asking if anyone has actually seen comments in regards to it actually happening on the ground. Thank you!
  8. Oh Yes... You would lose your residency in the US as well; because technically you will not be a resident of the US anymore. Just wait, get your citizenship, then live wherever you want.
  9. You are saying that the estimated time normally disappears within less than a month duration of the application for everyone? That happened to you as well as most applicants in January?
  10. It really depends on your priorities. If your priorities are to be with your wife and she gets that job, even if it means to leave with your wife regardless of the status of your N-400 (knowing that you will likely lose your N-400 status), then I guess you do that. But, if your priorities are that you finish this process or what's left of it, then finish the process then go. You have a good chance of finishing before September. But, if it was me, I would put off all these overseas opportunities (which come and go all the time) and stay here for a month or two extra if I have to (and I know my wife would totally support me on that). But, you are supposed to stay living and residing with your wife in the state you applied in, otherwise you may lose your eligibility to the privilege of being a US citizen. Again, that's me and my wife (which may very well be different that what you both are going through.
  11. What does it mean when your estimated time for completion completely disappears from your online account? It used to be there for a few weeks, but it has changed about 3 or 4 times during that time. Then it completely disappears. It just has the date of application submission now.
  12. I will be honest with you. I would definitely be concerned if I had a pending I-751 still pending after 2 years. I have seen many people be done in less than 1 year. I don't know about Texas though and how it works there.
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