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  1. after a little bit stress here and there i finally got my green card delivered one day before i have to fly... one thing bothered my mind finally solved. eventhough im pretty sure EAD + AP combo card would be fine as well if the card didn't delivered before i fly...
  2. Thank you. However, I already checked all sites above earlier. if you check at this link https://my.uscis.gov/appointment it said: Inside the United States If you are inside the United States, you can no longer schedule an appointment online using InfoPass for domestic offices. However, you can check your case status, see our case processing times, change your address, and use other tools on our website. Thats why i called them and she said somebody will call me back to set up the appointment for me within 48-72 hours. Now is already passed 48 hours but no call yet from them and tomorrow is Saturday so i am guessing they will be off? I might come to USCIS on Monday morning, if this not resolve until my departure, I will take the risk using Advance Parole card, or maybe my husband can go home first here after our trip and ask him to send the greencard to my country after he received it by trusted shipping company such as FedEx or DHL. That is what I am thinking now.
  3. i called them and it waited 30 minutes long until i can talk with someone and she said their representative will call me back in 48-72 hours. My departure will be on 23 August. I wish that i can get an answer soon if my Advance Parole Card will be fine as i assumed if my green card is not in my hand yet, it means that the Advance Parole card is fine... i saw some youtubers share their stories about AP card and almost everyone said they let them in. i assumed the statement on the paper is for people who didnt apply for AP yet.. but i just need assurance....
  4. Hello everyone, Quick question. I had Green Card Interview this morning based on marriage (started from K1 visa). My Green Card had been approved and she gave me the paper and it stated: "A permanent Resident Card will be mailed to you within 60 days to your address shown above. If you have an immediate and justifiable need to travel outside the United States and cannot wait to receive your PRC, you may obtain temporary evidence of your lawful permanent residence by making an InfoPass appoinment through www.uscis.gov and appearing at USCIS office with this letter and a valid, unexpired passport. You will be required to present documentation to justify your departure from the U.S. Examples may include plane tickets, a doctor's letter describing the critical conditiion of a family member abroad or a written order assigning you overseas." Should I do as per state above ? since I already have Advance Parole Card and I already bought the ticket to Singapore and Indonesia round trip? i am a little bit worried they will not let me in as I heard story from my friend that even his green card is on the mail, but he went home and they didn't let him in enter US. I thought my green card will take longer that is why I intended to use my Advance Parole Card to go home to see my unwell dad. Any thoughts?
  5. Thank you so much everyone for the enlightenment. Really appreciated all your help.
  6. Hi everyone... I just would like to ask question.. I already got my card for EAD card and Advance Parole card in one card (combination) last month. I am still waiting the process for my AOS. I know that EAD/AP card can be used for me if I want to do emergency travel to my home country. I might would like to just it in September. However, incase in not using it to go home but traveling to other country aside my home country, would that be fine? As I heard that better not to use the card if it's not emergency.
  7. Hi i got the same case. My name has "Raden" (royalty title) in front of my first name in birth certificate but not in passport. I just gave it a go and here I am now in US waiting for my interview step. I guess we will just need to explain or print some proof if it is really royalty title thing like from article or anything incase they are asking. So far I don't have problem until this point. As to change birth certificate again is a lot of hassle for me.
  8. so for AOS it is my name ? (the foreigner one, not the american one) ?
  9. Hi I might ask silly question. For G-1145, in some guidance i see, some put the name of Applicant/Petitioner is the American one, some put the foreigner one. Which one is correct? or either is fine? as this only to get the notification by sms/email.
  10. Hi please advise for submit AOS, which one is correct? Submit the original or certified true copy or just the copy (i can print it in color) as someone told me it has to be the original or certified true copy (with original stamp on it) but my husband said the copy is fine.
  11. thank you... good news that i already got my SSN card yesterday evening as well that written the similar thing (valid for work only with dhs authorization) so, my friend said, when my EAD card arrived, this needs to be updated to SS office again right before i can apply to work?
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