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  1. Congratulations Just a matter of days if not a day… Congrats again.
  2. Please post more and write more Your reply is very soothing, positive, supportive and productive. I will try and do as you have suggested. Visajourney needs more like you.
  3. Khoya, Info pass or whatever. It is what it is regardless. My wife will be here nshlah sooner or later. I am a proud American with A Service background and 100 s of thousands paid in Taxes over many years. I am A very successful man lhmdulah. My beloved wife and I have great faith in my American government to reunite us soon nshlah regardless. We have everything needed and requested by the ConsulaTE. Both my Congressman and Senator are on top of it, and my State Governor too. My lawyer will join in very soon and YES. They will make a difference no matter what dobab iliktroni will say here :)
  4. You guys are great help. Thank you :) Always on VJ to help us all. You are so dedicated. I am guilty but I won t be here after my wife receives her Visa ... We will be so busy with life. A happy and healthy life with lots of children :) And if she does not get her Visa this week, She will get soon as I am a proud American who has served his country well. My wife and I have trades, education, skills, money, good health, potential, vision and more to establish a great life nshlah ta3ala :)
  5. That is correct. Thank you :) Agreed 120%. Thank you :)
  6. We have had 11 updates from December until April 16th and then STOP. Zero since We have gotten NO updates since April 16. I have sent a a dozen Email inquiries since then. Yes a dozen. I am sorry, but I will not sit and just wait for nothing. I remain Proactive. Anyhow, My congressman inquired about our Visa this week. He received an Email letter from the Consulate (Thank you but no thank you...No one knows and every case is different blah blah blah) generic type of letter. Still No Update. Not even after a Congressional Inquiry??? …Anyone know why? Experienced the same? Thanks
  7. 2018. Sadly, People from 2017 are almost forgotten for one reason or another. I read somewhere that a Vetting center opened few months ago. The center could be the reason behind the speedy processing the recent applicants have enjoyed. One applicant received Visa in hand after only 40 days On Ap Ds-5535. Another one received Visa in hand after 45 days. Perhaps, the older Ds-forms are stuck somewhere while the most recent ones are processed in a timely manner.
  8. Am I the only one to think so? I hope I am right and we reunite with our loved ones soon. More and more Applicants are receiving Visas in hand after the Ds-5535 after only 40, 60 and 90 days? Is this a good sign? Some from December have received Visas in hand too, and mostly from Morocco and Pakistan. Best of Luck to all
  9. Unfortunately, Yes My wife and I are stuck. We are suffering Financial and Emotional Hardships due to this Unnecessary and Unjustified Form; Well, let me clarify, Unjust for her, a young innoscent young lady, with nothing more or less than Fashion, foodie videos or photos of us together on her Fb page. She s never been outside of Morocco nor had the smallest of brushes with the law. She is a fashion designer and make up artist. Very far from fanaticism nor any none sense. Unjust because young men who spent years in Turkey and Europe illegally, flew right thru the system. While my wife, a 73 year old gray grandmother and a 14 year old boy must wait for over one year in AP due to Form Ds-5535. Where is the justice? Totally for Extreme Vetting and National Security, but it must be fair and just. The wait is inhumane and torturous. We would not wish this on the worst of enemies.
  10. The good news: Your interview is certain to take place. Prepare and over prepare as K1 s have had low success rates, and unlike CR1's, one can not appeal if denied. Furthermore, recently Casablanca Consulate has cut down on The Extreme Vetting (Ds-5535) forms. Your wait could just be a blessing in Disguise Bon Courage.
  11. Count your blessings You dodged the Dreaded Ds-5535. IMO just a matter of few more weeks, if not days, and you will receive your Visa. Bon Courage.
  12. WoW! That is super Awesome! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing
  13. Again, the sad part is the fact that this person and the likes fly thru the Visa system; Just like he almost swindled the USC, he could very possibly get Visa in hand within 3 days after Interview. Very sad that many USC's don t do their homework like the OP and cut the cord as she says. Op must be very active here and spread the word although many are blinded by "love". And Yes. Families do take part in the Scam, as the Beneficiary will become a Mac Machine once here
  14. I am almost certain you would be fine, but... Personally, I would not do it unless I am able to take the chance of being turned away at the POE. Immigration is undergoing some serious and trying times as the current administration is not fond of immigrants form Morocco and such.
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