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  1. Derik-Lina

    After DS5535

    Was she asked to submit missing documents? Did she receive the 221 G form? Unfortunately, there are no accurate numbers nor statistics to give one a broad idea. According to some sites, only 0.5% of all applicants are required to submit the dreadful form. The form seems to carpet certain regions only. Unfortunately, he number of applicants stuck in this Dark Hole, is very small in comparison to all Visa applicants. That said no one really knows nor cares, Government or advocates wise. Only my two cents here. There is only one article that addresses the issue and less than a handful of Lawsuits. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/24/opinion/schulman-immigration-extreme-vetting-ds5535.html In a nutshell, I feel we just have to wait it out. My wife and I already planned our summer together. A sad reality here,
  2. The Ds-5535 must be given to all or not given at all. Or, at least it should not carpet one area and ignore other areas. My initial understanding was that the CO requests the Ds-5535 when they sense the need for Extreme Vetting. I was wrong when I found out Certain areas are almost Exempted while others are Required from Everyone, including a 72 year old Grand-mother… A waste of time, money, resources and most dangerously letting some slip through just because they were born in a different region considered "safer".
  3. I flew to Morocco just after her Interview. My wife and I went to the Casablanca Consulate seeking answers after numerous emails and failed phone calls. The answer was that they can not discuss Immigration issues at all, and that they can only help wit USC matters such as Passport renewal or registration of a new born. In a nutshell, potential Immigrants with AP and DS-5536 are in a dark hole, from which we can see nada what so ever. Again, my wife and I are so for Extreme Vetting and Administrative Processing, but hope this could have been done at the NVC stage or at least be completed within months and not years. Perhaps a small degree of transparency can put people at ease.
  4. I like to believe that they are going through the forms fast enough to have made a decision on the person you mention.
  5. My wife and I have given up on trying to understand how this entire Visa System works and how safe this system makes us here in the States. Some males with trips to Turkey, which borders Syria, with no English skills nor any skills get approved for K1 s with no DS-5535 forms- Extreme Vetting. Their K1 and CR1 visas are approved and in hand within days of the interview. Not to mention the petitioners are much older with no income and must use 2 and 3 sponsors to bring these young men. Meanwhile, Moroccan females, who ve never been outside their hometowns with college degrees and clean records, with spouses that can support them six times over, are handed the Ds-5535 for Extreme Vetting. Why? Only because they happened to be from one region, while the males are from another. Try to understand ...
  6. I meant to ask if the DS-5535 is done in the States or at the Consulate.
  7. I hope I am wrong, but this could be the DS-5535 form that they will email him to complete and submit. Otherwise, just wait for the email and please let us know what happens. Best of luck to you in your Journey!
  8. I doubt the embassy handles the Ds-5535. I think it is sent to the DOS and DHS and that is why the process is very long. Actually, I hope I am wrong because if these forms stay local, things should move quicker.
  9. There are some who have been waiting since May, 2017. In comparison with other countries, Morocco seems to have the longest waits. My wife and I are so for the Extreme Vetting for the very reasons you mention above. However, waiting for over one year seems brutal and almost inhumane. One can not help but think the motive is more political than anything else. Some on the Morocco Ds-5535 group will complete two years in few months.
  10. Derik-Lina

    CEAC Question again :(

    Never mind the question above. Since I can not delete the post, here is an update; CEAC accepted the Documents this am and my Wife s Visa should be issued soon. Thanks and best of luck to all.
  11. On December 15th, I submitted documents to CEAC as the CO requested during my wife's CR1 Visa Interview. The system still shows "SUBMITTED' after 2 months. The Consulate received hard copies too. When I submitted documents prior to the Interview, they were "ACCEPTED" with just few days. I have emailed and called NVC many times to no result. How do I have someone review and "ACCEPT"? Thanks,
  12. How did you do the DS-5535 before the interview? Are you sure? This form is given after the interview not unless they changed the rule.
  13. Of course no two cases are similar, but the outcome can be the same, sometimes. A Moroccan wife received her CR1 Visa in hand exactly 20 days after her Interview in Casablanca. She was missing a Divorce decree which she had submitted via Aremax. I know this because she interviewed the same day as my wife and they had exchanged numbers to check on each other. The nice lady from Meknes did Not receive the DS-5535 while my wife did. My wife is from fez, at less than an hour from Meknes. Apparently, the DS-5535 form Blankets Fez and all Northern cities of Morocco. Thus, it is safe to say your wife's chances are higher to receive Visa in hand much sooner if she is not asked to submit the DS-5535. Again this Extreme Vetting Form, introduced in May of 2017, has put people in a Dark Whole; It is unknown how long it takes or why only certain applicants or regions receive this DS-5535 form. Why is it dreadful? Majority have been waiting for over one year and many will complete two years in May of this year.
  14. It s all good. Just wish your assumption was correct. My wife and I are in it for a long wait. Hoping and praying for a miracle Many People with the dreadful Ds-5535 will mark 2 years of waiting soon. Best of luck to everyone here. Thanks
  15. Congratulations in order. Did he fill out a DS-5535? Thanks