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  1. First thank you. second in terms of the dual citizenship, im not lebanese i was born and lived in lebanon my entire life but im actually jordanian. From what i know it depends on the country some countries don’t allow dual citizenship but im 99% sure that lebanon and jordan do ( im not sure what is your original country but you have to do your research about it). So no I didn’t have to contact any consulate for any reason from the time I entered the US, i did however contact my jordanian consulate before to get paperwork for my k1 visa. now about your other question, from what I remember i was only asked about the misdemeanor i had in lebanon like what happened and the charge. I took the test and then he asked if i have more paperwork to give him as a proof of good faith marriage i kept giving him papers until he said that’s enough. And that’s basically it. If you have any more questions please let me know.
  2. No im sorry i was clear in the post. I sent my n400 application around the end of February this year. It took almost a month to get my notice of action however, during that time my i751 changed to a card being produced without an interview and i received the card shortly after. Again the exact dates are on my timeline. @Godobo
  3. So today I had my oath ceremony in albany NY. You can check my timeline for the exact dates. Now for the interview: I had mine last week. I applied under the 3 years rule and I was fully prepared arrived 20 mins earlier checked in and waited for 10 mins until I was called. The interviewer saw the big bag I had and was confused but when I say I was prepared it means i was realllllyyy prepared. Straight to the civic and English and passed then went through the form and corrected all the mistakes I made filling it. Then he asked me if i had anything to add to my file. I gave him few bank statements and credit cards then he said its enough you already submitted tons of paperwork which i replied " the issue is when it comes to prove the marriage is legitimate you never know what is enough". He complemented me on how organized i was. Two things i was worried about. 1. I did have a misdemeanor from 2010 in my country which i paid the fine and had proof that i did. He did ask alot about it but he was nice and gave me enough space to explain but i was certain it will be the reason to get a "a decision cannot be made" which i didn't get 2. In my file there was a malpractice lawsuit we filled against my old doctor i did provide the letter from my attorney of the settlement. But i was never asked about it at all. The officer than left the office came 5 mins after with a congratulations i was recommended for approval and the oath ceremony notice. I was so excited im sure i started speaking some weird language and he kept smiling. Then i left extremely overwhelmed with happiness. Today i attended the ceremony and it was beautiful. Quick and no guests but nonetheless it was still lovely. the officers were extremely nice and down to earth they even offered to help us take photos which we did. If you are reading this i wish you the best of luck in the world. This process wasn't easy at all we all here know that. My journey is over. Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me an advise or even sharing their stories it definitely helped. One last thing, when this year started my removal of condition was still pending and 5 months after I am a citizen. Doesn't get better than that. If you have any question please feel free to send me a message and ill gladly answer you. Last favor to ask. If you are reading this please always fill your timeline. It helps seeing how others doing.
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