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  1. TriniGirl2

    CR-1 Petition Approved!

    Congratulations, happy for you!!
  2. Congratulations!!! Hope the rest of the journey goes smoothly for you.
  3. Soooooo.....I was actually excited that our case arrived at the embassy...... That obviously was a mistake, it arrived at the embassy on the 14th and no word to date from them. I sent an email today, let's see if they respond. Back to waiting. 293 days to NOA2, 20 days to nvc, 19 days to embassy, at embassy waiting.
  4. You call and ask to speak to a tier 2 and they can put in one for you. It's the same inquiry but we got a more detailed response when we did that and was approved a short while after. It's worth a try.
  5. My embassy finally received my package that left nvc on the 8th, waiting for them to contact me.
  6. Anyone else got their case number and an invoice number when they called nvc?
  7. Case# assigned. After waiting 293 days for approval, 20 days for a case number seemed like nothing...lol
  8. We got approved on 293 day, hang in there. Did you get a tier 2 to put in an inquiry for you? It seem to make a difference for us.
  9. Thanks. Sure will send the info once received.
  10. NO reason at all, when we called the tier 2 said it was strange and put in an inquiry for us on nov 12th and we got approval dec 4th. We did put in an online inquiry in September which said nothing in their reply. I think some adjudicators just works slower. Unfortunately we got the really slow worker
  11. Parking here for awhile, we got approved Dec 4th, no approvals on sites but got via snail mail on 10th. Now to read up on what's next :)
  12. WE GOT APPROVED!!!!!!!! NO1 February 14th NO2 December 4th Got it in the mail today, no updates on websites!!!! Just when I had given up!!! I'm still in shock, fiance cried I screamed and screamed!!