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    TatTot got a reaction from Pamala Bull in bio metrics appointment   
    My husband went wit me but when I was called, he just waited where we were sitting...and he can see me anyway. It was just a small office. You'll be fine..
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    TatTot got a reaction from Irah in AOS update before EAD   
    Hi! My status was updated again last July 25th that they mailed me the notice and I got it yesterday. August 26th is my interview date. Ead has no update yet. Well wishes to all of us
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    TatTot got a reaction from kwakun in We won even when every one told us we could not.   
    Congratulations to you and your wife! You both are so strong and positive that you were able to stand still up to the last fight! You deserve it!!! Now CHEERS for a happily ever after life!!!
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    TatTot reacted to Bugs in paying for the other fees. who pays?   
    I paid. (I'm the USCitzen)
    Who pays it is entirely up to you. Personally I think that the USC should realize how many months it will take for you to pay 20,000 php and just pay it if he wants you there faster.
    I would seriously reconsider this whole thing though if you two cannot agree to finances this early in the game, as agreeing on finances are a major issue THROUGHOUT marriage, and it is best to discuss and establish expectations early on them.
    He'll be needing to support you fully for the first year in America at least, for starters.
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    TatTot reacted to Stacyyy in K-1 Visa Medical Exam and Past Drug Use   
    I really don't see how name-calling is necessary. My story is not relevant to the questions I asked and therefore I don't feel that I need to explain myself to anyone aside from the Doctor, if asked.
    I am a worrier so I will worry either way. This isn't exactly a walk in the park.
    I realize that the medical exam comes after the approval of the I-129F and receiving the NOA2. That being said, being prepared doesn't hurt.
    I don't think that a government aside from the government of the country I live in, legally has access to my criminal record. Hence why I have to bring a copy of it to the interview. Either way, this is not the question I asked.
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    TatTot reacted to ClydesdaleCouple in Don't want to marry her anymore!   
    Dude I would honestly get the hell out of that right now. If you are caught doing that, you could face time in prison.
    Just tell her its off and cut your losses. Or go to prison and start a business with a guy named Brick,+

    On another ANGRIER note. Its because of people like you doing like this that honest, real couples who are in love (aka me and my husband) have had to live in near poverty because the government makes such tight guidelines.
    so eff you.
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    TatTot got a reaction from sarsorti in OMG Thank you God APPROVED on Valentines Day!   
    Congratulations!!! :dance:
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    TatTot reacted to bsd058 in Frustrations   
    If you don't like how the OP posted, just don't say anything and move on. Criticizing them won't make them less upset (if that was your goal). Show tact and move along or look past the bad words and give some support. No one is forcing you to read this thread.
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    TatTot reacted to Sarah Elle-Même in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    Wow man if you're getting this frustrated this early on then you'll probably get an aneurysm by the time your fiancee goes for AOS.
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    TatTot reacted to Tahoma in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    I see you've been waiting for five whole days...my condolences.
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    TatTot reacted to Sarah Elle-Même in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    It's clear you don't know anything about the Deferred Action Program. Go learn something since you will be waiting, waiting, waiting (like all the rest of us) you have time on your hands: http://www.dhs.gov/deferred-action-childhood-arrivals .
    FYI wait times are long from a combination of factors, not just this new program. It is mostly because USCIS has laid off half their employees and dramatically cut funding in the last 2 years. That you can thank Congress for.
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    TatTot reacted to Cathi in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    You should be blaming the parents who came here illegally with their children in tow. Children who grew up here, went to school here, and are here by no fault of their own. These children want the opportunity to remain in the only place they know as home. Our government has a conscience...I find no fault in that. Obviously you don't know the first thing about this legislation. You are being selfish because it may take your case a month or 2 longer to get through USCIS, oh boohoo. Your case and check being lost has zero to do with Deferred Action.
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    TatTot got a reaction from you&meforever in Medical Exam Experience at SLEC   
    Medical Exam Date: December 17-18, 2012
    About a month before my medical, I said no to soda, alcohol, junk foods and said hello to fruits, pineapple juice, carrot juice, tons of water and milk, vitamins.
    Day 1 ( December 17, 2012 - Monday)
    *I woke up 2:30 am but finally got up around 3am to get ready.
    *3:50am I was ready and waited for my 3 other friends who also had their medical at the lobby of the hotel.
    *We got to St. Lukes at around 4:20am, the line was long already but not that bad.
    *I heard that you can't bring food inside St. Luke's, just water so decided to buy biscuit and water since I haven't eaten anything.
    *By 5:15 am the line was moving. The line was separated from those who registered online and did not. I suggest to do the pre-registration cause the line moved faster on the 1st step than those who did not.
    *I prepared all my requirements to show the guard:
    1. Passport
    2. 1 copy of the Biographic Page of my passport
    3. 3 pieces 2x2 pictures with my name at the back
    4. Appointment letter
    5. NVC letter (my 2 other friends did not have this but they were asked to bring it when they come back)
    6. SLEC pre-registration form
    *I finally got inside around 5:20am. My number was #24 so I filled up the form that the guard gave me while waiting for my number to be called. The form was exactly the same with the DS156K.
    *First step was at the Reception area, submitted all the requirements, the lady asked me questions such as my birth date, if I had laboratory exams at St. Luke's before, had fingerprint scan, picture taken, then was asked to wait until my name will be called.
    *It took about 5 minutes until my name together with my other friends were called and was instructed to go to 5th floor for the payment.
    *my friends and I were really excited so we did not wait for the elevator, we used the stairs up to the 5th floor, my legs got sore. lol
    *paid P9,366.00 and was instructed to proceed to 3rd floor for the X-ray...THE SCARIEST PART!!!
    *on the 3rd floor when our names were called, we were instructed to proceed to the dressing room. It was fun cause there were about 12 of us in the dressing room and helped each other fixed our hairs and tied each other's gown but we didn't know that we should not tie it, lol.
    *I think I was the 2nd who was called, I was praying hard when the radiologist was telling me what to do ) inhaled so well then after the shot I really looked at the screen to see how my lungs looked like, as if I know how to read it
    *After X-ray I was told to proceed at the 4th floor for blood and urine test.
    *On the blood and urine test it took a little bit longer since they were quite strict on the collection of urine, but it was totally fine, no worries Here, I was given a form to put the first day of my last menstrual period and other infos. When me and my friends were done, we were instructed to go to the 5th floor for the eye test, height and weight, vital signs taking and physical exam.
    *Next step it was, 1st was height and weight, then eye test, followed by the vital signs taking and physical exam. It went all fine.
    *On the physical exam, I was asked some questions such as: if I had previous hospitalizations, if I have allergies, diabetes, first day of my last menstrual period, if I had convulsions before, I was then asked by the doctor to take off everything then put on the gown and let her know if I'm done. While I was changing, the doctor continued asking me questions, if I have been bitten by a dog so I said yes, then asked me when, what and how many immunizations did I get, so I explained, it's my dog, she had her shots and the bite was not that bad and right after I was bitten I had my shots too, when I was ready there she started assessing me, looked at my wrist as she asked me if I ever had any psychiatric issues, can't remember her term but something like that, lol, so said no then she asked me bout my birthmarks, if I had chicken pox, I said yes when I was small then she asked if I have scars, I said I was only like 5 when I had it so none, it was not an issue, finally she asked me if I have other illness that she haven't asked, I said I just had ulcer last month, but again it was not an issue. The nice doctor then instructed me to go to the 2nd floor for immunization interview.
    *2nd floor - here I had "a little bit of a hard time" with the doctor when she asked me if I had immunizations lately, then I said I had when I was bitten by the dog just last September 30. She asked me what immunizations and how many, then when I told her what, she scared me when she said "so you will not be given chicken pox shot yet then, just have it at United States, you will just receive one vaccine for now". I got scared cause I thought I will be having problems with it. lol. but I was wrong, the doctor was nice, she just told me to bring the medical certificate that I had for my dog bite indicating all the shots that I received when I come back. So luckily I took care of it before I left Iloilo. I was instructed to go to the 3rd floor to know when to come back and for what. So I was like "uhmm.. can you please please give me a hint if I'm good for immunization to give me peace of mind" ) but I don't want to appear irritating so I just said ok and thanked her
    *3rd floor- the guy checked on the CDs and didn't find anything (I got scared again cause I was thinking, oh no! I have no CD so does that mean I fail?) then he instructed me to go back at 1pm.
    *It was already 10am when I finished so I was really hungry, went back to the hotel, ate lunch, rested and went back to St. Luke's around 12:30pm.
    *I got there around 12:50pm then the guy scanned his list and told me, "you have to come back here tomorrow morning by 9am and bring the requirements listed at the back of the slip (passport, 2 2x2 photos with name at the back) and to show it to the guard to know if you will be for immunization." So then again I was like, it's fine but please just tell me now if I'm for immunization!!! but I didn't and just said ok.
    Day 2 (December 18, 2012)
    *woke up 8am, ate breakfast, walked thru St. Luke's and got there around 8:35 am.
    *the guard then checked my status online and I was scared waiting til finally I was able to breathe well when he stamped "IMMUNIZATION" in my slip ) then instructed me to proceed to the 2nd floor.
    *2nd floor- I was asked to wait until few minutes my name was called, the same doctor with one another doctor with her asked for my medical certificate, then was told to sit down and if my name will be called again proceed to the immunization room.
    *I'm guessing about 25 minutes of wait til finally called, I was asked by the nurse about my first day of my last menstrual period, if I have allergies, asthma, diabetes and my course when I graduated, I said "Nursing". She asked, "RN?", said "yup".. I thought I was having issues again since she brought my papers, asked her co-nurses then finally went to the doctor and asked, when she came back, she asked me if I did not tell that I'm a nurse and if have my Hepa B vaccine record with me, I told her I did not say that I'm a nurse (I mean, nobody asked me about it) and that I don't have my Hepa B vaccine record anymore. Luckily it was not a problem and told me I will receive two shots instead of one. So I said it was fine with me...I then realized that the shots were really painful and til now I can feel my arms sore. After the shots I was instructed to go to the ground floor to the check out counter and wait for my name to be called.
    *So here I was already texting my friends and families I passed my medical and I was so happy!!!
    *I was called at counter A after about 25 minutes of wait, then was asked to sign some documents and wait until my name will be called again.
    *I waited close by the counters E,F and G since that counter was for the releasing, til I finally saw my papers on the lady at counter E as I was talking to my fiance on the phone and telling him happily that I can see my papers on the lady's hands )
    *counter E called my name after checking my papers and was asked again some questions that were previously asked by the doctors and nurses upstairs, asked for my other 2 pictures. Then told me about my shots and the next shot that I will have in February and gave me my vaccination record, the CD and instructed me not to open the CD and bring it to the United States. I asked her if I have to bring it at the interview, she said no. I finished about 10:55am.
    I was ecstatic, gratified, so happy and very much thankful to God that I passed my medical exam!!! It was a very unforgettable experience, I met new friends, St. Luke's never gave me a hard time, learned to be more patient. So to those of you who will still have your medical, keep yourself healthy, be there early (some arrived there about 1:30am but IMO 4am is fine), eat something before going, bring water, bring ordinary ballpen not sign pen or marker, bring gadgets so as not to get bored unless you have somebody to talk to, get your requirements ready, label your 3 pictures already, do the pre-registration online, relax and be honest to all the questions. Good luck to everyone and hope everything will go smooth to all of us, and pray! God bless!!!
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    TatTot reacted to Theresa0828 in My life, my love, my world, my home, my everything...   
    I am not here to ask advices or anything..
    Just want to share that my husband passed away this morning... peacefully... he had brain cancer and we have been fighting for more than a year now... there was a point in our fight that we thought we are winning... but we lost... i am just thankful that he passed away peacefully... in his sleep, and i got the chance to tell him everyday that i love him... and that he is my love, my life, my world, my home and my everything...
    Whenever I read people here posting marriage not working out, just using me for greencard, giving up... and a lot of things... i am so sad...
    I found the perfect husband... the perfect person... and yet he was taken away from me in such a short time...
    I promise I will honor his name... i will honor our love... and I do not think I could love other person as much as I loved him... and still loving him... my love for him will not die until my last breath...
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    TatTot reacted to Sunny_Richie in Interview Experience   
    Wow! Congrats Pat and Leoni, we are so happy for you guys. See you soon! :)
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    TatTot reacted to kev_n_jena in How did you filipina wife change after you married her and took her to your home country?   
    Jena and I have been married for over 5 years now. How did she change after coming to the USA? Well, I'd say she's not quite as shy as she was when I met her and of course she's more mature.
    Obviously it depends on the individual. What is your wife/fiances circumstances now? Does she live on her own or with her parents? This is just my opinion and I'm sure it's not shared by all but, during the visa process I helped Jena get her own place for a few months so she could get used to being independent before she moved here. I think it was less of a shock to her when she came to the US. When I had to go back to work she was used to being by herself.
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    TatTot reacted to ca_babe in How did you filipina wife change after you married her and took her to your home country?   
    Been married for 7 and a half years. I'm the Filipina. I just asked my husband and he said he's very happy with his life. I asked him whether he'd prefer to be single so he can do whatever he wants rather than take care of me and our two daughters. He said he likes taking care of us and we make him happy. When we were watching the movie "Up", he cried because the old guy's wife died and he said he can't bear the thought of not having me around. That was the only time that I saw him cry. I was surprised because he didn't even cry when his father died. Not that he doesn't love his father. But he said he just doesn't expect his wife to die before he does.
    The only other time that he cried that I knew about but didn't see was when he left Philippines to go back to US to file for our k-1 visa. He said that he cried because he didn't know when he's going to see me again.
    Umm, I'm sure I've changed throughout the years but my husband seems to be happy still after all these years or he's really good at faking it.
    The first year was hard and exciting at the same time. Lots of adjustments and new things to see. It might be overwhelming for someone.
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    TatTot reacted to pieroot in Can I apply K-1 Now?   
    I believe that at the time of the petition you must be legally free to marry and should have the final divorce decree attached to the initial petition. So my answer is you have to wait until you have that decree before you can officially start the process.
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    TatTot reacted to Penguin_ie in Please read this!! Important!!   
    Yes, the other case may have been expedited. But also, it is helpful to think of it like this:
    "Cases are looked at in the order they come in- they are not approved in the order they come in.".
    Some cases are easier than others to approve, some cases require the USCIS staff to look at more paperwork, or the US petitioner has a common name and so name checks take longer etc.
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    TatTot reacted to C-ma'am in Flight Delayed - Honolulu POE   
    hehehe I'm Celeste.
    I'm OCD too... perhaps, slightly less than you My words of advise, are the ones I use for myself to ease up on the craziness and they usually help. Breathing, helps! Working out, helps!
    When those two don't work.......It's 5 o'clock somewhere, girlfriend!
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    TatTot reacted to GodsGift225 in Vermont office   
    Patience is the key!! Take this time to prepare for the next step! Base on your timeline you should be hearing something by January... I know the wait is tough but once its over you will be glad! Just prepare yourself for the next step so you can fly right through it.... Good Luck! Always in GOD HAND everything seem to work in his hand best!
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    TatTot got a reaction from TnJ in I-129F question 11 Part B   
    the question is for the beneficiary, if you, the beneficiary have been to the US. hope this helps. good luck on your journey!
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    TatTot reacted to sjr09 in this agent sucks   
    Just landed his first job last September 2011 USEM will look at his current income and calculate what he will make in a year. So if he's well above the poverty line and just got promoted, as your saying you should be fine.
    As for, not having the affidavit of support form or not knowing where to get it. You don't read the Guides? Or Example Forms?
    Just because you hire someone doesn't mean you do nothing in educating yourself in at least the basic procedures of the K-1 visa process.
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    TatTot reacted to lyricalan in Filipina wife got greencard, child, education and divorced me   
    I usually don't offer my personal opinions on here since everyone has one you know. But I agree with your comment about the commodity. The post struck me the same way. I am trying to be patient waiting for my NOA2, and looking forward to my financee being here and marrying. But I think we all should realize Filipinas are people with hearts, souls, minds, feelings, families etc. and should offer our love and support if we are fortunate enough to find that special someone who is willing to leave their homes and lives and move to a foreign country. I feel sorry for the OP that his situation turned out to be less than ideal, but IMO, just "get another one", seems very condesending and sounds as though this could be an item for purchase rather than a fellow human being. Ok I've said my peace and hope the OP is able to find a positive resolution for an unfortunate situation.
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    TatTot reacted to tEe328cEe in which is faster spouse or fiance visa?   
    guys thank you very much for your posts =) you really took time to help me out. thanks thanks thanks!
    to those who are still waiting for their visa, the best of luck..
    and to those who are already with their loved ones, i wish you happiness..
    God bless us all
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