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    We fell in love while just being friends. We don't even remember how we met each other. We think it was through friends or the internet. We didn't start out with dating intentions, so we just cannot remember. We officially began dating (long distance) May 28, 2007. We were engaged by the summer of 2008. We were married July 18, 2009 and began her immigration to Canada. Finally after 3 years of living in the cold Northern Albertan/Saskatchewan Prairies, we decided we needed more sun, so she was offered a job teaching again in Florida (which she used to do). She took the job and now we've applied for my immigration to the US. I think we've made up our minds that we are going to stay in the tropical climate of Florida and visit Canada (to see my family) when we feel like cooling off a little. Or we'll stay inside in our central air.

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  1. Received my Naturalization certification in the mail, today. Not bent at all. It looks like they were very careful with the certificate, which is good, because I wanted to frame it or a copy. I think I’ll just make a color copy and frame it, and put the original in my safe. Good luck to everyone on the rest of your journeys. Much love! bsd058 😊
  2. I received by Passport a couple of weeks ago, but still haven't received my NC back. This thread has helped me to relax a little, just knowing that many people wait up to 2 months.
  3. Still haven’t received my naturalization certificate back. Will keep you updated.
  4. Received my passport. Location 51. 03/23/2022: Application for passport submitted at USPS facility under standard processing. 04/04/2022: Status changed to “The U.S. Department of State has received your application for your passport book on 04/04/2022. We're now reviewing your application and supporting documents...Your application locator number is 51*******.” 04/04/2022: Check for passport cashed. 05/03/2022: Status changed to "The U.S. Department of State approved your application for your passport book. We're now printing your passport book and preparing to give it to you. You should receive your passport book on or around 05/09/2022." 05/05/2022: Passport Received.
  5. My passport was just approved, and they are now working on making it. Just waiting for it in the mail, now.
  6. Welp...still nothing. Maybe the wait really is 8-11 weeks for standard. My post office guy said usually people are approved in a few weeks under standard, but I haven't seen or heard from DoS regarding the application being processed. Perhaps I'll just stop checking for a while. I check everyday, just in case. lol. And then I check here to see if anyone else updated the community on their case. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  7. Anyone know if location 51 (Miami) is about the same timeframe as the others? I submitted the app March 23. They received on April 4. Been 3 weeks so I supposed there’s no rush. But I’ve noticed others have been getting approved to n about 3 weeks. Just checking. Kind of wish there was a real tracker like for the N400, based on location.
  8. Just a quick question. Is the locator number just the first two digits of that 9-digit number they give you when you check the status of the passport on the website?
  9. I've requested that fields be added to the N-400 timeline to track the processing of passports. See thread here: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/782144-passport-fieldtracker-combine-with-n-400-or-other-relevant-trackers/ If you feel like it, please post under it whether you agree or not, and perhaps the mods will see. Maybe if enough agree, then they will add it, or possibly create a new tracker.
  10. It is my opinion that additional fields should be added into the N-400 tracker (and other relevant visa trackers) for the passport application, with the ability to sort by "file date" and "expedited/not expedited" under the "Timeline" chart where "US Citizenship (N-400) Immigration Timelines" can be sorted (see here: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?cfl=&op5=5,10,11). In my opinion, this may allow easy tracking. Though LPRs become citizens upon oath, their journey is usually not over until they obtain their passport and SSA is updated. SSA probably wouldn't need a tracker, because it can usually be updated same day. But the passport takes a month or two in some cases and many people try to keep track so they know when to expect it. There appears to be a demand for tracking this information, based on the thread, "2020/ 21- US Passport & Card Application-Tracker", viewable here: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/729036-2020-21-us-passport-card-application-tracker/ . Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Best Regards, bsd058.
  11. Wow, there are always a few stragglers in every month. Sorry to hear that it's taking so long to get interviews, guys. I'm rooting for you. Still checking in now and then to see how you all are doing. Here's to hoping for same day oaths for those of you that can get it! Much love!
  12. Never mind. My status just updated. Okay I guess I have a few weeks to wait. 8-11 weeks it says but the usps guy told me usually only takes about 2-4 weeks.
  13. Appears to be back up and running. Still have the question, "Anyone on here have to wait longer than 2 weeks before their status showed?"
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