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  1. **Post moved from K1 to AOS from family visas -Filing and Progress Reports, where similar posts are discussed.
  2. **Post moved K1 to ROC, where similar posts are discussed.
  3. *Post moved from Tourist Visas to AOS from work, student or tourist visas where similar posts are discussed
  4. **Post moved from K1 Process to AOS from family visas, where similar posts are discussed.
  5. That's why I moved the post here. There might be something I don't specifically about Tricare. Personally, I would call Tricare and ask what's needed to avoid any type of conjecture.
  6. **Post moved from AOS from Family Visas Process to Progress Reports, where similar posts are discussed. Congratulations!
  7. Ohhh, sexy car! Vroom, vroom! We had a Camaro and I loved driving it. Dudes would see me get out of it and some would give me the why-is-she driving-it? look. Mwuahaha LOVED IT.
  8. **Post moved from K1 to Africa Sub-Saharan . OP is at embassy stage and similar posts are discussed here.
  9. **Post moved from K1 to Caribbean. Post is better suited for this forum.
  10. LOL clearly a misspell BUT a toasty culo is welcome in the winter. I shall take a heated one! Does it come with any gadgets like the Japanese ones? As my father would say... you got to the gas station with only the smell of gas left in the tank.
  11. **Post moved from Off-Topic to Moving to the US and Your New Life in America, where similar posts are discussed. Hi Suzanne, look at the requirements to get a CA DL here https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv it should say what's needed. He'll need the same thing any other immigrant trying to get a CA DL needs.
  12. **Post moved from K1 to SSN, as question is related to this process.
  13. **Post moved from K1 to Military Immigration-Related Discussion. Hi Matt - I moved your post here because I think you will be able to get direct information. However, adding her to your insurance should be the same as adding her to a civilian's insurance and should not be too tedious. Make sure she gets her SSN ASAP after arriving; you will need it to add her to health care. Here's a link to the guide https://www.visajourney.com/content/ssn/ read this and print the part that says it's for K1 holders because you may need to educate the SSA employee. I would also get married right away too, because you may be asked to submit a copy of the marriage certificate. She should be covered right away after that.
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