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  1. Hello, I am a U.S./Phil dual citizen. For the past several years, we have been sending regular monthly remittances (150 USD / 7,500 PHP) to family in the Philippines. However, at the end of the year we will be sending a large sum (17,000 USD / 900,000 PHP), to help cover the cost of home construction. I know about the U.S. gift tax (we will be under that trigger at 17,000 USD). But are there any taxes due to the Philippines on this that we are unaware of? If so, how is it enforced?
  2. Wells Fargo has a bank to bank transfer service called ExpressSend which we have been using for over a decade. $4 or $5 per transfer.
  3. The same site used to schedule the appointment. Link is below, note it is specific for the Philippines. Once you’ve submitted the application and MRV fee, the calendar with available slots should be viewable. If you’ve already set up an appointment, there is a tab on the left that allows you to reschedule, and you will be able to view the calendar before selecting a slot to reschedule. https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=Philippines
  4. Sorry for the blank post above. I accidentally quoted Palawan and for the life of me was unable to delete the quote or type anything. And couldn’t just start over without posting that. Anyways, OP, keep checking the schedule daily. The embassy posts many new interviews spots several times a week. Granted, most are just a continuation from the 2024 calendar you saw, but every now and then they will open up spots for a lot sooner. I originally had an interview scheduled for May 2024, but the other day, the embassy suddenly opened spots for Oct, Nov, and Dec of this year, and I was able to reschedule to one of them.
  5. Well, the embassy just opened a plethora of interview spots throughout the last week of Oct, all of Nov, and all of Dec. of THIS YEAR! So we were able to reschedule for an interview a month from now.
  6. I’m American (my wife is the one from the Philippines), and was just a kid when the Marcos’ did their (removed). Yet I still remember it. So does my brother, who is even younger than I. And you’re telling me everyone there forgot?
  7. Thank you, and will do! Currently there is nothing available for rescheduling, but I’ll keep checking. Did your mom get approved?
  8. Thank you Chancy. So would you say that the following statement is false then?: As long as you schedule your appointment before the MRV expiration date, you are good, even if the actual appointment date that is scheduled falls after the MRV expiration date.
  9. So we paid the MRV fees for parents and brother, filled out the D-160s and scheduled the interviews for the earliest available, which was May 21, 2024. So that answers question #2 in the OP. However the first question remains unanswered: The MRV fee payment expires Sept 30 2023. Does this mean that they will not accept the application/interview on May 21, 2024?
  10. Thank you Pawalan for your reply. What you have in bold seems to indicate that they are interviewing and just explains the 409 day wait time. Either way we just want to get in line. So we will apply regardless of who they are currently interviewing. My original questions remain unanswered. If anyone knows the answers to them we will be much obliged.
  11. Hello, So we are ready to begin the process of applying for a B2 visa, starting with the MRV payment. 1. The MRV fee deposit slip specifies the “visa fee is valid for only one year. Book your appointments as early as possible.” …yet.. 2. The US website states that the appointment wait time for visitors visas at the Manila embassy is 409 calendar days. Does #1 mean that we have up to a year to get online or call and schedule the appointment date. Or does it mean the actual appointment date also needs to be within a year from MRV payment? In other words, if I pay the MRV on August 31, 2022 can I get online on August 30, 2023 and schedule an appointment for, say, October 2024 and be all good? Or does the actual appointment need to be on a date before August 30, 2023 as well? If so, doesn’t the 409 day wait make this impossible? Second question: How far out is the current scheduling calendar (i.e. are we actually able to schedule an interview 409 days from now?)?
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