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  1. Yes, it has happened, but rarely. I’ve seen it once or twice on this board, but I can’t remember which Embassy it involved. Also, it must have happened on “90 Day Fiancée” when Murcel returned to Turkey and then reentered the U.S.
  2. You’re right. However, the CFO really doesn’t want to know whether you’ve ever been married. They want to know if you’re currently married, and a tax return doesn’t prove that either. Years ago, there was a CFO employee that kept asking for proof that you weren’t married. It seems that there is another one now. Back then, submitting your tax return solved the problem. If the petitioner is a Pinoy who became a U.S. citizen, or is someone who has a Pinoy-sounding name, the CFO might be looking for a CENOMAR. The CFO would be unnecessary if the U.S. Embassy simply handed out what-to-do-in-case-of-abuse flyers to each visa applicant.
  3. Why should a K1’er not rely on it? Over the years, there have been several K1’ers on this board who have successfully relied on it. I’ve never seen one who was refused reentry into the U.S. Anyway, I’m glad that you finally acknowledge that the process exists.
  4. Where did I say that a K1’er leaving the U.S. without advance parole is a good option?
  5. In the event of an emergency, advance parole is a very good option. It allows the K1’er to attend to the emergency without jeopardizing their K1 process.
  6. I hope the bill is successful and we can welcome The Philippines into the 21st century! Thanks for the update.
  7. I agree with top-secret and Commish 10, submit your CENOMAR and your tax return to the CFO. That should satisfy them.
  8. Advance parole is available for K1’ers regardless of whether they have married or not. It’s not an uncommon procedure. You can read about it on the USCIS website. Also, visa re-validation is possible in cases where K1’ers leave the U.S. without advance parole, but that’s a risky strategy.
  9. Tahoma

    I thought

    Soon she'll be 100++ lbs ~Chinook
  10. Congratulations on your US citizenship! Your screen name here made me smile.
  11. You can accomplish both the Report of Marriage and the passport renewal at the same time. Just schedule yourself for one of their consular outreach events. The Philippines Consulate in New York has several outreach events in your general area. Yes, you may have to make it a day trip with some driving, but you can get everything done quickly at the outreach event. My wife, Chinook, and I went to our local consular outreach here in Seattle. In about one hour, Chinook reported our marriage, applied for Filipino citizenship, and applied for a new Filipino passport. It was really easy. If you don’t go the consular outreach route, then I would recommend reporting your marriage first. ~ Tahoma
  12. Tahoma

    I thought

    This thread is really funny. I can’t say anything more because Chinook reads this forum. 😎
  13. Getting your fiancée here during COVID is a success story. Thanks for your post AlaMike. ~ Tahoma
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