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  1. I agree with you...as long as we overlook the ten instances of obstruction of justice, and the Ukraine shakedown for personal gain by "Individual 1."
  2. Deflection at its finest! Trump's quid pro quo is well established. It's also well established that Trump didn't act in the national interest, but acted in his personal political interest. That is an abuse of power and impeachable. Have you noticed how Trump and his cultists have moved the goal posts from denial to no quid pro quo to quid pro quo is not impeachable? Trump is so desperate that he's currently in court arguing that a President can never be investigated. He'll get the same treatment from the courts that Nixon and Clinton did. Even Sondland changed his sworn testimony and admitted the quid pro quo when he realized he might face perjury charges.
  3. "Denying that government by the people is the only legitimate form of rule, they are asserting that legitimate rule flows from right-minded persons in the country’s institutions, elections notwithstanding." What a waste of time reading this alt-right drivel. The "people" are guided by the constitution. Trump's going to learn that the hard way.
  4. Trump said the call summary was "a word-for-word transcript." Of course, that was just another one of Trump's lies. We won't go into Trump's childish description of the phone call as "perfect". Schiff leaking? If the Republicans had even a scintilla of exculpatory evidence, they would have made it public in a heartbeat. The problem is that there isn't any. Opinions? There is a mountain of corroborating evidence for the whistleblower's allegations. And it's growing every day. A favor? Undermining national security in order to further your personal political goals is a gross abuse of power. The last President to do that was Nixon. Blackmail? Biden was simply carrying out an Obama administration policy which was supported by the European Union, the IMF and others. One thing we agree on...I'm enjoying the Pelosi/Schiff circus too.
  5. Thank goodness for true patriots like this whistleblower. He's exposed yet more of Trump's bottomless corruption. Impeachment is a slam dunk.
  6. No, not all polls are shams. But, non-randomized polls are a sham. They don't meet the requirements for scientific polling. The 2016 national poll on the presidential race was very accurate. Some of the state polls were off by the margin of error or slightly more. But, to disparage all polls because of this overlooks the fact that those polls were close. Meanwhile, non-random online polls are notorious for being highly skewed.
  7. Have you actually listened to her? She is a progressive in the mold of Bernie Sanders. If progressive taxation, free college, and becoming serious about climate change makes her a socialist/communist, then sign me up!
  8. OK, you agree that A OF is not a socialist/communist. However, she doesn't label herself as simply a democratic socialist. She labels herself as a democratic socialist who believes in capitalism.
  9. The truth is that using a sham poll from a discredited website only serves the purpose of attempting to fabricate a fact-free alternative reality.
  10. You're spot on. I misspoke. I meant to say social democracy. Now, back to the subject. What makes you think AOC is a socialist/communist?
  11. The 12th Amendment to the Constitution.
  12. On the contrary, there is a wealth of information out there. You don't even need a book. Look at Social Security and Medicare. Or, better yet, look at how this country socializes costs and privatizes benefits. Trump's New York golf course is a good example of that. Look at the 2009 bailout of Wall Street, another good example.
  13. The minimum age for the VP is 35. She is not eligible.
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