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  1. Today was my interview and we got the K-1 visa approved. It took about almost 4 hours all together at the US embassy in Abu Dhabi but in the end it was worth it! It was a lady who interviewed me, and she was so polite and kind. To my knowledge it was super easy and she didn’t even ask for any additional supporting documents for our relationship even though I had a pile of files with me. It was just a few basic generic questions like how we met ? , How many times we met in person ? What are wedding plans ? That’s it,, Then she handed me a white pamphlet that stated about the rights in the USA ( which is a sign that you’re Approved) , then after 3 min she congratulated me and said, you’re qualified for the K-1 visa and I’ll be receiving my passport in 3/4 days time via post. It was a super exciting day!!!
  2. Hello Has anyone had the K-1 visa interview in US embassy in Abu Dhabi this year 2021??? my interview is on Monday April-19 at 10:30 am as per the appointment, should I go early or just be present at 10:30 am only ? just curious considering the new rules of social Distancing and covid protocols. if anyone have attended the K-1 interview during the pandemic and wiling to share their experiences would be very helpful. Thanks in Advance
  3. It’s the same here, we send the petition on March 31, 2020. I have my visa interview on April-19 🤞🏻!
  4. Hello everyone, finally some good news. I got my K-1 Visa interview scheduled for the April 19. Does anyone know once the K-1 visa is issued what is the validity? is it three or six months time before you could travel to the USA Thanks
  5. I can tell you what I did. our case was with NVC from Jan-14 till March-2 after getting the case number you can fill the DS-160 form. Then after 6 weeks I contacted the NVC via ask NVC website and send them an Enquiry. Also, my fiancé in US tried to call them and eventually the case was “In Transit” on March-2 That’s what we did, Hope this helps you.
  6. Thanks @crvepd I got my email from the US embassy in Abu Dhabi after calling them. However, now I’ve a new issue of not able to book the appointment with the link they sent me. when I make an account and try to book the K-1 visa appointment, they ask for the case number and DS-160 form number to proceed with the booking. But when I enter my case number, I get an error message saying case not ready for appointment. I don’t know what’s happening or maybe I’m doing something wrong here 🤔 Should we pay the fees and then make the booking ? I’ve attached the screenshots for the error message I get; maybe someone encountered with the same issue ?
  7. Hello Everyone, maybe someone here can help me or give me some guidance. I got the email (P3) from Abu Dhabi US embassy to book the appointment for interview and further information. But when I’m trying to make a profile on the link they sent me and make an appointment, I get an error message stating, “case is not ready for appointment “ Did anyone face same issues while booking appointment for K-1 visa in Abu Dhabi ? kindly share your thoughts and comments Thanks
  8. You mean an email or a physical mail to the beneficiary address? also, will they be using the email address we update at NVC at the beginning as per the PDF file instructions ? Thanks
  9. Another quick question: How will the embassy contact the beneficiary about the P3 letter and further information about visa interview. In our case , the NVC website says “Case Ready” , but how will the US embassy get our email address? Might be a silly question , just trying to figure out how they will contact us? We did updates our address and email with NVC at the beginning , will that be the source ? mad I don’t recall filling out email address with the initial petition (I-129f form) TIA for any response or comments
  10. Well finally after 3 months, our status changed from “At NVC” and now it shows”Ready” . It took a while to get here though. now I’ll have to wait for the US embassy in Abu Dhabi to send me an email (P3) and further instructions to book appointment etc. Hope it moves quicker from here on. wishing you good luck with your application!
  11. Yes, and when they answer my calls at the embassy only feedback I get it ,” Wait till you get an email with further instructions” That’s it ! 😢 I guess will have to just wait and nothing else I can do now. It will be 3 months tomorrow ☹️
  12. Did you get your slots for the interview ? I think the process has slowed down very much! maybe some transitions going on in the office with the new administration maybe ? it’s going to be 3 months next week since we got our petition approved and yet our case is “At NVC” status still. has anyone seen some movement or same like me ?
  13. Congratulations!! I believe the process has been really slow, has anyone seen the status change from “At NVC” to “In Transit”, it’s been more than 40 days and our status has not changed ... 😰😰😰
  14. It’s been more than 70 days since we got our petition approved and Stil case is, “At NVC” status. @kswheezyhow did you do the expedited approval?
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