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  1. Congratulations 🍾!!! could you please share the last part of your message - about the documents that weight to proof the relationship at the time of removing the conditions in 18 months from approval date right ? what type of documents they mentioned. Thanks 😊
  2. Just a general question, this might sound silly though 🤦🏼‍♂️ After you get your GC, do we still get the EAD and Combo card as well at later stage?? only reason asking is that I still see my case for EAD and AP on the case tracker App and still get the estimated approval dates from VJ every Sunday. just curious about it …. TIA
  3. Hello Everyone!!! just an update on my end, received my GC today in the mailbox 🥳🥳🥳 I’m a 🇺🇸 permanent resident now 😊 please find below my timeline: RFE received on Sept-16 by USCIS GC Interview scheduled letter: Dec 15 2021 GC Interview Date: Jan 20 2022 (F.O - San Bernardino, CA ) Approval Date: Jan 21 2022 GC produced-Jan 26 2022 GC in hand - Jan 29 2022 I would recommend to download the case tracker mobile App- It was very helpful and gave updates for each step from the GC production to USPS tracking as well. Good luck to everyone waiting for their interview dates and other waiting for the GC arrival!
  4. The immigration officer after my GC Interview said - I’ll have the GC in mail by one week. my F.O was San Bernardino, CA I’d just wait one week to get GC in Hand than do any further paperwork and complications your employer is not willing to wait ?
  5. Hello @FayeAlexandra Thanks. No, I had my GC interview on 20 Jan ,2022 and got the Approval electronic notice today - Jan 22, 2022. The officer said if you’re scheduled for the GC Interview before you get your AP and EAD, then you don’t need the other two. the GC gives you the right to work automatically as you’re a permanent resident now. Yes, I’ll have to wait for the GC to arrive before I start working.
  6. Sorry @uapilot , I re-read the Notice again 🤭 It says- “You MAYBE required to report for biometrics/ photo” and “ IF you’re required to report we will send another notice” I missed both key words MAYBE and IF when I read the notice in my half asleep 😴 mode at the first time. TIA
  7. Hello 👋🏻 @uapilot just wanted to check with you- when you received your electronic notice about green card approval - did it also mention about appearing for a biometrics and photo interview again? I got my electronic notice for GC approval today, but it mentioned they might send another notice about the venue and time for biometrics/photo. If I did not get a notice within 90 days to contact USCIS. I’m a bit confused here now 🙁
  8. Thank you! just now got an update on my “Case Tracker” App- Case Approved !! hurray 🎉 🥳 Good luck to all waiting for their Interview dates.
  9. Hello Everyone!!! just an update on my GC interview today. It was all done and we left the building around 30-40min. The office was a lady and very polite and friendly, she started it with saying I know all the background information and everything about your relationship is already verified and done, so I’m just going to ask some questions after your marriage and verify the response on your I-485 form ( all the Yes/No questions about commuting a crime, illegal entry etc. ) with me (beneficiary) and you guys can submit any additional documents not submitted at the time of your I-485 package. That was it and it was super friendly conversation with the officer against both of us, and every now and then she asked about things we have done together etc like trips made, what we both enjoy together etc. Finally she said- you’re APPROVED!! you’ll be receiving GC in mail about 4-5 weeks time. And, if I need any additional information I’ll be sending another mail. F.O- San Bernardino, CA Date- 01/20/2022
  10. I would recommend at least go to the nearby bank branch, where your partner has a bank account and make a join account, it only takes 2-3 working days to approve and get the card. That could be a good solid proof to show you’ve joint/mutual account to support the relationship. Other thing I would suggest and I assume you’ve a mobile connection under the same plan as your partner ? that could be another proof to have both of your names under the monthly bill. this is what we have done… hope it helps If none of this works for you in the limited time frame, take lots of pictures with you for the interview like the places you’ve visited together, the mutual friends and family gatherings , social events attended etc. what they need to see is only that the relationship is real and not a fake one… this can be proved from just pictures as well.
  11. Thank you so much for your feedback. Did you get your physical GC already ? I believe it will be a 2 year conditional one at the beginning right…
  12. Congratulations on your GC approval! I have my interview scheduled on Jan-20,2022 Just curious and want to check with you about the checklist for the interview as I read on the interview instructions here. It says: 1. About the Form-I693 Medical and vaccination Record- This was already submitted to the US embassy when I had my K-1 visa interview in my home country. Do we need to give them again ? 2. Form-I 864 Affidavit of support- the same was also submitted at the time of K-1 visa interview. I believe you also submitted the same during the initial K-1 visa interview and did you have to bring them again for the GC interview? Or was it just the supporting documents for the relationship you had to show them this time ? Thanks in advance 😊
  13. Congratulations!!! I also got a notification last night for my interview but still waiting for the mail with instructions in the mailbox. PD: July 14 Interview date: Jan 20, 2022 San Bernardino , CA FO
  14. Yes, I had an RFE on Sept-14 two days before my biometrics appointment and I replied on Sept-16. Still no response.. just be patient and keep waiting. Nothing much we can do from our side I guess.
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