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  1. I am the petitioner mother. I've moved 2 weeks ago and would like to update my (physical address) mailing address to NVC. My case was approved at USCIS on March 2021 and sent to NVC. My Case is currently at NVC. (My case has not been sent to the consulate yet) On top left of the CEAC page it shows the following: Summary Information Due to the numerical limitations on immigrant visa issuance prescribed by law, this petition is not eligible for further processing at this time. The National Visa Center (NVC) will retain the petition until an immigrant visa becomes available. The NVC will notify the petitioner, principal applicant, or attorney of record when this petition is eligible for further processing. The principal applicant should not make any firm plans such as disposing of property, giving up jobs, or making travel arrangements at this time. The current date for F2B on the Visa Bulletin is September 22, 2015 (frozen for the last 2 years) My case priority date is (June 2018). I am worried because the visa bulletin is not moving for a long period of time. Thank you for help.
  2. Hello, I need to update NVC with my new address. Could you please advise me the best way to do this? I also would like to learn how the F1 and F2B bulletin dates are frozen since August 2021. Do the embassies have processed zero petitions for those F1 and F2B during almost 2 years? I feel that I am missing the understanding of how it works. Some EB categories dates are moving ahead, but not Family Class. I am so worried that my grandson, (born in Jan. 2006, being his priority date in June 2018 and USCIS approved it in March 2021) could age out despite of the CSPA 2 years and 9 months credit from the USCIS processing period. I appreciate if anyone could be kind enough to provide me with answers. Thank you very much. C56
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