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  1. Still waiting here as well. Case status changed today from “longer than usual” to “2 weeks until status change”. Keep in mind that the status info doesn’t mean anything, so take it with a grain of salt.
  2. My mistake - Chicago National Office. I was under the impression that the I-131's and I-765's are processed in the location of where the original application was sent to (Chicago in my case). All clear now. Thank you.
  3. Hello all - My question relates to whether receiving an RFE changes the USCIS Office of where I-485's, I-131's, and I-765's are processed. I filed my I-485 Package on February 7, 2024 and shortly thereafter received an RFIE on February 14. I promptly responded and sent the documentation to the mailing address indicated in the letter - USCIS National Benefit Center, Lee Summit, MO. Does this indicate that my applications will no longer be processed at the Chicago Service Center (which has much shorter processing windows), and will now be processed at the NBC Missouri Service Center (which has much longer processing windows)? I noticed that a vast majority of I-765's are approved the next day after biometrics for filers from the Chicago Service Center, but we are still waiting close to one month after the bio appointment. Any insight is appreciated!
  4. It sometimes takes slightly in excess of a month to receive notification of receipt and subsequent Notice of Action I-797s. I wouldn’t be too alarmed at this juncture - however you can follow up using the Emma Chat or by calling after 30 days from February 25.
  5. I-131 Advanced Parole does not require biometrics - it is solely an approval or denial. Although the system indicates it is required, that is not the case and will continue to show that until the AP is approved, or your GC is approved.
  6. Nothing else to be done. The next step will arrive by mail (visible also online if you added the case to your account) and will hopefully be an easy approval. Best to forget about the process and be surprised when the letter comes, instead of checking everyday which just adds frustration.
  7. In order to file for Adjustment of Status, you must file I-485. While I-765 (Employment Authorization) and I-131 (Travel Document) are optional, it is a good idea to file for them, especially as they are included within the AOS pricing until April 1, 2024. After April 1, 2024, each document will incur its own filing fee, and combined will increase more or less by 100% from the current ~$1300 to +$2600.
  8. Correct. Although the visa was approved by the officer, final checks are being conducted, as well as finalizing your packet that you must provide to CBP at your first point of entry and printing out your visa. Wouldn’t worry too much at this stage. Once it shows as “Issued” you should expect an answer with next steps, or if you paid for courier delivery for it to be shipped directly to you.
  9. Sorry about that, I misread - and was looking at your timeline which is outdated. Policies for each embassy are different with that regard. I would reach out to the embassy directly using their email method and find out. In a normal situation, if the case has been approved and displays as such in the CAEC status page, the visa would be shipped by local courier to the address that is normally provided on the US DOCS website (at least it is the case for a vast majority of embassies). Bogota has a very busy embassy, so it could take a little while to receive next steps. Regardless reaching out would be wise.
  10. As you have elected to transfer your case to another embassy, you will receive relevant case information from the new embassy, and only when the case arrives there. Could take between one and two months for the transfer to be finalized. You should be able to track the movement of your case on the CAEC Website.
  11. Was your RFE response sent to the Lee’s Summit MO location? Seems like that is the location where most RFEs are sent, so they are most likely inundated. Received I485 RFE on Feb 14 and responded Feb 19 - received Feb 21
  12. After numerous tries, I got a nice agent who provided me the online access code. Took a while - a few days and like 10 agents, but she helped me out. Luck of the draw I guess. Letter ended up arriving with the code that same day in the evening, funny enough. If in the event you aren't able to get the code via chat and if the letter doesn't arrive by the appointment date, just call the number on the back of the letter to reschedule - it will not be an issue.
  13. After 30 days you may contact USCIS to request them to re-send NOA1.
  14. Mail - my response was extensive at over 300 pages, so it was easier for us to print and send instead of scanning everything with the annotations and sticky notes. Would've preferred to upload of course, only if there was less paperwork.
  15. Received (and already responded) to the same RFE you received. Sent over exact same documents, just with added clarifications and specific notes for officer to look at specific numbers in the documents I provided which may not be standard procedure. RFE 2/14 - Responded 2/26
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