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  1. Thank you so much for your response. God bless.
  2. Better apply under 5 year rule. The only documents you will provide are the Income Tax Transcript from the IRS. It is also more convenient to apply online because as you are filling the form you'll find out what documents you need to provide. You can also apply under 3 year rule but you need to provide more and lots of documents so why go through that route if you can go to easier way. God bless.
  3. Take with you your green card and your Tax Return Transcript. The interviewer might ask you about your marital status. Applying under 5 year rule does not require much documents. I applied under 3 year rule but during my interview date I am 5 years and 1 week LPR. The interviewer did not ask any more documents pertaining to my marriage to USC though I am well prepared. He just asked me my green card. Just in case bring all the documents you think will be asked on your interview. Better you have it than to be sorry. We don't know what will come up on your interview. It is still depend on the interviewer. God bless
  4. Hello to all My friend's Naturalization was approved last December 2018. Because she has a change name it takes a while for her to get an Oath taking schedule. Last March her husband passed away. By the way she applied under 3 year rule and they have been married for less than 5 years when she was approved. This June she is scheduled for oath taking. The question is will she be allowed to have the oath taking because the husband died before the oath taking ceremony? Thank you for reading and responding to my inquiry.
  5. The Visa Bulletin for April 2019 is 08 April 2007 for F1, and 01 August 2007 for F2B. If your petitioner became US Citizen you don't need of out letter because your priority date 30 July 2007 is already current under F1.
  6. You have enough time to submit an opt out letter. Send all the necessary requirements with the opt out letter and you don't have to worry.
  7. Your request to opt-out in automatic conversion from F2-B to F1 should be sent to US Embassy in your country. You didn't mention which country you are so that we can help you do the research of the US Embassy in your country.
  8. Fiance visa or I-129f is for US Citizen only. LPR can file for I-130. and the OP is green card holder ie. LPR
  9. It takes about 21 years or so, but you need to be a US Citizen to file for your siblings.
  10. If you are a LPR, you can go back to your country or your boyfriend to come to US and get married or somewhere. Then you can file for his petition and wait for two years for the PD to become current. It will fall under F2A category petitioning for Alien Relative of Lawful Permanent Resident.
  11. You better file the petition I-30 or 1-129 by yourself instead of hiring a lawyer to save your money. Visajourney members can help you if you need to know about how to fill it and how to file it. Other Immigration lawyers will confuse you that seems they don't know which advise is helpful to your case or petition. It happened to me. I wish I had known visajourney before when we filed for my AOS. I came here under B1 visa (business/work).
  12. My friend's son arrived here in US last Nov.27. His Permanent Residency is stamped on his passport and the Immigration told them that the actual Green Card will arrive within 3 months. He got his SS Card faster. Today they went to DMV to apply for learner's permit to start driving lesson. The DMV refused to give him a permit because they need the I-94. His step father told the DMV that his step son has no I-94 because he entered US as IR beneficiary. He showed them his stepson's passport with the permanent residency stamp on good for 1 year it and showed also the SS Card. The DMV keep on refusing until he asked to talk to the supervisor. The supervisor said they need to talk to the International about this case. Finally DMV got an answer that the applicant is allowed to apply for permit. So, he took the exam and eye test. They went home with the permit. After few hours they received a voice mail from DMV that they are requesting to return the permit to DMV. My question is does he need to wait to get the physical Green Card before he can apply for Learner's Permit? Thank you for reading this and giving answer to my inquiry.
  13. 1) I am not sure about no.1. When you request for the opt-out you will inform them of your Case Number:MNL Beneficiary date of birth Petitioner's full name Priority Date Preference Category 2)Copy of the form 1-130 notice of approval (Form I-797C) from a Service Center or District Office. When your petitioner filed your petition the USCIS sent a Notice of approval to your petitioner. This is the Notice of Action Form I-797 C stating that the petition is approved with your Priority date on it. Ask your petitioner about that copy.to email it to you and attach it to the opt out letter.
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