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  1. I havent known the Houston office to do Oath ceremony on same day. When at interview, you should inquire of what could be done. My husband had interview May 14 and his Oath is schedule for June 5th. The Oath was scheduled within hours of his approval May 14th
  2. My husbnd took with him to interview yesterday: 4 years of Tax transcripts Marriage Certificate If either was divorce prevously, take Divorce decree My birth Certificate Copy of ongoing checking account 2016-2024 Green Card.
  3. It was my husband. All straight forward. He was asked 10 Civic questions, he answered them all correctly. Went over Yess/ No questions and then handed paper showing he was approved. 20 minutes later Oath ceremony was scheduled. 3 weeks from tomorrow. A very Happy Day for us
  4. Interview day tomorrow for my husband. He is so nervous, he hardly knows his own name, and as that goes, same for me. So nervous for tomorrow. Good vibes and maybe a prayer would be apprechiated. Any tips for him? Thank you, Beth
  5. On the translations we had done, the translator always emailed them, AND mailed them to us, so we would have their Pen - Ink signature and they certified seal - sticker on the cover sheet to show they are certififed translators. I always stapled their work on the certified copy we were submitting for one thing or another.
  6. The printed IRS tax transcripts from IRS is just fine from thier website.
  7. Again , Congratulations , the newest US Citizen. My husbands internew is next Tuesday, we will celebrate with a long 4 day weekend in Vegas if all goes well.
  8. Congratulations, let us know how it went, and if spouses are allowed to watch the ceremony please.
  9. Knock on wood, so far my husbnad has not, but if I was you, I would pay it immediatly, and bring the receipt to interview. Maybe later you can take defensive driving to have it removed. I doubt if cancelled, no more rain in Houston expected this week. No flooding was reported in their area.
  10. I do not seeing the letter as helping, it could go against her, as they think she will not return to her home country.
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