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  1. Hey all, Feels like I'm possibly the slowest-moving case here. Just got my biometrics appointment for July 30th. Been waiting since my NOA dated Aug 19 2020, close to a year just to do biometrics! Seattle is seriously backlogged
  2. @Ben and JenThank you! Wishing you all the best and hope to hear good news from your end soon!
  3. Hello all! I received my K1 visa yesterday! My heart nearly exploded out of my chest as I cut the courier packaging - issue date 14th April! In light of the new EO and the upcoming non-immigrant revision in 30days, I was terrified my issue date would be 23rd April. Will be arranging my flight to arrive in Seattle by May 20 or earlier (May 22 will be 30days from April 23) - please wish me luck!! This chat has gone really quiet, and I hope that means most, or all of you have your visas, or already in the US? For anyone out there still waiting, please don't lose hope! p.s: Which forum/thread should I follow next? @Greenbaum Thank you so much for your support! This community has been a huge help and I'm so so grateful!
  4. My CEAC tracker has been updated 9th April! It has now gone from REFUSED to ADMINSTRATIVE PROCESSING, which I hope is a good sign! The email correspondence with the consulate has been lacklustre - generic or one sentence replies. They acknowledged receiving my 221g documents & requested for my passport. I had already sent it in as the interview officer had instructed to include my passport with the documents. Waiting on a reply from them next week to confirm if my passport is with them but it looks like they might have kicked off my processing now! I'm so relieved! CEAC tracker is also listing a new date under "case created" - previously it stated the date NVC assigned the case #. @Greenbaum Thx for the CDC link - my fiance is looking into it now! @:Sarah: Best of luck to you too - looking forward to hear good news on your end! Meanwhile, everyone please stay safe, and sane!
  5. Update: Received 221g after interview on March 17th. Sent in my passport & requested documents 31st Mar. Embassy replied 2nd Apr, acknowledging receipt and also asking when I intend to leave for the US. I've emailed asking if there are any current travel advisories for K1 immigrants entering the US. Been planning to arrive in Seattle June 1st, sigh, keeping my fingers crossed on that. Will update again when they reply! Hang in there everyone!
  6. Update on DS-5540 Submission K1 Interview (US Embassy in Singapore) The local officer here collected the completed form, wet ink & dated - along with my fiance's 1095c form & a photocopy of his insurance card, both front & back. He looked through it briefly, no questions asked & returned my other documents. Hope this helps a little & Good luck to all! Some further info below: on the DS 5540 form: clarifying some issues from my experience For qn 4a , I indicated YES, and filled in "Employment provided Health Insurance - coverage under *fiance's name* to begin approx. *mth* With Part 3 regarding household size, I filled in the names of my fiance and his daughter, the nucleus family i will be living with there (Thanks to @Greenbaum 's advice here!) With that, supporting documents I included were 1)1095c form, from my fiance's employer (it details the Employer provided offer and coverage) 2) A photocopy of my fiance's insurance card: front & back 3) My tax statement from IRAS SG (returned) 4) My education & trade certificates (returned)
  7. Hello all, Just went to my interview this morning at the Embassy. Was issued a Refusal Worksheet 221(g) + Document Submission Form. I'm required to submit all original court-certified divorce decrees for both my fiance and me. I produced my original divorce summons but only photocopies of our decrees (big mistake). I felt like such a fool - the local officer told me, in the most deadpan tone possible, : "You are getting married - I need to see the originals so you can prove you are both single and legal to marry." Will be scrambling to contact the county offices for the documents - I do have a few qns: 1) Is there a deadline to submission? My i129f form expires April 15th and I'm just paranoid the documents don't get sorted in time. 2) Should I expect a 2nd interview? I've read multiple posts and it does look like getting the documents to them will most likely suffice. Terrified as the covid19 situation is unpredictable & future interviews may be postponed indefinitely? There's not much info directly related to the SG embassy - please help! Thank you all in advance!
  8. Sigh. It feels like they keep moving the goalpost further. I hope they will either remove the form, or at least provide clear instructions in the near future. I will keep updating my progress here! I've just sent an email enquiry to the US Embassy here, asking for clarification about supporting documents, if any, are required for DS-5540. Thanks for the advice on the household size qn! 😀 @Greenbaum
  9. Hi all, Update from Singapore Embassy - DS 5540 required for interviews here. Mine is scheduled for coming Tues 17th, and I only received notification yesterday. They had sent the email with my interview appt date/time less than a week ago, and now another email, that's no different from the previous, just with the addition of this paragraph: Please complete the attached Form DS-5540, Public Charge Questionnaire and bring this form for your interview. You need only complete one form for yourself and your derivative applicants. I received a PDF version of this form, and will be scrambling to put together my fiance's employment provided coverage, and hopefully my tax statement in 3 days. Information seems vague on how exactly to fill up this form. The section for expected household size is confusing: Do they mean with my fiance, and his daughter? Or if it's for family coming with me on the K1? (which I do not) Please help! Many thanks in advance
  10. Q1 - What does the P3 say about original signatures? Also, have you tried asking this question in your sub-forum where there others who are in preparation or have completed the interview that can help you? Q2 - The AOS is only filed by the petitioner not the beneficiary. Q3 - You take it to the interview unless your P3 states otherwise. Hello @Greenbaum, Thank you so much for getting back! I didn't discover the sub-forum yet, on it now & will scour through there from now I will PM directly - chat soon!
  11. Filed in early Sept 2019 and just received Packet 3! Gathering documents now and have some qns about the Affidavit of Support 1) Does the form need original signatures - as in not scanned/photocopied? If so..., 2) A physical copy of the AOS form is included in my Packet 3. Should I fill this up, and also have my partner fill one out, physically sign it and send it by post to me? 3) Do I mail this anywhere or just bring it along to the interview? Thank you so much in advance!
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