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Our Interview Experience

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Hi everyone, today we had our CR1 interview and we were approved!!! We arrived at the costa rican consulate at approx. 11:45am. We had to wait on the left side entrance of the building in a line of about 30 other people waiting for similar visas. There might have been 3 other couples like us waiting to do CR1.

Once it was 12pm, they started to let people in 1 at a time to go through a security check point, similar to that at an airport. They will take any electronic devices that you have IE: cell phone, camera, ipod etc.. and they will give you a key to claim it on your way out. They will take it while you are in the consulate. Once we passed security, we walked through a courtyard passing by a food stand (good to know that it is there for later) and rows of people sitting in chairs outside waiting for their tourist visas. Since we were immigrating into the u.s (well my husband) we went inside of another building with airconditiong!! and waited in there. There were 4 rows of blue chairs infront of a wall of teller like windows. Before entering the second building, we were given a ticket similar to one that you are given at a grocery store when waiting for them to service you at the deli counter. our number was "G702". We were told to take a seat and wait for our number to be called. At each checkpoint prior to this, they asked for my husbands full name and checked him off of a list to make sure that we were scheduled that day. We waited approx. 50 minutes until our number was called. I think it was because the people ahead of had a complicated case. A woman was trying to immigrate 2 of her sons, and they she didn´t have any of her joint sponsers information with her. How do I know this? Because you hear everything that everyone is saying while you wait. there is no privacy, you are literally standing at a teller window with speakers for everyone waiting to hear. Once they left, our number was finally called. We walked up to the window and a very nice woman was sitting behind the glass window. This is a pre-screening. My husband carried the small suitcase full of our 3 binders of evidence, 1 was a binder of all information that they should already have, the 2nd binder was evidence of our ongoing relationship, basically anything they dont have yet to date, and the 3rd binder was me taking all of my financials and making another I864 binder just incase. We also had additional pictures and additional documents certified, just incase. it is always better to be over prepared then not prepared and told no.. we were focusing on an approval all the way! So, there we were, with our suitcase standing infront of the lady. She walked away from the window and came back with 2 large legal size folders of all of our paperwork. No binders! They took all of our papers out of the binders and organized it into 2 HUGE piles in folders. Whatever, I thought. If that is easier for them, that´s fine with us. So she started sifting through all of the paper and asking questions. First, she asked my husband, what is your name, how old are you, where did you meet, who came up to whom first, and my husband answered that he came up to me first, and i said, well ofcourse, he had to come up to me first, I wasnt going to go up to him.. even though i was staring at him all night. she laughedc. then she asked me who I was with the night we met, and i told her friends. she then asked me if i am still working at my current job. then that was it. she told us to take a seat and wait for our name to be called for fingerprints. no more numbers. at this point it was around 1:40pm. My husbands name was called just a few minutes after that for finger prints. he was then asked to take 2 more passport photos because the ones we had were a little bright. they are very picky with their passport pictures. it costs 5 usd. they have a service right there and it took only a few minutes. so we were fine. then, we waited, and waited.. and looked around, and played thumb wars for a bit, then we looked through our papers, then we watched a little t.v, and all of a sudden, a man was sitting waiting to renew his passport, and a bunch of immigration police came in asking him to stand up and they took him handcuffed out of the building. it was horrible! We were a little scared... shortly after that, FINALLY our name was called for the actual interview. this time it was with a young man. at first, he looked at us, and said, hold on 1 minute, please take a seat. we were a bit confused.. when he called us back up, he said, he was confused because we had filed for 2 petitions, the I130 and the I129F. I said, we are only doing the I130!! and he said, yes, i know. then he began to sift through our paperwork again like the lady, and he said, let´s do this and get right to the point, he looked at my husband and started to ask questions: 1-i can see you have traveled a lot to the us, were you ever in the united states illegally? No my husband said, i traveled a lot for work. 2-were you married before? 3-do you have any children? 4-are you going to petition for them to immigrate? then he looked at me and started to ask me questions: 1-were you married before? 2-do you have any children? 3-do you live alone, have any dependents? 4-what do you do, do you still work at that company? Then after that, he gave my husband the DS230 and asked him do you swear that everything you have said is the truth? at this point, I was grabbing my husbands arm so tightly and my eyes began to water because I knew we were almost there.. my husband yes, and signed the paper. Then he looked at us and said, ok, when you come to pick up your visa we will return the papers to you. I just need to find out when you can come and pick up the visa. My husband then said to the man, wait, sir I need to hear those magic words please! and he looked at us, and said, oh, YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED. we laughed and couldnt stop laughing, we were so happy. we didnt even need to open the suitcase of evidence that we brought with us, i think it was because we were so prepared with everything they already had. he came back to the window and told my husband he can pick up the visa this coming tuesday at 3pm. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WE DID IT!!! and you can too, if you are prepared upfront, it will make everything else easier for you.. thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, without this site, and everyone´s support, it would not have been as easy for us. special thanks to Sachinky, Pushbrk, DreamnJordan, the famous LingChe, and everyone else who has been giving us support and positive feedback on our page. thanks again and we will keep you all informed of the upcoming events: POE, what happens at the airport when you arrive, getting your SSN, and the ROC, changing of status.. speak to you all soon!!!


10/24/2009 Married in Costa Rica
11/28/2009 I130 sent to USCIS
12/07/2009 NOA1
05/03/2010 NOA2 Approved woohoo!!! 147 days
05/08/2010 NOA2 Hardcopy Received

05/10/2010 NVC Case No. Assigned
05/11/2010 DS-3032 Emailed
05/12/2010 DS-3032 and AOS Bill generated

05/13/2010 DS-3032 Accepted by NVC
05/13/2010 AOS Bill paid online(IN PROCESS)
05/13/2010 IV Bill generated

05/16/2010 AOS shows PAID in system/Printing Barcoded sheet
05/19/2010 IV Bill paid online(IN PROCESS)
05/20/2010 IV Bill shows PAID in system/Printing Barcoded sheet
06/09/2010 Sign In Failed
06/09/2010 Case completed at NVC

06/14/2010 Interview Day Assigned by NVC/07-08-2010 @12:00pm

06/30/2010 Medical Exam/ Passed
07/08/2010 Interview Day - APPROVED!! WOOHOOO
07/13/2010 Visa Received
07/18/2010 POE JFK/New York

Date Sent : 06/02/2012
Date Received : 06/04/2012
Check Cashed : 06/15/2012
NOA Date : 06/16/2012
RFE(s) : 02/21/2013
Bio. Appt: 06/18/2012
Approved :05/31/2013
Greencard Received:

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Yay! Congratulation.

10/01/09 :mailed I-130
10/05/09: Forwarded to CSC
10/05/09 : NOA1.
10/12/09: touched.
02/08/10: text and an email received ~ I-130 approved. (yes!)
02/09/10: touched.
02/16/2010: NOA2 hard copy received

NVC Journey

02/12/2010: NVC/case# assigned
02/22/2010: DS-3032 received .
02/22/2010: Sent in DS-3032 email.
02/22/2010: Received and paid AOS.
02/24/2010: AOS fee accepted/shows as paid.
02/24/2010: AOS document cover printed.
03/01/2010: IV bill available online .
03/01/2010: Paid IV bill .
03/01/2010: DS-3032 accepted by NVC.
03/09/2010: IV bill: shows as paid.
03/12/2010: AOS Packet sent.
03/16/2010: AOS Packet Delivered to NVC/ Signed by St.Laurent.
03/25/2010: AOS accepted (as per NVC operator)
04/22/2010: Mailed in ds-230 via fedex

04/23/2010: DS-230 Packet Delivered to NVC/ Singed by J.Desmond.
04/27/2010: DS-230 Received by NVC/AVR
07/01/2010: Interview - VISA APPROVED
07/08/2010: Visa in hand!
08/22/2010: POE Boston, MA.
07/06/2012: I-751 Packet sent to VT service center
07/09/2012: I-751 Packet received by VT service center Signed by Scoss
07/11/2012: Check Cashed
color="#0000FF]07/12/2012: NOA1 received , 03/08/2013- 10-year green card arrived.

N-400 Journey
05/28/2013: N400 sent to Tx. 05/30/2013: N400 packet received. 06/03/2013: Check cashed. 06/24/2013: Biometrics appointment. 07/01/2013: walked in for a late biometrics appointment and was successful. 07/22/2013: In line for interview scheduling. 07/23/2013: Interview has been scheduled. 08/27/2013: Interview

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Wowwww, excelent review! Congratulations!!


01-18-2012 : Sent I-751 Package

01-22-2012 : Delivered California Service Center

01-24-2012 : Check cashed! Yayyy

01-30-2012 : Received ASC letter... Dated 01-27

02-08-2012 : Got Extension Stamp (Passport) Expires 02-07-2013

02-24-2012 : Biometrics Appt.

06-13-2012 : Got my 10 years greencard. Yeah baby!!!


01-15-2013 : Eligible to file

07-05-2013 : Sent package to Phoenix Lockbox

07-11-2013 : Check cashed

07-15-2013 : NOA

07-30-2013 : Biometrics done

08-09-2013 : Interview letter

09-10-2013 : Interview!! PASSED!

11-22-2013 : Oath Ceremony - I AM A CITIZEN OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!


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Congratulations! You really were prepared for anything they could have thrown at you!

You must be so excited! However, that is no excuse for not using paragraphs!

I kid, I kid! :lol:

USCIS Journey:

12-30-2009 - Wedding in Delhi

01-21-2010 - I-130 Petition Sent

03-24-2010 - I-130 Approved

NVC Journey:

03-29-2010 - NVC Case Number assigned

04-20-2010 - AOS Package Received at NVC

05-05-2010 - IV Package Received at NVC

05-19-2010 - NVC Case Completed - Sign In Fail

05-25-2010 - Interview Date Assigned.


07-19-2010 - Interview at New Delhi - Approved!

07-20-2010 - Visa Package collected from VFS

07-26-2010 - POE at Washington DC

08-19-2010 - Welcome Letter Received - Tracking Number reveals that GC was ordered on August 16

08-23-2010 - Applied for SSN at SSA

08-30-2010 - GC, SSA Card Arrive in Mailbox

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USCIS JOURNEY California Service Center

2010-02-24 - Mailed I-130 Overnight Express to Chicago Lockbox

2010-02-25 - I-130 Delivered to Chicago Lockbox

2010-03-04 - Notice of Action 1 (NOA1)

2010-04-22 - Notice of Action 2 (NOA2)


04-28-2010 - NVC Case Number Assigned

05-03-2010 - Email given to the NVC

05-04-2010 - AOS bill and Agent forms received by email

05-04-2010 - Email DS 3032

05-04-2010 - Paid AOS Bill Online;

05-05-2010 - AOS Bill Status: PAID;

05-05-2010 - IV Bill Received by email;

05-05-2010 - Paid IV Bill Online;

05-06-2010 - IV Bill Status: PAID;

05-12-2010 - Wife send PC-PP-DS-230 all Package DHL

05-17-2010 - I Received DHL mail from my Wife

05-24-2010 - Sent AOS and IV Package Overnight Express to NVC

05-25-2010 - AOS & IV Package arrived at NVC signed by N. Visa Center

06-04-2010 - AOS & IV Pack Received/Entered into AVR System

06-11-2010 - Sign in Fail Thank you, God!

06-12-2010 - Case Complete NVC

06-14-2010 - NVC Forwards Case to Embassy

07-14-2010 - Interview Date Assigned


06-17-2010 - Embassy Receives Case from NVC

07-29-2010 - Medical Exam $750 ETB ($70USD) PASSED


08-06-2010 - Visa Received

08-12-2010 - Passport and visa pick up from Bank of Abyssinia branch.


09-16-2010 - POE Washington, DC

10-04-2010 - Received Welcome letter

10-25-2010 - Received GC

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Congratulations to you!! I am happy for you !! :dance: :dance: :dance:

N-400 sent on 4/28/2014

Check cashed on 5/3/2014

Text msg & email received 5/5/2014

Biometric appointment letter mailed out on 5/15/2014

Biometric appointment letter received on 5/19/2014 for May 30th,2014

Biometrics done (walk-in) on 5/23/2014

Inline for interview 5/28/2014

Received yellow letter indicating to bring to the interview ID/State DL and all passports on 7/5/2014

USCIS website status changed to ''scheduled for interview" on 7/24/2014

Received letter :interview date will be on 9/2/2014

Interview result : approved :joy:

Oath Ceremony appointment date letter mailed out on 9/5/2014

Online status changed and received letter with Oath Ceremony date for 9/12/2014

09/12/2014 - I AM A United States Citizen!

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Congratulations :thumbs: This is one of the most detailed reviews I have read, I hope you have a safe journey back home!

07/07/09 : Married

08/18/09: I-130 Sent to Chicago

08/20/09: I-130 Received by USCIS

08/25/09: NOA1

09/22/09: NOA2

10/05/09: Received case# and gave emails

10/07/09: Received DS-3032 and AOS email

10/09/09: Sent DS-3032 email to optin electronic filing

10/15/09: Paid both AOS & IV fees

10/16/09: Received email electronic filing accepted

10/18/09: Sent AOS via email

10/23/09: Received email that AOS was accepted and waiting for IV

10/27/09: Sent IV via email

11/10/09: Signon to payment failure

11/19/09: Received email for interview - December 14th

12/14/09: Approved for Visa

12/16/09: Received Visa

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Great review.:thumbs:

I am also a firm believer in front-loading.

You never know what they may want.

02/2003 - Met

08/24/09 I-129F; 09/02 NOA1; 10/14 NOA2; 11/24 interview; 11/30 K-1 VISA (92 d); 12/29 POE 12/31/09 Marriage

03/29/-04/06/10 - AOS sent/rcd; 04/13 NOA1; AOS 2 NBC

04/14 $1010 cashed; 04/19 NOA1

04/28 Biom.

06/16 EAD/AP

06/24 Infops; AP mail

06/28 EAD mail; travel 2 BKK; return 07/17

07/20/10 interview, 4d. b4 I-129F anniv. APPROVAL!*

08/02/10 GC

08/09/10 SSN

2012-05-16 Lifting Cond. - I-751 sent

2012-06-27 Biom,

2013-01-10 7 Mo, 2 Wks. & 5 days - 10 Yr. PR Card (no interview)

*2013-04-22 Apply for citizenship (if she desires at that time) 90 days prior to 3yr anniversary of P. Residence

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Congrats on your approval!!!


08-04-06 Met online

12-06-07 Filed I-129F with VSC

01-29-09 Interview; Case returned back to USCIS for 'further review'

03-21-09 FOIA Request sent (got "we have no records on your case" in respond)

07-08-09 Civil marriage; 07-11-09 Church marriage

11-14-09 I-130 Sent to CSC

11-25-09 Check Cashed by USCIS!

11-28-09 NOA1 hard copy received by snail-mail (dated 11-23-09)

04-30-10 Phone request about case outside the normal processing time

05-05-10 Hard copy letter from VSC about closure the previous petition (dated 04-05-10)

05-18-10 NOA2 hard copy received (by snail-mail)!

06-01-10 NVC case accepted

06-07-10 I-864 bill paid

06-14-10 IV bill paid

07-12-10 I-864 & DS-230 sent to NVC

07-21-10 I-864 & DS-230 received according to AVR

07-23-10 Medical (completed)

08-18-10 SIF, CC @ NVC - Thank You, LORD!

10-14-10 Planned Interview date

10-12-10 Interview cancelled

10-15-10 MRI; Brain tumour

10-19-10 Surgery. Alive

Thank You, LORD!

Love is patient...


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What a great detailed review. Congratulations! :dance:


NOA1 08/19/08

NOA2 01/20/09


Received 01/26/09

Completed 02/13/09 (19 Days)

Interview Assigned 03/27/09 (6 weeks after NVC completion)


04/14/09 (Toronto)


Montreal 05/12/09 (88 days after NVC completion) **APPROVED**


06/16/09 Buffalo

07/02/09 Welcome Letter Received

07/07/09 Applied for SSN

07/10/09 "Card production ordered" email received

07/13/09 SSN received

07/14/09 "Approval notice sent" email received

07/17/09 GREEN CARD received

Removal of Conditions

03/21/11 I-751 mailed to VSC

03/23/11 I-751 received at VSC

03/29/11 Cheque Cashed

03/30/11 NOA1 received (3/24/11)

04/11/11 Biometrics appointment notice received

05/05/11 Biometric appointment

12/13/11 **Approval date** (5 days short of 9 months!)

12/19/11 Approval letter and green card received

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Congrats, glad you are all done and now in each others' arms!!

One quick question.....

When you went to the interview, you took the $350 fee for the K-1 visa...

What other expenses did you have while you were there at the embassy, if any?

We want to be sure to bring enough $$, just in case there are any additional expenses.

I have read somewhere that others have had to re-do their passport pics while there, maybe there is something else that we're not aware of that could come up?

Thanks so much for the detailed review, great job!

Our Timeline

June 13, 2009- We met in Honduras (mission trip for me, school for him)

June-July, 2009- Getting to know each other better via Skype & emails

August 2, 2009- Officially a couple

Dec 2009- Thanks to God, Allan visited USA, speaking at churches

Jan 09, 2010- Engaged!!

Jan 13, 2010- Allan returned to Costa Rica


Feb 09, 2010 - I-129F sent I-129F via Express mail to VT center

Feb 11, 2010 - NOA1 approved

May 17, 2010 - Received email that NOA2 was issued! (95 days after NOA1)

May 22, 2010 - Received NOA2 Hard Copy

May 25, 2010 - Packet sent to Costa Rican Embassy

June 07,2010 - Phone call from Embassy, arranged to pick up packet

June 17,2010 - Pick up Packet 3

July 23,2010 - Liz travels to Costa Rica

July 26,2010 - Interview Date (70 days after NOA2- long paper chase in Central America)

July 26,2010 - K-1 Visa APPROVED!!!! Thanks to God!!!! \o/\o/

July 28,2010 - Liz returns to USA

July 29,2010 - Allan picks up Visa

Aug 11,2010 - Allan POE (Denver) NO PROBLEMS, it was easy!

Sept 25,2010 - Wedding Date


Sept 25-Oct 1 - Honeymoon away

Oct 2, 2010 - Begin honeymoon at home (for the rest of our lives)


Oct 13, 2010 - AOS & EAD Application Mailed

Oct 14, 2010 - Tracking number shows packet received at Chicago Lockbox

Oct 20, 2010 - Received Electronic Notice of NOA1 for AOS & EAD

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12-08-09 - I-130 Delivered to Chicago Lockbox

12-11-09 - Notice of Action (NOA1)

02-25-10 - Notice of Action 2 (NOA2) ~CA service center~

03-23-10 - PCC Applied - GET 04/01

Your I-130 was approved in 76 days from your NOA1 date


03-03-10 - NVC Case Number Assigned

03-05-10 - Email give

03-09-10 - AOS bill; Agent Email Get

03-10-10 - Paid AOS Bill; Email/Mail DS-3032

03-12-10 - AOS Bill Status: PAID

03-15-10 - IV Bill Email Get; Pay IV Bill

03-16-10 - IV Bill Status: PAID; AOS @ NVC

04-07-10 - IV Pack @ NVC

04-12-10 - IV Pack Enters AVR

04-20-10 - Log-in Fail

04-21-10 - Case Complete

04-30-10 - Interview Date Assigned

05-07-10 - NVC Forwards Case to Embassy, Tokyo

Your case was complete in 50 days at NVC


04-16-10 - Medical Exam ($400) - PASSED

05-10-10 - Embassy Receives Case from NVC

06-28-10 - INTERVIEW - Moved


06-22-10 - Visa Received

Your interview took 192 days from your I-130 NOA1 date


07-05-10 - US Entry

07-26-10 - Request SSC @ SS office

07-28-10 - Welcome Letter (2nd on 8/9)

08-02-10 - SSC GET

08-12-10 - Green Card GET -38 days

04-05-2012 - File I-751: APPROVED 10/17


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