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Police certificate from foreign countries
5:08 am today


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Hi, everyone!

I m applying for a police certificate from France,and it must be accompanied by a full English translation from a certified translator. I m wondering if it s necessary to have the English translation notarized, such as Apostille ? Thanks in advance :)

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Accidentally Medicaid enrollment & I-485 question 61
1:27 am May 11, 2021


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Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your time in advance, I found this forum online and have been learning & getting a lot of help from here already!

I have a pretty stupid question to ask...I am an international student living in CA, doing OPT with my F-1 visa right now. Me and my wife (she is a US citizen) just got married the end of April and we are currently filing the forms and preparing documents for my AOS. The question #61 on form I-485 asked have I ever received any public assistance got me pretty confused and I don't know if I should check yes or no.... Here is the reason.

I was looking at Covered California for private insurance last December. Since I was unemployed and had 0 income at that time, the website automatically sent my info to the county office and I was approved for Medi-Cal (California medicaid). While I already knew the public charge rules at that time. I tried my best, cancelled my Medi-Cal in January 2021 and enrolled in a private insurance. I have never enrolled in any medicaid plan or used any Medi-Cal service. Some one might ask why I am qualified for Medicaid, I think in California they offered state-funded medicaid for people who doesn't have a satisfied immigration status...

While USCIS have revoked the 2019 public charge rules, I am pretty confused about whether this is still considered as a public assistance... I never had the intention of enrolling in Medi-Cal or any public assistance... Should I just check yes and attach a cover letter explaining the accident / reason?

Thanks again for all the help!

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AOS from K1 - No confirmation it's received
7:10 pm May 8, 2021



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We mailed out our AOS application a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard any confirmation that it's received. USPS tracking says it reached its destination, which is in Chicago. However, the check for the application fee has not been withdrawn. Should we be worried that we haven't gotten any confirmation from USCIS so far? If anyone else is currently going through this, how long did it take to just get a confirmation?

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Question NVC to embassy
5:21 am May 7, 2021



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Hello all,

Super exciting time, I just got an email that our nvc case is approve and forwarded to the embassy. Seems like I couldn t create a login yet without the Invoice ID number which I requested already. Saying so I have some questions/advice/opinion answer. I have all my document gather as the petitioner such as Supporting financial documents, i134, w2, tax document. I plan to ship all the documents to my fianc e including copy of the i129f package along with document she need for the interview. The question is do I need to wait for the nvc letter and then send it to her? Or can I just ship her the package and the digital copy they sent us in the email is enough? I also have to send the uscis letter too correct? Other question just to ease my mind and make sure I got everything in order. I heard there suppose to be a package, should we wait for it or can we fill out the ds160 and pay the fees then schedule the interview correct? Assuming all the other stuff is gather such as my fianc e birth certificate, police report, and medical check is done. Or am I missing something?

Thank You

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Serving in the Military Part-Time & U.S. Citizenship
3:01 am May 7, 2021



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Hi all. I am currently waiting for approval for my I-751 submission. If I serve in the U.S. military part-time, will I be awarded U.S.citizenship after a year of service OR will I become eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship? Thanks! I received my conditional green card in 2018. My U.S. citizen husband divorced me in 2020. We do not have children and we had a very ugly divorce.

In this case, would me serving in the military actually hurt my I-751? Thanks!

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