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Inquiry: RAE for Final divorce decree without financial seperation and DUI document
7:33 am May 26, 2023



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Dear Fellows,

This is a very lovely community, helpping me through all the dark days. I thought it was near light now, however, it turned out to be another blur.

Thank you in advance, for anyone, who would like to some some support, some blessing and some suggestions!

When we submitted Our K1 application, My Fiance only had the file of the signed documents for the separation from the court, by judge, two parties. USCIS requests us RAE for addtional divorce decree, however, we could get the final decree for the financial part. The deadline is May 30th, we could not get the decree so far, or in the near future. What can we do?

Another RAE is for DUI, driving record while drunk. My Fiance stated the DUI while we first filed the application. However, He couldn't find the record offically anymore.

Therefore, we basically couldn't send back any meaningful evidence back to USCIS. How bad does this lead to? Is there any other solution?

Thank you very much!!!


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How long can an IR1 visa holder stay outside of the US after entering?
9:21 am May 23, 2023



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My wife will be receiving her IR1 visa soon. Because of some unexpected plans, we may need to stay in her home country for another 2 years. We would like to go to the US after she gets the visa so we visit my friends and family. Can anyone tell me, if she enters the US and stays for a month, then exits the US, how long can she stay out of the country before there is an issue? I saw something about 12 months but I'm not entirely sure.

Thank you.

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police certificate question
7:34 am May 17, 2023



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Filed I-130 for my wife, she's from China, she did graduate school in Macau for 4 years. She already has her Chinese police certificate, does she need one from Macau as well?

Macau is Chinese territory that's kind of autonomous, and no one in China would consider Macau to be a different country.

Also, during her time there she would regularly go to Zhuhai, which is in the mainland, and did it almost weekly. So there was definitely no time where she's in Macau continuously for 12 or 6 months.


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HELP!! Can I use aseet + foreign Tax Return Form 2555 to sponsor K1 Visa I-134?
2:02 pm May 3, 2023

April Tian

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Aug 5, 2022 filer is seeking for i134 advises?

I d worked in China for 6 years. I make above 125% of the US poverty line and have done tax return for the past view years however my income is China-based. Meaning my AGI is 0 on 1040.
I have around 10k cash in the bank, would that be enough to support i134? or should I find a co-sponsor ?

Any advice is greatly appreciated?

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Traveling on Extension Letter?
12:40 am April 27, 2023



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Hi everyone,

I desperately need your help and would appreciate any help you can give us.

My wife needs to travel back to her hometown. And we have the extension in hand. We are in the midst of removing condition.

My question is: do we need to get a passport for her?

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