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Does CEAC say anything when packet 3 is sent out?
3:38 am yesterday


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Hi everybody! I m on day 5 of waiting for packet 3 from Guangzhou. Does the website say anything when p3 goes out? I see people waiting a week up to a month and wishing there was a clearer pattern. Also, do I need to do anything at this point?


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Last minute change of Oath Ceremony?
11:03 pm January 16, 2019


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Wife just got the oath ceremony letter. It is for 1/25. Problem is that she's 37 weeks pregnant. Is there something we can do last minute to change the oath ceremony? I tried calling the 800 number on the letter but only got recordings.

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I-751 and N400 in two regions?
9:43 pm January 16, 2019


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Dear all,

My 90-day ahead window for N400 application is about to open, and my I-751 is still pending (filed Jan 2018 to Vermont Service Center). When I filed for I-751, I lived in upstate New York, and therefore the address we used was also in New York. However, I moved to Washington DC last summer (in July 2018) for work. My husband and I still jointly own a house in upstate New York, and at the same time we also hold a joint lease here in DC. Do you think it matters which field office I file my N400 to? Would it be a mess if my I-751 biometrics was done in Syracuse but my N400 is going to be filed in DC? Should I still use our upstate NY address for N400 filing?

Thank you very much!

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additional i-134 or i864a for Guangzhou interview
1:08 am January 16, 2019


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I was borderline on my tax return for 2017. I'm well above for 2018, but have not filed taxes yet. I do have my 1099s though. I've decided to be bring paperwork for a cosponsor just in case. RapidVisa's paperwork says I should bring a i-864a, but when chatting they said to use a second i-134. Then after explaining to them that their own paperwork says to use i1864a they changed their answer. This has kinda weakened my confidence in their accuracy. Does anyone have experience using a cosponsor for K1 at Guangzhou? Do i bring a i-134 or i864a for cosponsor? Would 1099s be enough to prove income for 2018 without a tax return?


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Is the processing time for I-485 under F2A same as K1/CR1?
8:37 pm January 15, 2019


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I wonder if the processing time is more or less within the same timeframe universally for either spouse of LPR or that of USC?

I just recently filed for adjustment of status under F2A but my spouse is about to become a USC because the oath ceremony will take place in just two weeks. And my biometrics appointment for AOS is right next week ?. I would like to know whether I just need to wait for my interview after the biometrics appointment, or should I update my spouse legal status with USCIS, and how? Please note that my local CIS office doesn't take any Infopass appointments so I cannot make an appointment with them. So I guess the only chance I could do an update is calling USCIS center service number?

I am asking so is because if the timeframe is about the same, I will leave it until the interview takes place and inform them by then. If the processing time is significantly longer for F2A category, then I think I should do something.

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