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H1B Transfer Denied and Getting Married
6:35 pm yesterday


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Hi guys,

My situation here:

-Entered US with F1, after graduation H1B for 3 years for my former employer (a big consulting firm), H1B extension was approved until 2021 before I transferred to my current firm

-Left my former company on 8/10/2018 and started a new job in another consulting firm on 8/13/2018 (started working only after the receipt from USCIS was received)

-H1B transfer received RFE and then was DENIED on 11/6 and the lawyer received the mail denial notice on 11/16, former company has submitted revoke

-My gf (USC) and I decided to get married on 11/24, I plan to wait until

My current firm told me they would make sure to do right by me (refile, appeal, may have me work in another office outside of US). But I don't really trust their contracted law firm as they were not very professional and very unresponsive during the H1B transfer process.

I have hired my own lawyer and planning to file the GC application on 11/26 right after we get the marriage license. I have read a lot online and people submit a lot of evidence for a bona fide marriage. However, my lawyer told me that when we submit the adjustment of status package we do not need to provide joint documents. We will provide those for our interview in the future. We only need to establish that I qualify for submission and adjudication of your application. As such, we only need to include documents to establish I 1) entered the U.S. lawfully; 2) my gf is a U.S. Citizen; 3) the 2 of us are now legally married; 4) that I will not be a financial burden to the U.S. Govt. My lawyer said there's no need to include pictures and trips we took together for the filing.

My questions:

-Does anyone have the same experience with me? USCIS is still reviewing the revoke application online so I guess i will have a 60 day grace period?

-Should I still have my current firm refile my H1B? Can I stay in the country while they refile? Not sure which way is faster compared to getting an EAD thru GC

-Should I file whatever bona fide evidence I have for GC? (e.g., utility bills under same address, joint checking account (opened yesterday), joint car insurance and etc)

Thanks so much!

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Time to replace a soon-to-expire passport?
8:58 am yesterday


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Hi! As mentioned in the topic title, I would like to know what is the best time to replace the passport. I know it is still early for below questions, hope someone could help me to answer it.

Some info for your reference:

My fiance filed I-129F for me last month. I expected to have an K1 Visa interview in Jul/Aug 2019. My passport will be expired by Mar 2020 (there are only few empty pages left on it, which means I could replace a new passport at any time from now). I will go to US 1.5 or 2 months after my visa is approved. I want to replace it as late as possible. What is the best time? Before I fill in DS-160 form? Before the interview? Before my departure?

I have another question regarding USC's birth certificate. When my fiance filed the petition, he provided his passport as supporting document. At the moment, he did not request a birth certificate from the place where he was born (A city in US). In any stage of K1 visa or AOS, he needs to submit original birth certificate (a copy or certified copy).

Thank you so much. :)

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K1 visa interview passed on Nov 5th , but visa status shows "Administrative Processing", the last updated was Nov 8th, is it normal?
1:00 am yesterday


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Hi! My question is that if my visa status showed on US Department of States is normal. Does American government do Administrative check on all applicants ? How long does it usually take to get Administrative Processing done? It says that it may take several weeks, which means that we will miss the Christmas party held by my Fiance's family. Everybody is waiting us to join them. Any suggestion or advice? Thank you all.

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K1 visa update
10:18 pm yesterday


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K1 visa update: Hi everyone , we finally received our visa in hand. Thank you for all your guidance and support!

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Attention K-1 medical and vaccination
2:49 am yesterday


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For those of you K-1 applicants, please make sure the I-693, Report of Medical Exam and Vaccination Record, that Chinese medical center using is the current edition dated 10/19/2017. If Part 9, vaccination record was not checked "all requirements met", you will have to go to a civil surgeon, after you enter U.S., to pay about $300 to have this portion checked. You can request the Chinese doctor to give you all required shots for an immigrant, even though you will enter as nonimmigrant. Some Chinese medical centers are still using the old edition. Also, the instruction for I-693 has been revised too.

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