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cancellation notice
1:11 am yesterday



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Case is updated with cancellation notice for request for additional evidence.

However I have never got notice for request for additional evidence.

Does anybody have the same situation?

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N-400 Application before or after divorce?
1:33 am May 11, 2022



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My GF came to the US from China in 2013. Married in 2014 to a US citizen. Conditional Green Card was upgraded to 10 year Green Card in 2017. Shortly after that her marriage fell apart and she has been living separately from her husband since 2018. Due to circumstances in her home country she is now ready to file for N-400. Would filing for divorce in any way affect her ability to file for N-400? FYI, 2021 was the first year that she has filed taxes on her own. The previous years were joint returns with her husband. Any insight, pros/cons, would be appreciated.


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Visa Timelines
4:58 pm April 28, 2022

T Town Hombre

T Town Hombre

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Is there a place on this site to give a person an idea when they might receive their visa based on the consulate the interview was held in?

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K1 Medical Insurance when unable to join spouse's employer plan
2:19 pm April 20, 2022



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VisaJourney has been a wonderful resource in for me (USC) and my fianc , who will arrive to the US soon on a K1 visa.

I myself only recently located to the US and am not working yet, so I am unable to add my fianc to an employer health plan.

I am covered through a short-term plan that I bought on the private market through a broker. Originally I intended to buy a similar plan for my fianc , but the broker notified me such plans are available for US citizens and residents only.

Clearly I need to get job with employer-provided healthcare ASAP (working on it!), but for now I have found these two alternatives:

1) Travelers insurance targeted at K1 holders: Simple Googling turns up several sites that sell travelers insurance and specifically market it as an option for K1 visa holders. There are many plans but Patriot America Plus seems to appear most often. I've read independent reviews for Patriot America Plus that indicate 1) people most commonly buy it for parents visiting the US, and 2) it's a bare bones plan that often brands sudden medical issues as "pre-existing conditions" to avoid paying out. TLDR, seems a little sketchy but could be fine as temporary coverage for a young, healthy person like my fianc ?

2) ACA Plans: This helpful stickied thread on VJ indicates a K1 holder can buy a plan off the ACA marketplace. But are the ACA plans available to K1 holders who just arrived but are not yet married or applied for AOS? Also, given she can't work and will have no income, she's guaranteed to qualify for subsidies on ACA - but will this factor into 'public charge' issues or green card considerations down the road? I'm leery of taking any public assistance at this stage.

If you have experience with either of these options (or others), it would be great to hear your thoughts about which one is preferable. And naturally I hope to get a job soon to end this mess for good. Thank you!

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Working with expired GC and I-751 pending
11:40 pm April 9, 2022


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My wife's GC expired last year and we're still waiting on her I-751. Estimates fluctuate a lot, but often put the I-751 into 2023. We expect to start working on N-400 paperwork in a couple months.

My wife was recently offered a job somewhat unexpectedly, and I'm just not seeing any clear path on the required I-9 documents.

I-94 shows admit date until 2019

EAD/AP Combo Card expired in 2020

She does have a valid Driver's License as well as a Real ID Identification card (getting a DL took a while).

Social Security Card has the "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" text.

My real question is: What would be the quickest path toward satisfying the I-9 documents?

If we get a new Social Security Card, would it still have the "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" stamp? Our Social Security office has been pretty prompt about stuff, although the wait can be brutal.

Thank you so much!

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