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US Immigration from Belgium

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What should she expect at this interview?
7:36 pm July 29, 2022


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My wife just got her appointment letter in the mail yesterday and we're both super excited! We haven't received anything talking about biometrics though, which is what I was waiting for. The appointment is for about a month away and tells us what to bring to the interview but doesn't say much else. Is this the appointment where she'll be interviewed and the civics test done? I'm asking so she can know what to expect. If you've done it, how was your experience with this interview and what recommendations do you have on any additional evidence to provide? Also, is this interview followed by the oath ceremony or is that done on another day? Thanks so much!

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“Wet ink” Affidavit of Support
2:10 pm July 12, 2022

Sam M

Sam M

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Is there someone who used copies of the Affidavit of Support for their embassy interview?

The probleme I have is that the postal service is taking a long time to deliver the wet ink ones ?

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Cr1 process from abroad
7:40 pm July 10, 2022



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Hi everybody,

I have a specific question.

My fiance will move from usa to me very soon and we will live together and finalize the marriage and after that we are gonna go for cr1.

We intend waiting and living the process together out of the states.

1- Can she still petition me while she lives out the states?

She lives in her parents house and it was her mailing address and domicile. She can proof that she lived there and she and I always can go living there.

When her parents will be my joint sponsor and they meet the income requirements.

2-Does she still have to sponsor me regardless of her unemployment and income ? Because she is not gonna have income or job in the states.

Thank s alot and God bless if you know the answer to my questions.

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Medical check Belgium
12:51 pm June 26, 2022

Nika P

Nika P

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Hi everyone,

I just received a DQ from NVC and am currently waiting on my interview date. I went ahead and scheduled my medical check with Dr. Rapha l Nardone in Brussels (the earliest date was Aug 9th which I think is absurd as it is probably going to get very close to the interview date). If I'm correct, the information on the doctors on Visajourney is a bit outdated. The embassy website only qualifies four doctors for medical checks: two in Brussels and two in Luxembourg (Antwerp has been removed recently).

That is why I am also confused about additional vaccine shots: I thought I was going to get them all during the check-up, but the email I received from Dr. Nardone says "your vaccination must be in order; please refer to the information given by the embassy of the country concerned." This is quite annoying because I know I need to get the Varicella shot, but thought I would get it here. So, what did you guys do? Where and how did you get any additional shots? Thanks in advance.

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Original affidavit of support?
4:35 pm June 25, 2022

Sam M

Sam M

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I have my interview the end of July.
Do I need to bring the affidavit of support with the original ( ink ) signature?
Or is a copy ok?

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