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US Immigration from Belgium

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Global Entry account update?
3:54 am September 19, 2019


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Hi guys,

I recently sent my ROC application in and received a NOA that serves as evidence of my resident status for 18 months. (Impressed that they issue them for 18 months now, the backlog must be insane). Do I need to update this information on the global entry website? I don't think there's a way to put a I-797 extension, so would I just change my green card expiration date to May 2021, or should I keep it as what's on the plastic card itself?

I know the GE kiosks won't recognize the I-797 and won't like my expired green card either, but can I still use that line and just talk to the CBP officer when I get to them or do I have to use the long line instead? Even with the long line, most aiports now require that you use a kiosk for the USC/LPS lines. So I'm not sure how that will work either.

Regardless, I'm sure getting in with the extension letter won't be an issue once I make it this far. I'm more concerned about the document check before you board the aircraft, this is usually done by locals there and they might not know what the extension letter is and give me trouble thinking I'm trying to board with an expired green card. Similar thing happened last time I tried to board with my EAD/AP combo card, they didn't know what it was. The words "Valid for advance parole" isn't immediately obvious to most foreigners who are not familiar with the process. This has been a total non-issue since I got my green card, but I feel like now I'm back to questioning whether this random Belgian/French/Japanese person is going to recognize my perfectly valid, yet perhaps unusual, travel documents.

Thanks again for all the help, couldn't have made it this far without y'alls support!

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Filing for CR-1 with children from abroad
10:26 am August 31, 2019



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Hey all,

I have some questions and hope you can help me with filing. Our situation is we got married in February of 2017 and have been living in the Netherlands ever since together. We also had our daughter last week which makes us want move to the United States.

I don't see a direct guide on the forum incase we both live abroad. Is there a link somewhere?

Also do we also need to file some kind of document for our daughter or only for myself (husband)

Finnaly we did send in a k-1 visa package back in 2016 but did not follow up on it as we decided to just get married and move to Europe. Now one of the questions on the I-130 document under part 5 is: Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien.

Should we answer yes here and say the result was withdrawn?

Kind regards


We now would like

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Some small questions about K1 visa packet
3:47 pm August 16, 2019

Alex & Annelynn

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Hello everyone! We have a few more questions:

1. Is it necessary to translate train/bus tickets from French/Dutch to English? Could I just do it myself?
2. Do I (the beneficiary) need to take copies of every page in my passport?
3. When Alex flew to Belgium he took an indirect flight via Madrid (Spain) and only got a passport stamp there, not in Belgium. Is this normal, would it raise questions?
4. In the I-129F file when they ask for the mothers name, does it need to be the maiden name?
5. Do we need to provide Alex's birth certificate since he was not born in the US, or is his naturalization certificate + US passport enough?

6. I recently graduated so I haven't had any real jobs apart from a summer job, do I include that as my employment history? And since I had the same job in the same company for 4 summers in a row, what do I write as start and end date? Do I split it up in 4, and put the start and end date for each year?


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Proof of ongoing relationship?
9:16 pm August 14, 2019

Alex & Annelynn

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We were wondering if it is necessary to provide a separate section with proof of the ongoing relationship such as chat screenshots? Since we almost always voice/video call we don't really chat that often so we don't have that many screenshots to include. We are including proof of in-person meeting such as passport stamps, boarding passes, airbnb confirmations, train tickets, photos etc, is this sufficient?

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Travel Before and After Applying - Card expiration and biometrics location
12:40 am August 7, 2019


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Hello everyone,

My permanent resident card expires at the end of November. Hence the application window opens at the end of August. I have two main questions,

1. I'll be traveling back home to Belgium for family reasons from 8/22 to 9/3. Do you think I'll have any issues traveling with a green card that's expiring in November? Either when leaving the country, entering the country on my way back, or even when boarding the flight coming back to the US where they'll check my greencard.

(I've heard of people getting turned down at the airport when traveling with a passport that expires in the next 3 months. My passport is good until 2026, it's just my greencard that expires 11/30/2019)

2. I'll send the application packet as soon as I get back from Belgium. However, from 9/8 to 10/28 I'll be in Florida for work. I live in Virginia, so I'm wondering how that's going to work with the biometrics appointment. If I remember correctly, that usually happens about a month or so after applying. They will probably give me an appointment here in Virginia. Will I have to come back from Florida to do this, or can I go a processing center in Florida to do this? I'm not concerned about the interview etc, since that probably won't happen for another year or so haha. My husband will still be here, so receiving mail won't be an issue.

Thanks, I appreciate the help!

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