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US Immigration from Belgium

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I-864 tax return/transcripts - turbotax?
9:49 pm


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I'm gathering evidence for I-864. I have copies of my W-2s from the most recent tax year. I also printed a 1 page "summary" from turbotax for years 2017, 2016, 2015. These single pages list adjusted gross income, taxable income, total tax, total payments/credits, amount to be refunded, and effective tax rate.

Is this sufficient or is there some other more detailed documentation that I need from the IRS? Thanks in advance!

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12:30 pm


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a quick question, I am new to this site, maybe it has been asked before: when the interview happens after submitting citizenship application?

i know for green card, there is one, but do not know there is one for Naturalization.

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I-864 part 11
2:24 am


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Silly question maybe but if I am filling out Part 11 with additional information on I-864, do I listed MY (the sponsor) info under family/given name or do I list the principal immigrant's information? Thanks!

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Wrong POE date on I-94
10:18 pm


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We are in the middle of filling out paperwork for AOS. My spouse had a flight from Belgium --> Las Vegas --> Seattle. Arrival in Las Vegas was 10/20. Arrival in Seattle was 10/21. I believe that his POE date should read 10/20, but his electronic I94 states that his date of entry was 10/21.

Is this a problem/does it need to be corrected? What date should be used on form I-485 for "most recent date of entry"?

Thanks in advance!

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K1 and health insurance - help!
9:16 pm


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Hi all,

My fiance arrived on a K1 visa a little over 1 week ago. We got married three days ago. When I was preparing for his arrival, I was told by my HR that I could add him to my insurance plan through my employer after marriage as this is a qualifying life event. I attempted to do so today.

We hit a snag - I am actually still on my parents' insurance as I am under 26. I had figure I could switch over to my company insurance and add him to the benefits after we married. Apparently, this is not allowed. He will have health insurance through my employer for the 2019 year since open enrollment is coming up, but that still means he won't be covered for the rest of 2018. Does anyone have recommendations for insurance plans that I could look into? I've never had a non-commercial insurance plan before and I'm a little lost. It doesn't look like he qualifies for WA state medicaid based on his current status.

Any help would be appreciated.

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