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immigration status is wrong, SSN officer says
9:34 pm January 17, 2019


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Today I went asking for my SSN. After 3 hours of waiting, I can finally go and apply with the person in the office. He starts putting all my information in and then goes: "I have to take a copy of all your documents because there is something wrong with your immigration status". Does somebody know how I can check that or what it can mean? I am a K1 still in my 90 days. I'll file my AOS next week. My i-94 says K1, my visa says K1. All what I have is fine. I can only imagine that some employee put in the wrong thing. The officer at POE didn't really know that much about the K1 visa and maybe he got mistaken. But now, I am put behind for my drivers license, my health insurance, bank accounts... If I wouldn't have gone for my SSN, I would have not know about this...

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SSA K1 immigration status mismatch
5:51 pm January 16, 2019


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I arrived under a K1 visa about 5 days ago and I'm trying to get a SSN asap (In wake County NC you need an SSN to get married, if you're eligible).

I printed out my I-94 from here, everything seems to be correct and it states I entered under a K1.

When going to the local SSA with just pasport, I-94 and the SS-5 form, they're telling me they're getting an "immigration status mismatch" from their system. They know about the wait-time before my entry record shows up in the SAVE database, but the odd thing is that my entry is there (they showed me on their screen what they're getting back from the SAVE database). I verified together with them that there are no mismatches in name or DOB or passport number, it even says in the SAVE database I entered the country on a K1 visa, which matches with the info SSA tries to put in.

They have no clue what the "immigration status mismatch" is referring to, and advice me to just wait.

I called USCIS and they tell me that if the info is in the SAVE database, then it's there. But SSA is telling me that "the data in the system takes a while to update" even though all my info is there when they request it.

USCIS also told me SSA can open a SAVE-case to try to get it resolved (which takes 3 to 5 days according to USCIS), SSA doesn't seem very receptive to that.

I already went to SSA twice, and had the same result with both people I talked to.

- Is the 2 weeks wait time still valid advice? Seeing that my entry record is apparently available in the SAVE database (and I can access this myself at SAVECheck, though there's no info there except that it's send to SSA).

- A different topic mentioned a new system, since a couple months, where SSA needs to send a request for confirmation by default. Is this the case, and does SSA know this?

- What's my best option to get my SSN as soon as possible. Just wait as they suggest (and risking getting the same "immigration status mismatch" later) or demanding that they open a "SAVE-case" which they didn't seem very eager about.

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I-864 tax return/transcripts - turbotax?
9:49 pm November 10, 2018


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I'm gathering evidence for I-864. I have copies of my W-2s from the most recent tax year. I also printed a 1 page "summary" from turbotax for years 2017, 2016, 2015. These single pages list adjusted gross income, taxable income, total tax, total payments/credits, amount to be refunded, and effective tax rate.

Is this sufficient or is there some other more detailed documentation that I need from the IRS? Thanks in advance!

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12:30 pm November 10, 2018


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a quick question, I am new to this site, maybe it has been asked before: when the interview happens after submitting citizenship application?

i know for green card, there is one, but do not know there is one for Naturalization.

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I-864 part 11
2:24 am November 8, 2018


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Silly question maybe but if I am filling out Part 11 with additional information on I-864, do I listed MY (the sponsor) info under family/given name or do I list the principal immigrant's information? Thanks!

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