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US Immigration from Belgium

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The bumrush has started for passports.
11:40 pm July 14, 2021


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No X-Ray CD received (Belgium)
2:25 pm July 7, 2021


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Hey guys

I just came from my medical (Antwerp, Belgium) with the sealed envelope and realized I never received a CD with X-Rays, is it normal? I am panicking a bit right now, tomorrow is my interview.


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K1 visa petition with statutary cohabition?
12:41 pm May 27, 2021



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My partner and I have recently submitted the I-129F for our K1 visa.

I realized this week that I don't know whether my statutary cohabition ('wettelijk samenwonen') with my best friend here in Belgium would be considered an issue by the USCIS or US Embassy.

This entails the following: "Two people who are living together and make a declaration of statutory cohabitation to the municipal authorities of their municipality of residence are statutory cohabitants. That declaration provides them with certain legal protection. Statutory cohabitation is open to all people who live together in Belgium. It is therefore available to both heterosexual couples and homosexual couples. It is also possible to cohabit, under the statutory scheme, with a member of your family or with anyone with whom you have a relationship without sexual connotations." more information can be found here: https://www.belgium.be/en/family/statutory_cohabitation.

Since it is mentioned the cohabitation officially ends when one of the cohabitants gets married, I assume I'm in the clear. But I'd love to hear from others that might have gone through a similar situation?

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Canadian Adult Child To Reunite With Parent In US
6:54 pm May 6, 2021


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Hi everyone,

Hope all is well!

My friend is 33 years old, unmarried, living in Canada and would like to join their family who live in Nevada, USA.

Their mother is a US citizen who will be the petitioner. Before the process starts, a lot of questions came up, so I offered to help and ask them here:

- Once their mother sends in the petition, can the adult child still travel back and forth between the US and Canada for family visits while they wait on the decision?

- Should my friend be in Canada once a decision is made on their mother's petition? Or could it be okay to continue filing in the US via the Canadian embassy? (I'm assuming it's best to do it in Canada but they were wondering so I'm passing the Q along)

- What is the current timeline from start to completion? I heard it can take years before a decision is even made on the initial petition from the parent.

- Any tips or shared experiences are welcome!

Thanks so much!

All my best

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Recent Experience with Expedited Passport Agencies
1:32 pm May 1, 2021



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Has anyone had experience getting an appointment at an expedited agency, with proof of travel? What time do appointments open up in the 2-week time frame?

Is the passport issued the same day? Is it acceptable to apply at a facility far away from you?


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