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Trips outside the US
3:54 pm October 3, 2019


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Hi all,

I recently got the approval for my i-751 and I will be eligible to apply for Citizenship on 10/29/2019

I have a question regarding the time spent out side the US.

I started the online application and I will submit it as soon as I am eligible.

I became a LPR on 1/27/17 and never traveled outside the US since I became a LPR, in fact I arrived on a K1 visa on 6/30/16 and never left the US since then.

BUT -Before i became a LPR - I have been in the US on a Tourist visa for a month and departed on 1/12/15

Then I returned back to the US on 6/15/15 on a J-1 Visa (Work and Travel - 2 year rule did not apply for AOS) and departed on 10/30/15.

So I was outside the US between 1/12/15 and 6/15/15 and then 10/30/15-6/30/16 when I came on a K1 visa. so total of 396 days outside, but was not a LPR back then.

I added these dates since they asked for the last 5 years.

Silly question, but this won't be an issue, correct?

I know one of the requirements is: Be physically present in the United States for at least 18 months out of the 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application.

Thank you!

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Does an RFE mean the case is being touched?
12:30 am September 23, 2019


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We filed for AOS late June and the biometrics were done in mid August. We expected radio silence until next year while we get our things together... but unexpectedly today there was an RFE in the mail.

The RFE is asking for our marriage certificate- which is quite strange, given that we submitted it already with the original package but alright. They must have lost it so we will send another. No big deal. However, it came as a surprise that an RFE was sent so soon, especially considering the general timeline. It gets me slightly anxious as I feel we do not yet have enough proof of cohabitation (only bills, insurance and an affidavit from MIL who lives with us is what we have so far, having issues with the bank account) and I would like to know what the general experiences are when it comes to RFE to interview timelines.

Also, how often does it happen for them to misplace documents?

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USCIS Rome Field Office for CR-1
8:22 pm September 2, 2019


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I'm trying to gather as much info as possible on moving with my fianc to Italy to be together faster and getting our case processed from there. Has anyone heard anything or has any experience with the Rome field office? Do we know if they plan on closing it within the next, say, 10 months?

For I-864, would assets be enough, such as a savings account? I would obviously not have a job here if I'm out of the states for at least 6 months.

For intent to reestablish domicile, how would that be proven? I've read about the letter of intent but is that enough? What kind of proof would be needed to back that up? I am keeping my bank accounts in the states open, as well as my credit cards. If I can figure out a way to take a 6 month leave of absence from work, would that be good enough? Not sure that I can get that but it'd be worth a try. ?

Any help would be much appreciated! Also, please feel free to refer me to any conversations/guides that I may have missed in my search.

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Can USC receiving FAFSA affect my shots at citizenship (K1 process)?
11:30 pm August 18, 2019


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Hi, i'm a conditional GC holder (here through K1), about to go through ROC in January. My husband (US citizen) is in college and he got approved for FAFSA, but i don't know if we should accept it. Sometime in march this year, there was a piece of news circulating about a change in public charge laws, limiting benefits for immigrants or their USC spouses receiving federal benefits. I don't know what happened to that anymore; it seems nothing has come of it from what i could look up. Now, i know FAFSA doesn't fall under "public charge" like SNAP, public housing etc, but i'd like to make sure i don't mess up my chances at citizenship.

Thank you!


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Help Needed
12:11 pm August 16, 2019



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Hello I am a US citizen and in 2014 I moved to Europe and married my foreign wife in 2015. I have been in Europe since 2014 and now me and my wife has 2 kids. Last week i got news that my father is sick in the US and I am planning on moving back to the US. i know the steps it take to ge my children in the US but I hear the process to get my wife here is hard. Anyone know where to start and how long would it take for my wife to be physically in the US.

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