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Were your parents married before your 18th birthday?
11:33 pm May 24, 2023


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My parents got married before I was born, but divorced when I was 3 years old. Should I answer the question "Were your parents married before your 18th birthday?" with YES or NO?

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Help, if any have any ideas
2:02 pm May 12, 2023



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i hope everything is going well.

My sister, sister in law, won the dv lottery in 2016.

she came in the US in April 2016, she paid all the fees and even received her social security number, but the green card never came.

she had an emergency family ( her dad had some health issues) and needed to go back there after a month.

being back in Romania and the fact that her green card never came to the address she declare, call at the embassy and also USCIS but never had a right answer

from the embassy put her to call USCIS, there was said that they can not find the case.

she has in her passport the stamp and that old visa for the entry.

The question is, after so many years ( almost 7 years), do you think is any chance that she can do something in this regard, to get back her green card or at least a tourist visa amd come?

she wants to come visit but we don t know which is the best way to go.

i tried to find info about similar cases but i wasn t able.

any advice is greatly appreciated!

thank you!


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RFE after N400 Interview Statement How Joint Custody Worked
2:48 am March 2, 2023



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I received a RFE 1 week after my N400 interview. One of the items they are requesting is a "statement that indicates how the joint custody agreement worked when you lived in C...." Has anyone received a RFE of this nature? I'm a bit confused about who needs to issue the statement? Me or my ex-wife (the mother of my children)? TIA!IMG_2876.thumb.jpg.9e0df04ff402c2c7b1991110b21f73a0.jpg

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Helping a friend
11:22 pm January 23, 2023

Judah Avery

Judah Avery

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I applied for a fianc visa for my now wife and then after we were married applied for her green card. Since then I have had a few friends ask me and my wife for help navigating the visa and green card process, and we have always been happy to help. I have some friends who recently came to me, requesting help with some of their documents. They had their documentation filed by an attorney who was hired by the organization who sponsored them. They are not connected with the organization or the attorney who originally filled everything for them, and they can t afford another attorney. They have a pending I-765, but USCIS sent them a request for evidence. Apparently whoever filed the I-765 left question 30 blank. (Have you EVER been arrested for and/ or convicted of any crime?)

They need to find out information from USCIS with regard to this and to set up an account with USCIS, and they wanted me to help them make a call to USCIS because they don t speak very good English. If I am with them, can i help them with contacting USCIS as a third party friend?

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Petitioner Change of Address, I-130
11:45 pm January 20, 2023


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Good afternoon everyone,

I recently submitted an I-130 via mail on Dec 2022 for my wife who is living overseas .

I recently moved on 17 Jan 2023 . Do I need to update my address as the petitioner ? I tried calling the USCIS number and they provided me with a link. I tried connecting my case online using the receipt number but then it asks me for online access code which I do not have .

Since I sent it via mail , will I still receive an online access code ?

What should I do in the mean time since USCIS wants you to update your address within 10 days ?

Thank you for you time .

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