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Do I need a joint sponsor?
1:36 pm January 13, 2019


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Trying to decide how to fill out the Affidavit of Support I-864. I have sufficient current income, but my last three years of tax returns are essentially zero (lived abroad, filed in the US, under the $100k limit). Will I be OK to file individually or is the Embassy likely to request a joint sponsor?


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USCIS fee calculator
2:13 am January 12, 2019


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Hi Mods,

Found this on USCIS's twitter...

Looks like they made a fee calculator https://www.uscis.gov/feecalculator

Is there any to post this somewhere to reach the users of this website?

I saw a lot of questions about how much it costs to file form X, Y etc...

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USCIS fee calculator
2:02 am January 12, 2019


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Just found this today, it's a fee calculator made by USCIS so no more wrong checks and money orders :D


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File I-864EZ or get a joint sponsor
10:24 am January 11, 2019


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I am the USC petitioner for my wife, currently gathering documentation for the AOS I-864 for an IR-1 visa. I have lived abroad since 2010, and currently live with my wife. We are applying electronically via the Bucharest Embassy.

My conundrum is the following: I currently have a US job working remotely. I've been with them since January 2018, making well over the 125% guideline. So, for proof of current income, I am confident that we are covered.

For the previous tax years, I worked in Romania for a Romanian company, and filed tax returns in the US, using the Foreign Earned Income forms. I made $15,000 or less in each of those tax years, which is a good salary for Romania, but below the poverty line in the US. If I choose to fill out the I-864EZ and use only my income and tax records, will I have problems considering my past income was so low?

Alternately I can ask my father to be a joint sponsor as he has plenty of current income, and his past three years of tax returns will be similarly high. Is this overkill?

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Couple of Questions prior to AOS application
12:03 am January 7, 2019


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Hello again everyone,

My husband and I got approved the k-1 visa last April. US Entry was May 2018 and we Married June 8, 2018 (8 for infinity yay ?).

We haven't applied for AOS yet since we were both overseas for the K1 process and I experienced major unemployment drawbacks after my return to the US. We literally couldn't afford the application process until just now. I read from previous VSJ posts that this is just fine and won't cause any problem, but the question and anxiety still remains. So while I have started to fill out the paperwork with my husband a few questions have popped up already and I have returned from my VSJ hiatus. :)

1. Does the delay in applying for AOS cause any troubles or difficulties with the AOS approval? Again I read that a lot of people do it but I want to hear from your experiences...

2. I was just hired end of December and make well over the limit to sponsor my husband, since it is a new employment, do I need a co-sponsor?

3. Based on K1 flow chart we should have applied for my husbands SSN. I didn't even know he was allowed to do that at this point? I'm confused. https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1flow

4. Application fee from downloaded instructions from USCIS website doesn't match application fee ON USCIS website. Which is it?

5. K1 flow chart mentions "Complete I-693 per the K1/K3 AOS Guide. ", but I don't see this on the guide it is linking. Is this a required form too? https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1flow

Thank you and all help and suggestions is really appreciated.

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