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I-129F Submission needs to include proof of relationship?
2:23 am May 6, 2021


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I am wondering if I need to include proof of relationship in my I-129F packet being sent to the Texas PO box?

Because nowhere for the actual packet or on the USCIS does it require this proof. So would it be okay to continue

collecting the proof of relationship for my fiancee to use after my portion gets approved? I have been confused by this

because a lot of people include it so i am not sure if i should.

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I-129F Document Printing Issues
12:40 am May 4, 2021


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I have been been trying to print the I-129F application but no matter what printer setting I use

it cuts off the bottom black bar as well as the barcode. Did anyone else have this issue and

find a way around it?

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What health insurance do you get for your K1 recipient? Would ACA be and issue with COS?
2:56 pm May 3, 2021



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Ok so now after 15 months you you have your K1 fianc e in the USA .

What health insurance do you get?

I checked quote on Geo blue and its 450$/mo 3 month "minimum" for a 5k deductible plan. There are other deductibles to Choose.

I am not sure but I assume once we marry she will be eligible for open enrolment in the ACA.

I currently use the ACA system.

No problem to maintain 125% of poverty level income but will using the ACA effect her green card eligibility?

I have read that the new administration has cancelled the last admins rules on public charge so the 1999 rule is now in effect. I have only briefly read some of the 1999 rules but I could use some help clarifying things

Yes I should have researched this all before I fell in love I know so save those comments for your dog

Randall and Mayuree

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Has anyone filed for a K-3 Visa after filing their CR1/IR1
7:29 am May 3, 2021


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I have read that after you file you C-130 for the CR1/IR1, you can file for a K-3 Non-Immigrant Spouse visa to shorten the time for them to come here. Has anyone here done that or has anyone else heard of doing that. For me it doesn't matter as my wife and daughter's interviews are on the 5th. But if this is a method to get a spouse here sooner we should all do it. If you have done it or know someone who has I would love to hear from you.



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Possible to use I-134 joint sponsor at Bangkok Consulate
3:15 am May 3, 2021


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Hi, so I am the beneficiary and my sponsor is supposed to be my fiance. My fiance runs his own business slash social enterprise (LLC) and sales was hit quite bad by COVID. It was already in debt before because it's only a few years old. Anyway, his tax consultant did the figures and he just told me that his adjusted gross income is -26,000. ? Our lawyer in the US thinks that we should just file a joint sponsor and it will be fine. My fiance concurs.

We have come so far, though, and I have also read that some consulates don't allow for joint sponsors for the K1. Mind you, I'm not a Thai national but am a foreigner working here so I don't know if they might take my nationality and job prospects into account. We do have savings, but our savings doesn't amount to 5 x 22000 = $ 110,000 to prove. Much less so if it has to cover the -26,000.

We are both in our 30s and he has a Master's while I'm working on mine so I am hoping that will also show that I am not going to be a public charge (although with the new administration, I'm not quite sure how that works.) Has anyone used a joint sponsor for the Bangkok consulate? Should we just try to borrow some money from family as an early inheritance thing in order to make our cash assets work?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ??

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