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Financial Requirements for CR-1 Visa
1:39 am today


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My filipina girl friend and I have lived together in Thailand since 2013 at my condo(own) in Thailand. We will be officially married in Thailand in mid-February,2019 and she will immediately apply for DCF expedited process for the CR-1 visa. My adjusted gross income for 2018 was $26,298. The federal poverty level for all 50 states in 2018 was $12,140. 25% above that is approximately $15,175. Although I spend 10 months a year in Thailand, I own a condo in the States and my total income of $128,000 comes from U.S. based property which I own and rent and on which I pay federal and state taxes. As my wife's sponsor, is there any other proof of income(in addition to my 2017 1040 return) I need to prove I can support her?

By the way, does she need her birth certificate, in addition to her passport, to prove her identity? Does she need a notarized letter from my Thai condo showing she is staying in my condo and has been staying there since 2013?

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Interview is coming up soon in Bangkok, K2 follow to join?
11:33 pm yesterday


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My Fiance is having her interview in Bangkok of 7 February. She has a 8 year old daughter that is included in the I-129f and the Ds-160 as follow to join later. My Fiance and I have talked about it when and how her daughter will come to the States after we're married. My Fiance doesn't have the Parental Consent form filled out and signed off yet. Her daughters Bio-Dad has never spent or talked to her in her 8 years. And he's not on the Birth Certificate either. Our plan is for her daughter to come to the States 1 year after my Fiance and I get married. Obviously the K2 Follow to Join would be null and voided by then.

How important is it for my Fiance to get her daughter's Bio-Dad to sign the Parental Consent to move to the States? Will it hurt my Fiance's K1 Visa approval if she doesn't have it?

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K2 Visa Process
3:14 am January 16, 2019


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Hi everyone. My foreign fianc e and I have submitted a I 129F Form to allow us 90 days to marry. Her 14 year old daughter is listed on the I 129 F Form. Our plan is to travel back to Thailand after our marriage, wrap-up things there and return to the U.S. with our daughter. Since we are selecting the Join Later option for the daughter, at what point is the K2 form submitted? My thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Joint Sponsors i-864; Photocopy ok?
12:59 pm January 14, 2019


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Hi all,

Does my joint sponsors i-864 need to be the original one ("wet ink") they filled out, or can it be a photocopy of their form? I filed DCF in Bangkok as i live here with my wife, if i can get away with not having my joint sponsor have to Fed Ex an original signed copy of the i-864 it would be nice. I've heard that the NVC recently announced that they do in fact accept photocopies of the joint sponsors i-864, however, my case will not be going through the NVC stage as we filed DCF. I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to whether the USCIS/Embassy here in Bangkok will accept photocopies of the joint sponsors i-864 or if i should just have the original signed copy Fed-Ex'd over here. Thanks in advance everyone.

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Bangkok Interview
11:34 pm January 10, 2019


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I was researching for statistics on k1 visa and i found these stats for 2017. Does anybody know what pass/fail rates are for thailand and also how hard is interview in bangkok vs. Other countries. Maybe starting to worry to much now that its getting close but just wonder what is chance of denial.


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