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translation service phitsanulok
4:12 am today


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Anyone know of any service in Phitsanulok that can provide certified copy's ?

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Application Fee: Packet 3 vs Packet 4
11:17 am yesterday


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The Instruction Packet for Finance K Vida Applicants (Packet 3) lists one of the documents that needs to be sent in with Packet 3 is a "Receipt of Application Fee Payment". It goes on to explain:

"Each fianc (e) (K) visa applicant must pay the visa fee at any of the 700 designated branches of Krungsri Bank using the CGI Pay Instruction Sheet and Bay Bank Deposit Slip from your GSS profile. Krungsri Bank cannot accept your visa fee payment without both of these documents. The CGI slip states your visa fee amount in Thai baht (equal to USD 265). Mail the original with your packet, but retain a copy for your files."

The Appointment Packet for Immigrant Visa Applicants (Packet 4) document says:

"If you or your petitioner has not already paid the visa application fees, the applicant must pay the US$325 (US$330 for each Diversity Visa applicant) or Thai baht equivalent on the day of the interview."

Could someone explain what is going on here? Are these the same fee (assuming the higher one is a more recent update)? If so, can you skip paying at the Packet 3 step and just pay at the interview? It would be nice to be able to skip all that stuff about going to the bank (as I'm sure the bank personnel would have no idea what it was all about).

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Prenuptial agreement
6:19 am yesterday


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So I was wondering what Thai women think of the prenuptial agreement. Do they do this in Thailand ? Would it be offensive to a Thai woman as it is to some women in the USA ? This is something I need to broach with my fiance.

I understand an aspect of Sin Sod is something like a prenub. If the man is unfaithful, dies, or does something she has money to fall back on initially, so I was thinking of explaining from that point.

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Say goodbye to self-scheduling InfoPass appointments!
2:31 am yesterday


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Looks like you'll have to call them to make an InfoPass appointment going forward, per a press release from USCIS:


The Information Services Modernization Program ends self-scheduling of InfoPass appointments and instead encourages applicants to use USCIS online information resources to view general how-to information and check case statuses through the USCIS Contact Center. Recent improvements to online tools provide applicants the ability to obtain their case status and other immigration information without having to visit a local field office.

Based on surveys and other data, USCIS determined that most people who made in-person information service appointments through InfoPass could have received the same information by calling the USCIS Contact Center or checking the USCIS website. Importantly, when it is determined an applicant does need in-person assistance under the Information Services Modernization Program, personnel at the USCIS Contact Center will help schedule an appointment without the individual having to search for available timeslots.

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My fiance needs to change the address on the I-129f; we just received our NOA2 yesterday. How to update her new address?
6:36 am yesterday


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So just like the subject line. We need to update her address so she will receive the Packet 3 papers in the mail at her family's home where we will be staying for a little bit while we're on our holiday together next month.

How can we do that or can we just leave that the same and on the DS-160 we will put in her family's home address?

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