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4 month expiry for petition?
1:53 pm May 16, 2024



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Filed the I-129F back in August of 2022. Finally received notice that it was approved in March of 2024. I thought they were sending instructions to my fianc on next step, but he never received anything.

I have a trip planned for July to assist with gathering all the paperwork and getting to Bangkok for the interview. But just noticed on the petition it says "valid for 4 months and expires 6-8-2024".

There is a brief note on the website that the expiration can be extended by consular officer, but no information on how to request. Anyone have insights on how to get this extended?

Frustrating to wait sooo long for first approval, and then be expected to get everything done in 4 months. My schedule doesn't always allow for travel like that. Ugh.


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I-130 Estimated Time expires, resets, expires, resets,...
8:36 pm May 7, 2024

Ryan & Rachaya

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We submitted an I-130 in Aug 2022 but there were errors so we cancelled and refiled in Sep 2023 (both electronically).

This second one was received and marked as "Being Actively Reviewed" almost immediately.

The "Estimated time until case decision" initially said 6 weeks (!).

This made us very happy as we thought maybe someone was being merciful given the year we'd just lost due to the previous filing error.

But that counted down and nothing happened except the status changed to "Taking longer than expected".

It remained that way for a few weeks and then the Estimated Time reset to 2 months (but still Being Acively Reviewed).

That counted down and (now Jan 2024) the status again changed to "Taking longer than expected."

It remained that way until just last week (April 2024) and now has reset to 7 months.

We are no longer so happy.

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before, know what it could mean, or if we should try to do anything about it?

On the one hand, even 7 months from now is still very shy of the "15 month" general estimate for I-130's at Texas, so by that count we should not contact USCIS until well into 2025.

On the other hand, it really looks like something is wrong here and we don't want to wait until mid-2025 to find out what it is. Losing that first year was quite a blow and is not an experience we want to repeat.

Any advice?

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I-485 approved 12/01/2023 no green card as of 05/06/2024 bride wants to return to Thai
1:06 am May 7, 2024



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I wasn't sure where to post this or how to properly search the forums for a potential similar thread.

my bride is very close to her family and the sibling she's closest to is quite ill.

her I-485 was approved 12/01/2023 and the letter states that if her green card has not arrived within 90 days to call NBC. on or about March 1 I called and said "green card" to the automated phone software. this software is only programmed to respond to the phrase "green card" by ASSuming that the caller wants a replacement. I replied in the negative. asking the software for a representative returns the reply that "...if you ask for a representative again I will terminate the call".

a few days later I decided to get my local representative involved. they indicate that they can intercede about problems with a federal agency. they did so and the response from NBC was to REISSUE the same letter from the prior December. this makes it look like NBC is doing something when in reality they are not. as of May 6 there is STILL no green card and my bride wants to travel to Thailand a see her family.

today I contacted my representative's office again and related the current situation. further, I filed the same complaint with my U.S. senator.

after plowing through the USCIS website until I'm cross eyed. I don't think she can meet the emergency travel requirements. getting medical docs translated by a recognized service in her sister's area of Thailand ain't gonna happen.

thanks for any insight

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Getting passport for adopted minor child.
6:36 pm May 3, 2024


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I am a US Citizen by birth. My wife and daughter came to the US on a Green Card almost 3 years ago. A year after they came to the US I adopted my stepdaughter and she now has a UT Birth Certificate. I filed an N600 on her over 18months ago, she did have her fingerprints and picture taken about 4 months ago. We applied for her US passport about 3 weeks ago. I just got a letter requesting Proof of Citizenship and a DS-5507 Affidavit of Physical Presence or Residence, Parentage and Support. My question is do I put myself as the 1st biological parent in section 1 or as the other biological parent. I realize I am neither but I am her adoptive father and therefore she as a minor (14) would receive citizenship from me. I can't get an appointment with a lawyer for 3 weeks and I need to get this sent in to get her passport back in time for our trip to Thailand.

Thanks for your help,




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DQ - maybe?
12:00 pm May 3, 2024


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So I got an email (actually two) from NVC - one said we were DQ. The other said status update. I logged into CEAC and it said the civil docs were Incomplete and it showed the marriage/divorce of the applicant was missing. But in the optional documents, it had that set of marriage/divorce docs in there as accepted. So, I uploaded them again to the required doc section. For 15 days now it shows Submitted as status. Am I still DQ? My CEAC visa status shows At NVC, and no IL received yet. Anyone else experience this?

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