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USCIS subtle change on case status website
5:59 pm May 30, 2020

kai bran

Kai bran

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Did anyone else notice today the subtle change to your case status on the USCIS (my.uscis.gov) website? When I checked our case yesterday (and many days prior) there was a field that read, "Estimated completion: May 2020", and today that field is gone. Now it reads, "Submitted on ........" only. No estimated completion date.

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Average time from NOA2 to America?
3:25 am May 29, 2020



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Hey all,

I've been trying to find a sub on here that talks about the average days between NOA2 and getting the k1 visa. In other words, how many days (on average) after NOA2, fiance's are allowed to fly into USA. I've seen some estimated timelines for all the steps but am looking for an estimation for the whole process.


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EB-5 visa
12:34 am May 19, 2020


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Can you update us on your experience with the waiting time in each step for EB-5 visas? I'm in the stage of waiting (for 6 months now) after submission of I-526 and get an I-797C receipt from USCIS.
How about the waiting time or the real experience of processing time.

Thank you

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8:36 pm May 17, 2020



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In packet 3, the third thing it says to mail in is:

REGISTRATION: Each applicant must create his/her own profile and register his/her mailing
address with the GSS system at www.ustraveldocs.com/th. Please print out your GSS
Confirmation Page showing UID Barcode. Please note that your interview will be cancelled
and rescheduled if you do not have a completed GSS delivery address registration.

How exactly do i aquire this? I registered and updated the address, where's the confirmation? Do I need to pay the Visa few before I receive the confirmation and barcode?

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RFE after "appointment is ready to be scheduled" status what could this mean?
12:41 am May 17, 2020


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HI everyone,

Just trying to get everyone's option on this, my wife's friend who has the status of "Appointment is ready to be scheduled" on the USICS website. Usually you do not have to send in proof of bona fided marriage with the I485 to adjust status it is optional, and is needed at the interview. But even with the status of ready to be scheduled she got and RFE in the mail asking for proof of bonified marriage, certificates, utility bills, leases in both names, bank accounts etc.etc. Could this mean they will hand out greencards to those who send in good proof of a real marriage. She sent in her I485 on Sept 2019 before all the changes.

It looks like they maybe giving out greencards without interviews, if the evidence sent with the REF is correct and shows a real marriage?

What do you guys think? Why would they RFE for proof of bona fide marriage if it was not needed to be sent in with the original I485 mailing?

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