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AOS Interview with phone interpreter, Form G-1256
1:06 pm May 18, 2022



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In our NOA for the AOS interview the letter states that we may have an interpreter available by phone and we have someone who will do this for us (not a professional interpreter, but fluent in Thai and English). When I was digging into this a little more, I see the USCIS apparently requires form G-1256 from both parties, signed in the presence of the interviewer.

Asking anyone who has used a phone interpreter how they handled this -- thanks.

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Printing Problems
2:33 pm May 17, 2022



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I'm sure this issue has come up before but my search didn't reveal any.

I can't print page 7 of I-129F or anything that includes the Thailand Native script text. It just comes out garbage. At first I thought it was the printer but the print view is wrong as well. What changes/additions do I need to make so I can print page 7?

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Utah Online marriage DV visas - LGBTQ
4:09 am May 14, 2022

Kim Oppn

Kim Oppn

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I'm a Diversity Immigrant Visa Progam selectee. As I checked the instruction, a spouse can be included in DV visas. However I and my girlfriend are LGBTQ that we couldn't get marriage certificate from our country government.

Then I found that Utah county can provide the marriage certification by online. Couple don't need to be at there.


Whether this certification and be used for included my girlfriend to DV visa as my spouse or not.

Is it work even though I and my girlfriend havn't been at Utah? (We're live together at Thailand for 10 years)

If it doesn't work finally, our visas will be rejected both or I still can have it?

We're looking for a way to make family life together. Welcome for all replied. Please shared your experience and comment.

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I-129F Can't enter information where it is required.
11:08 pm May 12, 2022



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Two places are being difficult.

No.1 After answer the question (Part 1 Line 37) Yes I've been previously married Lines 38a - 39 will not allow me to enter any information.

It doesn't seem right to enter my previous marriages in Part 8 additional Information when it is clearly marked for me to fill out 38a thru 39 for at least my first marriage. I would imagine that the second divorce would go in part 8 additional information.

No.2 same problem required information is not allowing me to enter information again.

Part 1 additional information Line 43 is answered Yes I have filed another I-129F But where I'm supposed to enter the information (Line 44, 45a, 45b, 45c and 46 are all blocked so I can't enter the required information.

What gives? This should be straight forward but it isn't.

Yes I'm using the USCIS I-129F form. OMB No. 1615-0001 Expires 03/31/2024

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Uniting for Ukraine
4:01 am May 7, 2022


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Somewhat surprised that there's nothing much showing up (yet?) on VJ about the recently introduced "Uniting for Ukraine" (U4U) program.

Link to DHS page: :https://www.dhs.gov/ukraine

Link to the USCIS page for online filing of I-134 Declaration of Support : https://www.uscis.gov/i-134 (N.B. - this MUST be filed online for U4U they are not accepting paper submissions)

There is a Facebook group Helping Ukrainian refugees in the USA which is very active (at least as of now - May 2022) for people discussing U4U program.

On that group there are:

  1. Ukrainians who have fled their country who are seeking sponsorship from Americans under the U4U program
  2. Americans who want to find deserving Ukrainians they can sponsor
  3. A lot of people with a lot of questions and confusion about the process. And it's fair to say the process is confusing (as all US immigration processes are). Sponsors don't know what they need to file, Ukrainians don't know what they need to provide, lots of confusion going on

I, having completed a K1 petition for my fiancee (now long married wife) 12 years ago with the assistance of VJ, thought I might point people in that Facebook group to an appropriate spot here where there might be some guides and information to assist. However seems like there's not much here.

I did find my prior K1 experience helpful when I completed four I-134s to sponsor a family of 4 Ukrainians, and I'm giving some informal advice on the FB group to others doing the same.

I'm also amazed as to how quickly the process seems to be going. For those of us accustomed to the glacial pace of USCIS adjudications, my jaw literally dropped when I submitted the online I-134s on Wed and they were approved on Fri! TWO DAYS. We're not done yet of course, next step is they contact the Ukrainian family via email to upload their documents and vaccination records. But we're very excited at the prospect the family may be here with us in the USA in time to celebrate the 4th of July.

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