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  1. Congratulations! We got approved a couple of months ago. Our interview is March 15th. We waited 10 months for our approval. I wouldn’t wish immigration on anybody lol.
  2. Can anyone tell me how I would go about getting the date the embassy received our case
  3. I received a similar response but mine said 45 days. I got my approval in 46 days. This is good news. They are working on your case now.
  4. At the medical they ask for color copies of the passport. Are they asking for copies of every page of the passport or what?
  5. Hi, I have a question. Does the I134 need an original signature? I have been told that it does but I just want to make sure.
  6. Hello, We finally got our approval from USCIS and were looking for clear answers about the next steps leading up to the interview. I’ve found great instructions here. Thank you all for sharing. You don’t know what a great help you are.
  7. OMG I am so happy to say we got approved this morning. I was so worried cause it took so long. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. It’s time to celebrate!
  8. I received the same response that my case was being adjudicated wait up to 45 days for a decision. 45 days is almost over and no approval yet. Yesterday USCIS called my number by mistake. They had my number and email on someone else’s account. Anyway he said on Nov 22nd my case was worked on the officer is trying to finish it. My NOA1 is Nov 8th. On November 30 I can put in another service request.
  9. This morning I got an email from USCIS in Spanish. I don’t speak or read Spanish. Then later in the morning I got a call from Washington it was a guy from USCIS speaking to me in Spanish. I told him I don’t speak Spanish so he switched to English. He was calling about an info pass appointment and I said I don’t know anything about that. They have my phone number and email on somebody else’s account. Anyway he was kind enough to get my case number. He said my case was looked at on Nov 22nd and the officer was working to finish it. Has anyone else gone through USCIS putting their info on another account?
  10. Just be honest about your reasons. Everyone has different reasons for marrying in the USA. I’m older than my fiancé and divorced and Christian. We feel our marriage will be more acceptable in the USA and we can have a big wedding.
  11. Guys my NOA1 is feb 8 I’m still waiting. Please say a little prayer for me. congrats to those approved today!
  12. I didn’t get an update but I know they will make a decision soon. Don’t lose hope. It’s so hard to wait but you’re not alone.
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