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  1. Issued
    Immigrant Visa Case Number: ISL20175***** 01 ISL
    Case Created: 03-Mar-2017
    Case Last Updated: 12-Jan-2018


    Your visa has been printed. Depending on local procedures at the location where you were interviewed, your visa will be mailed or available for pickup soon. If there are further questions, or if we need updated contact information, you will be contacted. 
    For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV.
     Thanks to Allah they finally issue the visa. It’s been a long stressful process ,but  with the blessing of Allah swt and you’re help we made it through this stage of our life. You told me in the beggining how cruel this embassy is how I have to fight for everything that I believe in so for that I want to say thank you for encouraging me, guiding me on this long journey. InshaAllah I pray Allah bless you with a long happy successful life Ameen. 
  2. Do not let anyone on here make you feel bad because you fell in love and married your wife. They don't give you money to live on nor do they have control of your visa. The embassy looks at many things when making the decision on a visa not just the age difference. Many people do everything right and still get denied in Pakistan. My husband and I have a huge age difference, didn't have a large Pakistani wedding and any number of things the embassy had a problem with when he went for his first interview. It took a total of 4 years but he got his visa. They never mentioned the age difference in our NOIR which is a list of reasons they deny the visa. Have your wife contact her congressman or senator as soon as possible. They can email the embassy to try and find out the real reasons your case is being sent back. If you have a good reason why she didn't come to Pakistan and can prove that to USCIS then do so. We sent copies of Dept of State warnings to Americans about the dangers of going to Pakistan. Every American is not willing to risk their life even for love. Some people can't get a visa to visit Pakistan if that is the case send proof. USCIS is not the embassy in Islamabad. USCIS doesn't practice age discrimination and they are a lot more open minded if you have proof to back up what you are saying.
  3. carolynhotstuff

    status changed from AP to refused

    Yes it took almost 4 years but my husband finally got his visa. He came to the USA 4 years ago. Do not give up hope.
  4. carolynhotstuff

    status changed from AP to refused

    USCIS will review your case. If they don' agree with the embassy it will be sent back to the embassy for you to have another interview.
  5. carolynhotstuff

    status changed from AP to refused

    The embassy will send your passport back and important documents. Are you working with a congressman or senator? Maybe they can email the embassy to find out why your case was refused. Most of the time it's because they don't believe the relationship is real. They believe you are just trying to get a visa to come to the United States. They may not say why they denied the visa but it's worth a try.
  6. These days you can scan documents to your computer and send copies. A lot has changed in 4 years sense I dealt with immigration or the embassy in Pakistan. I don't know how a visitors visa application is done or if you can send copies with it. I said my answer might not be helpful.
  7. i am wondering if sending copies and I mean copies of their documentation with the application would help the situation. I do not know much about the application process for visit visas so forgive me if my answer is not helpful. I am thinking the officer might have time to look at the copies where with an interview he is too busy being hard on your parents.
  8. I have filed a Writ of Mandamus. Michigan allows people to act as their own lawyers. After a lot of study I filed the writ myself without the expense of an attorney. Contact me and I can discuss it with you in more detail.
  9. Most people don't understand that USCIS and the embassy need those past addresses to do a proper background check. For example the embassy will sometimes do a field investigation to old addresses to make sure the beneficiary is not hiding a wife and kids that the US citizen knows nothing about or a criminal record. My old addresses were on tax returns and W2's you could start there.
  10. I am so sorry that your husband has been in AP for so long with no end in sight. It took 4 years total before my husband stepped foot on American soil and into my arms. I know first hand how heartbreaking a long AP can be. The email they sent you is a little more personal than the email you would have gotten from the embassy in Pakistan. I wish I could tell you what to do outside of taking them to court.
  11. carolynhotstuff

    Interview Inslamabad

    It is quite common for the embassy in Islamabad to treat people with disrespect and try to scare them into admitting some type of wrong doing. They tried to frighten and shock my husband 4 years ago and from what I hear they are still doing it today. I have posted on this subject before but people here don't want to accept how brutal an interview can be with them. They are trying to find fraud anyway they can. It's not personal they just feel they are doing their jobs. The fact that you were at the interview looks good and there is really no safe place in Pakistan for Americans but some places are better than others. All you can do now is wait. They may do a field investigation if they really feel that he is still married. They will send men out to talk to his friends and neighbors. This bullying during the interview does work. They got a friend's husband to admit that he was married to a Pakistani woman and had kids that his American wife didn't know about. Visa denied and friend's heart broken from fraud. The embassy does all this to protect both us and our country from these con men and women.
  12. You would still want to take proof that you are still in contact with and have a loving relationship with your wife when you go to your interview. Most of the time they do want a new affidavit of support and medical. The embassy will contact you about the medical and when to come in for your interview along with any other documents they need. Be well prepared for the interview because they could deny you again if they think you only married for a visa.
  13. Hi Friends, Congratulations to those who had their cases reaffirmed and good look to those still waiting for their Notice of Intent To Revoke. As usual this is all a waiting game. USCIS gives themselves 180 days to review a returned petition. When our case was returned to USCIS it took 3 weeks for us to get the NOIR and then 3 weeks after we answered to get the letter saying we were reaffirmed. Our quick response from USCIS was rare. Most people wait many months to hear from USCIS about their cases. Once your case it returned to the embassy you will wait for them to contact you about a new medical, police report, affidavit of support and interview date. The new interview can be easy or it can be very difficult. In my husband's case it was very difficult. He was interviewed by 3 officers. So be prepared for anything on your new interview date.
  14. You have as your country as Saudi . Have you ever had dealings with the ignorant workers at the embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan? Pakistani men have been told by the person interviewing them that the embassy will have them hung and killed if caught in a lie. How can you sitting at your computer screen tell a person that experienced them first hand what that embassy will and will not do? I still have the NOIR they sent me and my friend Emily telling us that it is against the law in Pakistan for a Foreign Christian to marry with a Pakistani Muslim. Didn't matter if it was Sharia law or not. My lawyer did teach them that they were wrong and that is why they finally issued visas to my husband and to Emily's husband. I answered the original question from personal experience with the embassy in Islamabad. Other embassy's work differently and do not keep people in AP for years then deny the visa like they do in Pakistan.
  15. In Pakistan they are always looking for reasons to deny a visa so yes they do care about age, kids ,past marriages and religion. I know because I had a 4 year battle with them over all these issues before they finally issued my husband's visa. As long as a Pakistani Muslim man marries a foreign Christian woman under Shariah law and it is filed at the Union Counsel the embassy has to accept the marriage as being legal. I had to pay a USA lawyer good money to research my marriage and educate the American embassy in Pakistan.