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Should I contnue with submitting documents to NVC
9:08 pm


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Earlier this year ,I received a notice that my i-130 petition for my wife was approved. I am currently at the step of submitting the supporting and financial documents to the NVC.

The last time my wife was in the US she overstayed her visa and left voluntarily. She tried to re-enter a few years later (not knowing her visa status) and was denied entry and was barred for five years. It is coming up on four years now so she is still under that restriction. I am trying to get the exact dates and information but I just wanted to get the question out there. My question is, will she be denied a visa at the interview? Is it possible to get approved for a visa even with this penalty? I thought I researched prior that it would be ok but now I am unsure.

If you need any more information or clarification, please reply and I will try to obtain any information to get the best possible answer.

All comments and feedback are appreciated. Thank you.

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Just out of curiosity sake how would assets..
3:24 am


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Just out of curiosity sake how would assets be good enough if someone (the petitioner) lost their job after the Embassy interview but before the AOS interview? How is assets somehow equal or greater than the 125% poverty line suffice for weekly or monthly income?

Here is a reply from a lawyer to a female petitioner who is sponsoring a beneficiary who lost her job. I read this before but not sure how it worked?

If her income does not meet the minimum requirement by USCIS, then you will need a joint sponsor for your affidavit of support. If you are unable to do so, your wife may also show any assets she owns if their value meets the income requirements

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Just a quick question about what my fiancé needs from me at her interview?
1:09 am


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1 Does she need a copy of the original I 129F (she does have a copy btw) which included an original copy of my birth certificate, divorce records, passport pic and stamps, letter of intent etc.
2 Affidavit of Support? I read some embassies don t need this it s really to have available after entry, married and filing for green card. Otherwise I have to pull bank statements, employment verification and prior year tax return as part of the AOS which is fine by me.
3 On going relationship proof since filing I 129F-(a few simple mundane chat logs, photos, entry stamps of me going to her and her coming to me, hotel reservations, flight itinerary)
4 Pay either online or at the embassy for the embassy fee, not sure which one is best

I also read there is no packet 4 any longer it was just a letter mailed for the interview date and now they just email or text the date. I also read the only thing actually mailed is the passport with K1 Visa and entry documents to had over to officer at the POE airport.

I m guessing one of us (still unsure which one of us) will get packet 3 which is an email or text with specific embassy instructions.

My fianc has more to do obviously; DS 160, criminal records, birth certificate, multiple passport photos, current passport, I pay then she does her medical

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Florida drivers license requirements
2:55 am


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Hello VY, just curious my fianc doesn t currently have an A number she simply uses her B2 visa when she comes here and it gets stamped, when it s time to get her drivers license in Florida I found I need one of these for her;

1. Primary Identification

An original or certified copy of one of the following documents:

  • Valid alien registration receipt card (green card, form I-551);
  • I-551 stamp in passport or on I-94;
  • Immigration judge s order, containing the customer s A-number (admissions number),
    granting asylum;
  • I-797, containing the customer s A-number, stating the customer has been granted asylum; or
  • I-797, or another form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), with the customer s A-number, stating the customer s application for refugee status is approved.

I can t recall where a beneficiary via the I 129 F gets any of these?


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Help diferent case Number
1:54 pm


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I have a question, I received my approval email, the question is that I read somewhere that my fiancee who gets the nvc case number and their children another different each one is it true ?! And do i have to call nvc for this?!

thanks !

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