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US Immigration from Bolivia

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Bring NOA2 to K1 Interview?
2:26 am February 27, 2020


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Does my fiance need to show the NOA2 notification at her interview? Thanks

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I-134 Help Please
2:14 pm February 10, 2020


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Hello....so I am looking over the I-134 affidavit form that I will complete for my fiance's K1 visa process....she lives outside the US. I don't see any information on where/how to file the form. The instructions direct me to the I-134 page at USCIS and that web page directs me to the I-134 instructions ? ..... any help appreciated :)

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Airfare last name with passport & green card different?
10:27 pm February 9, 2020


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Hello VJ friends! Question? My wife need to go back to Bolivia, what do I purchase her airfare name under? Her Bolivian passport has her maiden name while her green card has her married name?

I'm thinking airfare needs her passport last name? Also I read she needs her marriage certificate for re-entry? I'm thinking all she needs for re entry is her drivers license and green card?


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Various Post-K1 Documents
1:30 am February 6, 2020


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Hey guys....so do I have to wait for my fiance to get her K1 visa before I submit the documents below? I assume the answer is yes. Also, apparently I can submit most of these all in one packet? Thanks for any input :)




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Wedding Ceremony Prior to K1 Appointment
4:29 pm February 4, 2020


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Hello everyone....really glad I found this site, it has been VERY helpful for my fiance and I. So here's a quick summary: She is in Bolivia and we would like to have our ceremony in Bolivia. Religious ceremonies are meaningless in Bolivia, only government "ceremonies" are considered legal. So, I'm estimating that her K1 packet will arrive at the consulate in La Paz around April 15. We want to have our ceremony in Bolivia but we want to do this before May 3 which is the date for the country's new election. There is a good chance the election results is going to cause more chaos like it did late last year, which could potentially make for a difficult ceremony process or maybe even mean more blocked roads, protests, and even violence, similar to last year. Sooooo, we are thinking....what would be the problem with having our ceremony in late April, before the May 3 election, then she later goes to her K1 interview, etc, hopefully gets her visa, and takes off to the US to be me with me of course and do our courthouse wedding. Any problems with this plan? The first potential issue is needing to reschedule the K1 interview if it just happens to fall on a day in late April but in this case I think her K1 interview will be after May 3. Any input appreciated please :)

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