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EAD Expedite Request Can Hurt AOS Packet
4:11 pm June 7, 2021


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So, I'm wondering....if my wife and I have a very legit financial strain, and I submit an expedition request for her EAD, wouldn't that hurt her 485 packet which, I think, is supposed to indicate whether or not I can support her with my own income if needed? Thanks for any input.

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Check in with local immi office after k1 arrival??
7:12 pm April 7, 2021


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So, when my fianc arrived at her port of entry she was told to be sure she checked in with the location immigration office to let them know your address asap. Maybe I m missing something but I have never heard of this nor have I seen this step in any of the K1 immigration research I ve read in the last two years. We married within 90 days and her 485 packet, etc has been in the hands of USCIS for one month now. Maybe I m wrong but it seems the customs guy gave her bad info when she arrived that day.

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Approved K1 Sitting at Embassy but Embassy Closed
6:26 pm February 2, 2021


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Thought I'd share an update...frustrating. In mid Dec, we were magically notified of our upcoming appt scheduled for Jan 5 (even though the embassy had not officially said it would start processing K1's). Interview completed, K1 approved. Staff tells my fianc she will need to wait about one month for the visa to arrive via DHL. My fianc asks, "One month, are you sure?" Staff says, "No." On the same day, the embassy announces that the embassy is completely closed. However, visa status moves from Admin Processing to Issued on Jan 21. On Jan 28 I send an email asking about when it may be shipped. I'm told (paraphrasing), we don't know because we are closed now. I respond, ok, can she come pick it up....answer, no....I respond, ok so if she needs to travel, how does she get her passport back....I'm told "she will have to wait until we are open." So, did they know they were closing on the day of my fianc 's interview? Why didn't they adjust, giving the covid situation, which I totally understand, and try to get her the visa that day? Or at least give her the passport back so she can fly to other countries if needed or if she wants to? Of course they took her US tourist visa during the interview....so now, for an indefinite period of time, she has no passport, no US tourist visa, and her approved K1 visa is laying on a desk somewhere at the embassy waiting for someone to take 15 mins to have DHL pick it up.

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HELP! I filed I-90 to get GC dates corrected but sent NOA anyway to start I-751
12:27 am January 27, 2021


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Hello VJ friends, I filed an I-90 (USCIS error) and sent my wife's GC with it to get correct GC dates (GC dates mandate the 90 day ROC window).

I-90 was received 1/7/21 and on 1/9/21 I get an NOA stating a case was opened for GC. The current status for the I-90 states "We should decide on your case in 4 months". I DONT HAVE 4 MONTHS WITH THESE GC DATES WRONG BECUASE THEY ARE TELLING ME TO DO ROC NOW!!! The USCIS doesn't know what the left and right hand is doing.

Today I received an NOA to start I-751!

I don't know what to do, if I start the I-751 now its going to be three months too early (GC interview 8/23/19, GC received 8/30/19). My wife's I-485 Approval NOA was dated 8/23/19.

They put incorrect dates on the GC-->Expires 5/17/21 & Resident since 5/17/19.

What should I do?

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N-90 finally delivered
5:19 am January 3, 2021


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So the USPS finally delivered my N-90 on 12-18 but I still haven t heard back yet when I sent back my wife s greencard because of wrong dates which is important to do ROC.

when should I panic? It was sent to a PO Box in Arizona.

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