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US Immigration from Bolivia

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Name Change
3:30 pm February 9, 2024


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After my wife arrives in the US, how do we do about name change?

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Visa Refused - How long for adjudication?
1:23 am February 6, 2024


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Embassy stated that there was an error on the I864 on Feb 1. I fixed the error and resubmitted. Asked them if it was correct. No response. How long does it take the embassy to go and change the status.

This is so frustrating.

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Approximately how long to out visa in passport?
3:20 pm February 2, 2024


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Looking for an estimate. Once everything is complete at the embassy. How long does it for the embassy to put the visa in the passport? 1 week? 2 weeks?


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i864 Question - embassy interview
7:55 pm February 1, 2024


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My wife had her interview today (2/1). The embassy said I needed to resubmit I864 to them for my step-daughter.

For part 2 I have my step-daughter info.

Part 3.1 - I checked yes

Part 3.2 - I checked yes

Family member 1 (4.a - 6) I put my wife's info

Family member 2 (9.a - 11) I put my step-daughter info

Was this correct?

Consulate circled Family member 2 and I do not know the problem



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Medical - COVID vaccine
6:52 pm January 3, 2024


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My wife's and daughter's medical appointment is this Friday. They are requiring that both are fully vaccinated for COVID. I thought this was stopped?

Anyone know?

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