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US Immigration from Bolivia

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I-129F Advice
4:14 pm today


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I m a total rookie with the process...my fianc (Bolivian) who lives in Malta and I have filed the I-129F only 38 days ago. I don t even know what the next step is besides waiting. She has an 8 yr old son, who has a Spanish passport. What steps should I be taking to make sure he can come to USA when things move along. Any insight is so appreciated...I tried to understand the charts about timing and the various offices but I m not grasping the information.

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K1 visa packet 4
12:20 am January 3, 2019


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Hello all, my fianc received instructions from the embassy as to what she needs to bring to the interview with a list of required or received documents. I m going to she if she left off any attachments to the email (Packet 4) she forwarded me but my question is now does anyone have what Packet 4 looks like so I can stare and compare?

So far for us no Packet 3. Tomorrow my fianc has her medical.


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IRS Transcripts
11:14 am January 2, 2019


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Anyone lately been able to get online Transcripts? Just wondering this site has been under maintenance awhile and I m not sure it even works, thanks

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Marriage and/or Social Security Number first?
4:40 am December 8, 2018


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So I m looking at what it takes to be married after my fianc arrives next year, namely getting a marriage license and social security number.

I m getting married in Miami-Dade county and all it takes for identification from my fianc is a passport without a social security card needed (some stares apparently require it) interestingly while I go to the county clerks office for a marriage license for it to be effective immediately we need to take a 4 hour premarital course or wait 3 days for the license to be effective to get married....that s good to know...the latter maybe like buyers remorse prevention

the thing I m unsure of is the recommendation to wait two weeks to get a social security number, I read to wait two weeks so your I-94 record (and unexpired) is updated in a save-asvi database but so many here are doing this it right away. Is this ok? Oh and bring the long RM 10211.530 list with us to the social security office.

one other question, once you get the the social security office to obtain a social number, do you get the number right away then wait for the card or wait for both to be sent to you?

For the Mods-The K1 SS5 form you guys show linkable doesn t bring up the SS5 form just a list of other documents...FYI

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Change of address for beneficiary
4:22 am November 24, 2018


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So I have not figured out if this site https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/addressChange.do is also for the beneficiary. When you look look at it, it ask for States, ZIP codes etc. and I m thinking this is only good for the US petitioner in the USA. Also the space allotted for the new address is rather small and a lot of other countries have rather large addresses and different how they describe a physical address overseas.

I m going to call the USCIS next week so if anyone has had to change their fianc s address overseas please let me know, thanks

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