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I 751 July 2022 Filer
11:20 pm August 16, 2022



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I sent my I 751 application on July 2022 and completed my biometrics on 16 August 2022. My NOA says MSC National Benefits Center. Does anyone filed I 751, completed the biometrics and waiting for Interview? Does anyone know when do I get the NOA regarding Interview? And whats the processing time of I 751 at the National Benefits Center?

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citizenship interview is scheduled†for Aug. 24th, 2022 in San Francisco
2:18 am August 16, 2022



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My citizenship interview is scheduled for Aug. 24th, 2022 in San Francisco. Will the interview and oath ceremony be on the same day?
How long does it take to get naturalization?
Any recent experience of Citizenship interview in San Francisco?
Please share the experience.

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Eligible for applying Citizenship but GC expires in 2 month
1:02 pm August 14, 2022



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My wife's GC will expire in 2 months.

She is eligible for applying Citizenship per the eligibility questionnaire in the USCIS website.
Also she will be changing the job and moving to a different state on the month GC expires.

  1. Should i apply for GC renewal or apply for Citizenship?
  2. If i apply for Citizenship , can she use the acknowledgement document(I979C notice for DL renewal and for employment )?

Any advice ?

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can we schedule a biometric appointment in delhi for IR5 ?????
6:00 pm August 13, 2022



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my dad got a interview date and i was trying to schedule a biometric appointment in delhi but it wont show me any option to select a VAC center.

anyone facing the same issue. tried to contact the visa desk center in delhi but no help :(

attaching the screenshot of what its looks like

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 10.59.14 AM.png

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Electronic I-94 expiration date doesn't match written date in passport
10:21 pm August 10, 2022



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Parents entered JFK on B1/B2 and the immigration officer put down an admitted until date that was 5 months from date of entry, when we printed the I-94 online, it showed the full 6 months validity. I assume the electronic one takes precedence. They want to stay the full 6 months. Any thoughts?

Another issue my father's I-94 is tied to his expired passport! My father had the valid visa in his older passport and the IO made an error and issued the I-94 against the expired passport instead of the new one that he also presented.

In 2 minds on whether to get these corrected. I don't want them to have issues, the next time they travel. Also I don't want the I-94 shortened to 5 months incase they notice that written date in the passport.

Thoughts? TIA!

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