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Is “Track My Visa Now” accurate?
4:31 pm November 28, 2023


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Hey guys! Sorry if this isn t the right forum for this but a general question of track my visa now is accurate or somewhat accurate? I just submitted my K1 petition last week and it s anticipating I will get approved in May

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May the Force be with Us!
4:11 pm November 27, 2023


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Howdy Everyone!

November Filer here.

Filed online

Filing Date: Nov 22, 2023

Receipt Notice: Nov 22, 2023

Biometric Reuse: Nov 22, 2023

Now waiting for appointment letter.

Good Luck as we enter 2024!


Beautiful America

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i-129F /K3 for spouse
3:11 pm November 17, 2023

Namrata Mane

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Hi there!

We have mailed I-129F /K3 for spouse after filing I-130 . We mailed the K3 to the service center to which my I-130 is assigned but they assigned my K3 to another service center. Is that possible ?

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Name change at marriage, and work permit
10:39 pm November 16, 2023


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So my fiance wanted to take my last name, and also change his first name to be more Americanized. (He already chosen that before we started the K1 process. I told him to hold off until marriage, since it would be a little easier).

Having gone through legal name change myself (using court order) 10 years ago, I think the procedure is, after the marriage,

1. He has to apply for a new Indian passport? Any documentation needed? Will marriage certificate have both new and old name?

2. Update USCIS record somehow? or just do it together with adjustment of status?

3. Can he apply for SSN right after marriage, since technically will he have the right to work being spouse of US citizen? Or he has to wait until the adjustment of status is processed?

(No rude comments please. Just need legally acceptable answers.)

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Need help with I-134 form Married Joint Sponsor
5:06 pm November 14, 2023



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My brother is helping me with I 134 as a joint sponsor. However, his situation is a little complicated. He is self-employed, but pays himself wages so he has dual income from wages and business. He files a joint tax return with his wife. When I'm filling out the section the "financial information" section, I will list him, his wife, and his two kids. I don't know what to put for "Contribution to beneficiary annually" for him and his wife (its a joint tax return). Should I put anything for his wife because that makes her another sponsor? What so I put for "Total Income". The same as the tax transcripts? But that includes both wages and business profits (some of the businesses are under his wife's name). I'm definitely confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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