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N400 Interview and taxes not complete
2:49 pm yesterday



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I have my citizenship interview soon. We typically complete our taxes by end of September. We duly filed our extension before April 15 and paid any estimated taxes. I also have the tax transcripts for the last 4 years available through the IRS website. Could the lack of completed filing of 2020 be an issue? Has anyone else been approved on an extension? Trying to steel myself for disappointment if that occurs - since there is no way I can file and get transcript by the interview date :(

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N400 Interview - IR5 - Parents of USC
2:43 pm yesterday



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My parents got their green card through my sibling 5 years ago. They have their citizenship interview scheduled this month. what support do they need to take for their interview? At a high level I have the below:

1. Passport (all old and current)

2. Green Card

3. Tax return transcripts since 2016 (first year they were eligible to file taxes)

4. Proof of residence i.e. state ID and a couple of bank statements/medical bills

Is there anything else they need? Like proof of health insurance? Do they need birth certificates/passport copies for me/sibling who sponsored?

Just want to make sure I don't miss anything as we prep for their interview.

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Social Security Office in Boston
8:48 pm August 3, 2021



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Hi- Has anyone gone to the Social Security office in Boston, MA recently either with appointment or walk-in? I will phone them tomorrow to ask if I could visit them to update my SS card. I could have mailed my documents to them but my spouse (always been a US citizen) also has to update some of his records with them.

Let me know if any of you have recently visited the SS office and your experience. Thank you

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Cheapest way to travel to Calgary Canada from Missouri US
5:23 pm August 2, 2021


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Hi All,

I have to travel to Calgary CANADA in the week following Aug 9th 2021 for a 3-4 days stay, I am on GC and fully vaccinated.

My question is What is Cheapest way to travel to Calgary Canada from Missouri US. The Flight tickets are too costly around 1000 USD round trip. It is way too costly for me to spend for 3-4 days stay.

Are these fares normal ?

What is the best cheapest way to travel to Calgary from St.Louis MO USA ? What are my other options Train, Bus etc ?

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2021-221g process for Mumbai embassy, IR5 visa
5:30 am August 1, 2021



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my parents had their immigrant visa interview in MUMBAI beginning of July. They were given 221g for newer PCC. I need help with these 2 things if anyone can answer please. After we upload it, will we get further instructions from embassy to make the 221g follow up appointment or do we just make one now?

The white 221g form says upload and submit docs and passport to one of the 11 VAC centers and then make a "221g pending document submission/IV follow up appointment". My parents went to one VAC near india home and was told we need a appointment.

When I try to make a 221g appointment, there is no option to pick one of the 11 drop off locations, it just says Mumbai. Do my parents have to go to Mumbai again or can they go anywhere with the appointment confirmation?

thank you in advance,

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