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US Immigration from India

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Clarifying document checklist for upcoming interview
6:15 pm today


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Hello all. My long awaited naturalization interview date is on November 27 in NYC. It s been a year long wait, so I m excited, while also ensuring I m fully prepared for it.

I have some questions on the documents that I was asked to bring. I m listing them along with relevant questions below:

The letter states you must bring the following :

1. The interview letter - check

2. Green card - check

3. Evidence of selective service registration - I lived in the US between the ages of 18-24 on a F1 student visa so I was not required to register for selective service. Do I need to bring anything to show this or do I disregard this requirement?

4. Passport - check

(Additional items which were requested because I m naturalizing as a spouse of a USC)

5. Marriage certificate - check

6. Spouse s birth or naturalization certificate - my US born wife only has a copy of her birth certificate not the original. Can I take the copy along with her original US passport to prove she was born in the US?

While I wasn t asked to bring documents to prove our ongoing relationship to the interview, I did provide joint bank account, lease, and joint tax filing during the application. Should I take these too?

Thanks in advance for your help in clarifying the above questions.

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Work Verification advise
2:44 pm today


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I have paystubs, which I was planning to use as work verification but it shows me as single, I try fixing this with my company but they said since I filed Married Separately It will show you as single. Should I still use paystub I mean is it going to be a problem? Or should I use my employment agreement, which is like 7 months old. Any suggestions?

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Quick question about Sunday filing of N-400
1:08 am yesterday


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We will be eligible to file on Sunday 11/25/ 2018 which is Sunday based on the early filling ( 90 days window) calculator. Can we file on Sunday or need to wait until Monday 11/26/2018, which is a working day? Plan to file on-line.

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I864 Question
10:02 pm yesterday


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I'm using my Brother-in-law as joint sponsor to meet the income requirements, he files his tax return as married jointly, are they required to file i864a?

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Bank statements
8:37 pm yesterday


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I am planning to have my bank statements to show my assets along with my equity available in my home. For bank statements do I have to show the account opening date ? Or just a recent statement is enough ? Also what proof can I show regarding the equity in my house ?

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