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I-864 vs I-864EZ
7:46 pm yesterday



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Filed for both my parents with separate I-130 forms. One has been approved and one is still pending. I was doing the affidavit of support form for the approved one and I didn't know which form to use. One of the requirements for the EZ form is that "I am using my own earned income". Does that mean if my husband and I filed MFJ (married filing jointly), that's not acceptable since it includes spouse's income? Also another requirement is that "the sponsored immigrant is the only person immigrating based on underlying visa petition". Since I filed for them separately, does that matter? Thanks.

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DS-260 online question
3:54 pm August 7, 2020



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One of the questions on the DS-260 relates to visits to the U.S. and their associated duration. However, the beneficiary in my case is currently present in the U.S. on a B2 visit and I don't know what the duration will be depending on flight cancellations.

Any suggestions on how to address this question? A number in days is required for the form.

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NVC vs adjustment of status
7:23 pm August 6, 2020



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since i did not go in for consular visa processing, and went ahead with adjustment of status while i was in USA, do i have to advise NVC as i keep getting these notices and termination letter from NVC. will this impact my "removal of conditions" application.

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Question about money sent to fiance
12:37 am August 6, 2020



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I have a question about money transfers between fiances. Specifically, if there are small but regular payments from me, the U.S. citizen sponsor, to my fiance, the non-citizen beneficiary, is this considered suspicious if/when bank documents get reviewed by immigration agents? Let's say it's approximately $100 per month. I understand that immigration officials might find it suspicious if the beneficiary is sending payments, especially large payments, to the U.S. citizen, as it might look like the sponsor is getting paid for a sham marriage (or whatever the case may be). In our case, it's that $100 a month is a relatively small amount for me, but for my fiance in India, it could go a long way.

So the basic question is whether payments are only considered suspicious when it's from the beneficiary to the sponsor, or is it suspicious in either direction? If people think the circumstance I outlined could be considered suspicious, then I suppose I'd likely hold off sending my fiance money unless it's truly necessary.

Thanks for any input.

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I-129F payment questions
12:24 am August 6, 2020



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I have a couple of quick questions about the I-129F payment. First, is there any reason it would be better to submit a money order rather than a personal check? I don't know why it would be, but for some reason its a question in my mind. If it really doesn't make a difference, I'd prefer to submit a personal check.

Second, I had heard USCIS fees will go up. I just thought to check in the course of writing this post, and what I found seems to indicate the I-129F is actually going down a little in October. Is this correct? And the new fees take effect in October? If so, that's better news than I expected.

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