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Do I need to Change my name on the passport for I-551
4:11 am today


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Hey Guys,

I hace applied for my 10 yr GC and my N-400. Sadly my field office is terribly slow due to the hurricane we had last year. June of 2019 is when my 18 month extension expires and I would have to get my I-551 extension on my passport. My passport still has my "maiden" name while I changed my name after my marriage to take my husband's name.

SO here is the question,

Do i need to have my name changed on my passport in order to get the i-551 stamp?

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Success in getting IR-1/CR-1 approved with Non-Availability of Birth Certificate
12:21 am today

Kushal Sheth

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I am applying for a spouse visa for my wife from India, who did not get her birth registered. The petition has been approved and we're at the NVC stage of the process and need to submit her birth certificate. We checked the Reciprocity rules for India on the State department website and submitted documents as secondary evidence. We submitted a non-availability certificate which we got from the local municipality (nagar palika). We also submitted her school leaving certificates and 2 affidavits from her relatives, as mentioned on the State department website. I am just curious if someone else went through something similar and whether their application was approved. If so, what was the rest of the visa process like in terms of the final visa interview, etc?

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US citizen filing for parents
12:10 am yesterday


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I am looking for advice on filing I-130 for my parents-- (a) is there any advantage (timeline) in filing I-130 for parents while they are in US? (b) if I file I-130 for them when they are in their home country (India), could they travel to the US while the process is pending? They already have tourist visa.

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Concerned about interview with red flags..
5:37 pm yesterday


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Just wanted a little insight on my situation. I had b1/b2 visa through which I had multiple visits to my extended family but always came back before time never overstayed. While on my last visit back in early 2016 When I tried to enter CBP officer went through my phone and suspected that I was working and spending too much time there he gave me option to withdraw my entry and sent me back on a plane.. while I was there my f1 for my masters was already in process and I tried to enter through b1/b2 ( my mistake) and this happened. When I came back I applied for my f1 but it was denied for obvious reasons. Now in early 2017 I started talking to my now fianc and he came to my home country to visit me three times and got engaged and we applied for a k1 this year. We are same religion, same age , no previous marriages and have three trips of him visiting me and have a bunch of proof. But with my previous attempts I am a bit concerned of it being a red flag and can cause denial at the interview?

what can we do to make the CO see our genuine intent to get married and being together.. ?

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Please comments on Document list for 3 year marriage based N-400
4:40 pm yesterday


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-3 year marriage base for N-400 and planning to submit the following documents- are they enough or need anything else?

The attachment documents:

Copy of both side Permanent Resident card

Copy of Husband s naturalization certificate

Copy of Marriage Certificate

Copy of Death certificate of my current spouse s prior spouse

Divorce certificate with my previous spouse

US Federal Joint Income Tax Returns for tax years 2015, 2016 and 2017

Copy of current driver license and state ID of me

Copy of Apartment Lease Documents for us for 2015, 2016 and 2017

Copy of Deed showing joint Ownership of house

Copy of Bio page of passport

Employee Benefits information from my husband s company showing that I am covered under his medical policies and is a beneficiary of his life insurance.

Copy of Birth Certificate for me

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