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US Immigration from Ethiopia

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I-134 signed copy
12:11 pm yesterday



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my fiancee is having interview next week for k-1 visa in Ethiopia. Do they need the original copy of I 134 through DHL or i can scanned and email her.

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Travel Document
8:23 pm October 12, 2019



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I am planning to travel to Europe in January. I am trying to apply for travel document. I got my conditional permanent residence card in March. I saw that there is a fee for reentry travel document. Is there a chance that I would not pay the fee for the application and the biometric. And would it be bad if I use a different mailing address than my American husband.

Thank You

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11:34 am September 25, 2019



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Do we have to resubmit all the documents including birth certificate and marriage certificate ?

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I 797 Notice of Action says you shoud not travel out of USA
1:22 am September 21, 2019

van tome

Van tome

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Hi every one ,

A friend of mine after he done his finger print to remove his CGC went out of USA but after a week his wife received a letter which is I 797 Notice of action says you should not travel out of

USA before receiving your new card , if you travel it may have difficulty reentering to USA. He is thinking to come next week. What to do?

Thanks in advance.

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Embassy interview
7:31 pm September 17, 2019



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. I live here in the U.S. and my wife is in Ethiopia. We have been married for 10 months and our consulate interview is on September 30th. Our k1 visa was refused/denied in 2018. I know my wife since we were in high school and start our relationship in May 2016. We got engaged 8 months after we start dating and stayed together for 3 months. Last year, I went back to Ethiopia to get married with wife and we lived together for 2 and half months. My mother also went with me to Ethiopia for my wedding and the whole family had a good time together. I have a full time job and make around $65,000 a year. We are now getting our files together and wondering what we could do to make our embassy interview a success. So far, we have the following files done.

* 2018 income tax return and W2 forms

* 3 paycheck stubs
* Police report(beneficiary)
*medical report(beneficiary)
*Original passport(beneficiary)
*Passport and naturalization copy(petitioner.)

*Original I-864 form (petitioner)

*2 passport size photo(beneficiary)
*Original birth certificate (beneficiary)
*DS-260 confirmation
* Embassy interview letter
* Marriage photos
* My lease agreement (my wife name is also on it), gas and electric bills (for proof of address, domicile.)
*Western Union receipts
*NVC payment receipts
*Telegram chat logs and call history and.....so many prayers. I did the whole process by myself and I really need your opinion for the embassy interview. Please don't hesitate to look my immigration timeline her on VJ.

Kind regards.

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