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US Immigration from Ethiopia

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New card is being produced
1:00 pm


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I recently got an update from USCIS saying new card is being produced for I 765. I already got a job offer, is it possible to start working before receiving the actual card?

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Beginning stages K-1Visa
5:51 pm


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I m in the beginning stages of petitioning for my fianc in Ethiopia, completing application but my question is my fianc wants to update his passport because it s expired, was told it would take 45 days to complete unless he has a letter from US Embassy regarding the need to get it earlier like 3-4 days? Any helpful advice on this would be appreciated, thank you!

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siblings' I-130 filling
5:41 am


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Hello All,

I am US citizen. my mother is who I brought here on I-130 is GC holder. She filled for my siblings ( all Under 21) for I-130 form on Jan,2018 . I have 2 questions please.

- what center is handling this case ? I have sent the forms from Arizona. it is TX , CA or somewhere else. ?

- How long does it take it for this type of cases to process? we have been on it now for 8 months.

thanks for the help. this platform has helped me alot when I was getting my mom down here. I hope to use this form again for assistance,


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US consulate in Ethiopia question
4:53 pm


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I'm looking for anyone who has experience with the US consulate in Ethiopia. I can't find any information on the website itself and I've heard conflicting information. My husband and I have been denied at the embassy interview last year and we are now refiling and our attorney wants me to attend the interview if possible. On visa journey Ethiopia consulate page it says USC spouse may not attend. I find no such info on the consulate website and I've heard from people in Ethiopia that their spouses did attend their interview so I'm wondering if there is anyone on here who has experience with this. It is, of course, possible that their rules changed and now they are no longer able to attend. Any guidance here is appreciated.

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Filing I 485
7:48 pm


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Hi all, I recently got married to US citizen here in US. I am on student visa. We are filing I-485 right now and my question is if you submit I 485 and I 765 at the same time do you need two passport type photos for each?

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