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US Immigration from Ethiopia

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Approved K1 Visa at interview, but still no visa
12:48 pm November 27, 2023



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My Fiance's K1 Visa was approved at the interview on November 6th. She was told the Visa and her passport delivered by DHL. It's been 3 weeks, but still not. The case is still in Ready status on CEAC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do my income exceed 125% of the poverty line?
11:35 pm September 15, 2023



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Hello there, gentlemen. I wish to sponsor my spouse who lives outside the United States. Last year 2022, I made $108k, and after all expenses were deducted, my taxable income become $30k. I have no dependents.My adjusted gross income is $26,721, according to my irs website. Is that beyond the required threshold?
Thank you for your reply.


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Getting a Lawyer
3:16 am August 22, 2023



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My PD is October 21, 2022. I haven't gotten my work permit since then, a family friend recommended I get a lawyer.

At this stage, will getting a lawyer make any difference, apart from filing the WOM? Also, the lawyer wants to charge $600 for sending the G-28 form to USCIS.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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K1 Visa help in Ethiopia [merged threads]
2:22 am August 22, 2023



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Does anybody know when the consulate in Ethiopia sends out Packet 3. I need instruction on how to pay the visa fee

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Getting updated of response sent which I haven't sent.
10:51 pm August 11, 2023

Sara Tony

Sara Tony

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Hi everyone

I had an RFE last April, response was sent by mail. I noticed that my online account kept saying that my response was received on 2 different dates which I haven't sent anything on both these date. Last update was so recent which I haven't send any. Is it normal or I must report this issue?

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