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Filing N400 during Covid-19
9:25 pm yesterday


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My spouse can file her N400 as soon as 8/24/20. Given the headlines in news about funding issues due to covid-19 and other issues, should I go ahead and file the N400 anyhow. Of course, I expect it to take much longer to process due to the circumstances ? I am divided on whether to go ahead or not and will appreciate any feedback. Thanks !

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USCIS Lost Case?
3:55 pm yesterday

Khatera DS

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I called USCIS today and was told my case was transferred AGAIN. It seems to have been transferred from Potomac to Nebraska, then transferred out again. I was never notified of any of this! The USCIS rep said she could not say when it left Nebraska or Potomac because there were no notations made in their system. She said she has no idea where my case is and suggested we file a "Demand for Evidence." Anyone else have experience with USCIS misplacing their petition? What to do now?

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how to expedite I 130 petition
8:13 pm August 11, 2020

moneeb Iqbal

Moneeb  Iqbal

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hello friends please help me out my spouse decided to expedite the i130 petition what's the way how to do through call or online form ?

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SSN Not Arrived
1:15 pm August 7, 2020



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Hi everyone,

I entered the USA on 2nd July and my SSN hasn t arrived yet. I called up the local office and they said they don t have any record and that I should call them back in 10 days and if there still isn t anything, I should get an in-person appointment.

Problem is, I came back to my home country and the earliest I can go back is December. And I need the SSN to file joint taxes with my spouse for 2019 (applied for extension till October 15th) so that I can get the stimulus cheques. Which we won t be able to get otherwise because I have an ITIN.

Any suggestions on what to do?

P.S. I also called the USCIS and they didn t offer any help regarding whether my info has been forwarded to the SSA or not for card production.

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session time out
9:28 pm August 6, 2020

moneeb Iqbal

Moneeb  Iqbal

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today we tried to submit an inquiry it says session time out what does that mean by session time out ? We submitted an inquiry two weeks ago through call and it was tier 1 who submit the inquiry 20200807_012442.thumb.jpg.f548d35938d911a6a4a7e52cb22e3d02.jpg

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