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Can I goto DMV with CR-1 for ID
12:07 am today



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I just got my SS card in the mail. Have a bank account, proof of residence. But No greencard copy yet. I have CR-1 with 3 yrs of marriage. Can I goto DMV to get just an ID? will they ask for my green card? If so, will my ID expire in 6 months, since thats how long the visa is on it?

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I130 interview for US citizen
7:06 pm yesterday


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I just got an update on my online profile that they've will be setting up an interview. I filed for my spouse who lives overseas so the interview is just for me. This should be at the seattle USCIS office as that's where im living. Does anyone know the processing time for interviews like these. I can't find any time frame for this type of interview on their online processing time page.

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Are all submitted documents visible on myuscis website (for online filers)
6:01 pm yesterday


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I filed my petition back in feb 2020 and noticed a .tif file on my uscis website. I noticed that the documents i sent in are scanned but they seemed to have left the pictures and some evidence out (or haven't scanned them). Am i suppose to see photocopies of everything i sent in? Can anyone who filed an i130 look in their documents tab and see if all their documents were scanned and uploaded?

Much appreciated!

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As a US Citizen Filing i-130 for brother
4:36 am yesterday



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hello. When filing the form online there is a question about my (Petitioner) last 5 addresses. On my current address it does not allow me to put that I still live here, only asks for date. What date should I put in?

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Need some help- Interview- Affidavit of support
1:23 pm July 17, 2021



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Hi everyone, After being in Administrative Processing/Refused for 2 years, yesterday status changed to READY. Saying prepare your documents for interview if you schedule or wait until we notify you. So i have to wait for their email?

Last Interview I had it was in August 1, 2019 then they kept my passport and I was in Administrative process for 2 years. One important question, That person who sponsored in 2019 for first time his income has decreased because of Covid. It is possible when I go to interview this time whenever embassy schedule me, can I add new sponsor? Because his income is good. If I add new sponsor what I have to do? Just take his all docs and tax returns to interview?? Please help ..

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