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US Immigration from Pakistan

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Need Urgent Help
1:45 pm yesterday


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hi guys I need help

does k1 visa holder need medical exam to before going to interview for green card on notice they say that for I-693 need with medical details unless you already submitted and that's they saying the sealed envelope

is anyone k1 visa holder goes for his green card interview did you take the new medical exam report or do we need that

please help me please

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Visa Refused
10:16 am yesterday


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I'm from Pakistan and my interview was yesterday in Islamabad Embassy

They refused me And gave me 221g sheet and requesting for DNA of my wife son and mine.

I want to know where to get DNA and how to send them

Is there anyone who got refused for DNA ??

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waiting for interview date!
1:00 am January 14, 2019


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sooo here we are again waiting yet again lol

received approval 10/24/18, got case number 12/17/18, submitted documents and paid fees 12/21/18.

NVC received everything 1/10/19, they emailed me stating I need to submit my 2017 tax and make sure it is with every page I guess soething was missing also I added my father as a household member to combine income so they needed me to submit 2017 w2 also and so I did they also need tax transcript but it seems IRS website has been down for sometime now and that's the only thing missing at this point. when I submitted my dads 2017 w2 I added a comment and wrote about the transcript and stated IRS website down etc. anyone have a similar issue where something was missing? or did anyone have something missing but they still scheudked interview? also how long after do they schedule interview? need some positive vibes please!!!!!!!!! ?

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Family immigration F3 viza wan to ask about DNA results
10:48 pm January 12, 2019

Zeeshan ch

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I want to ask that we sumbitted 221(g) letter additional documents on 10 december and tomorrow on 12-1- 2019 our DNA results send by laboratory to us embassy islamabad

how much time did the cosular officer or embassy take to conclusion of viza application or get our viza my catagory is F3 family emmigration viza

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About i864
10:18 pm January 11, 2019


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Hi everyone.

I want to know can i handwrite i864 forms and then can scan or these should be computer typed. I used to handwritten all forms but that time nvc take these forms by mail. I don't have any experience about scanning one. So please let me know if there is no problem with handwritten and then scanned.


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