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US Immigration from Pakistan

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How soon should I prepare to apply for Naturalization?
7:08 pm yesterday

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Hello. I have been a Permanent Resident since 2/26/19.

Single male, no kids. Never travelled outside of USA since I arrived in USA and don t plan to either as PR.

I have a 5 year waiting period.

I hired an attorney to process my PR so I will be using the same attorney to apply for Naturalization.

What documents do I need to gather/prepare?

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Naturalized Citizen Remarried filing Cr-1 for new overseas spouse
12:04 am yesterday



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I came to America on an F1 visa. I became a naturalized USC in 2015 via marriage to a USC. I was married to her for 13 years. Got married in 2009, divorced in May of 2022. We have a 12 year old together. We had a life and a home but it all came to an abrupt end as soon as the house was paid off. She filed. No reason given, amicably parted ways. I walked out of that door and left everything for her. Gladly I am very gainfully employed and it didn't take more than a couple of weeks for me to get back on my feet. After my divorce was finalized early May of 2022, I opted for a traditional arraigned marriage in Pakistan, since I am now by myself, nobody to lean on. My family was quick to find a very suitable match for me, we developed a good understanding of each other rather swiftly and we were married in Pakistan in a traditional ceremony, in late July 2022.

I would like to know, if getting remarried two months after my divorce and filing an immigration petition for a foreign spouse cause a major problem. Any other red flags or potential hurdles? This is going to take 2 years or more. We are prepared for that. I will be visiting her at the very least three times a year, for a week each time, that's all the time off I can get from work. At the time of my divorce and remarriage, I had been a USC for 7 years, so this isn't a pre-planned thing, I wasn't even expecting it.

Any help or opinions in this matter will be appreciated.

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Married to Permanent Residence
4:47 pm August 3, 2022



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I ve a question to ask group members about my daughter (Green Card holder) whom she s going to marrying he s going to apply for his further education in IT in USA.

Q: After marriage my daughter will apply petition for him while he s come on student visa in USA, is he eligible to get work permit after submitting his petition while he s on student visa and waiting for spouse visa approval?


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Marrying after immigrant visa issued
1:46 am August 3, 2022



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My daughter she s a derivative family member unmarried and her immigrant visa issued with principal applicant (F41). Is she can get marry before entering USA on immigrant visa or first she need to travel USA on immigrant visa and return back for marriage?

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Changing address of the my Alien resident ( son) on the I130
3:43 pm August 2, 2022


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I m a US citizen living in US.

I filed for my son in September 2017who was then living in Saudi Arabia. Now In 2022 he has permanently moved to Pakistan.
how do I change his address on the I130 that I applied for him? I tried the form AR-11 but it s for US only, as it doesn t give you the option of selecting the country. What do I do? Will he be getting correspondence over there? Do I need to change his address? Kindly help me out here.

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