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[b]K-1 Visa approved today!!!!!!![/b]

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K-1 Visa approved today!!!!!!! :thumbs::dance::dance:

Addis and I were approved at the Ethiopia embassy today. We are so excited at the speed at which things have gone for me and my sweet heart. Guy! I am praying for each one of you who are still waiting and it is my prayer that you all get approvers and time with your loved ones.

The interview was very easy in our case and I was left wondering WOW!!. The interviewer did not even ask for my affidavit of support and/or evidence of ongoing relationship. I spent many hours gathering the information and they did not even look at it…..Nice!!

My fiancée was call to the interview window after two hours wait in the visa waiting room. I walk with my fiancée to the window but the interview asks me to go sit down. Here is how the interview went:

Interviewer: Do you speak English?

Fiancée: Yes, I speak but not very well

Interviewer: What does your fiancé do for a living?

Fiancée: He is an Auditor

Interviewer: Where was your fiancé originally born?

Fiancée: Ghana

Interviewer: Did your fiancé tell you about Ghana?

Fiancée: No

Interviewer: Has your fiancé been marriage before?

Fiancée: Yes, now he is divorce

Interviewer: Do you know if your fiancé has had an ex- fiancé

Fiancée: Yes, I know about his ex-fiancée

Interviewer: Why did their relationship not work out?

Fiancée: It did not work out because her brother was involved in a car accident in addition to other issues…….

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and help. Truly appreciated.

Date I-129F Sent : December 24,2007

Date I-129F NOA1 (Receipt) : Lost in the mail, but got the EAC # of the back of the cashed check

Date I-129F NOA2 (Approved) : February 28, 2008

Date Package Received By NVC : March 5, 2008

Date Package Left From NVC : March 7, 2008

Date Received By Consulate : March 14, 2008

Date Rec Instructions/ Appointment Letter (Pkt 3) : March 19, 2008

Interview Date (K1 Visa): April 17, 2008 -- Approved

Date K1 Visa Received : April 23, 2008

Below are questions I my fiancee used to prepare herself for the interview. She known the answers to each one ofthe questions: I hope it helps you guys still preparing for the interview.


1. What is your fiancé name?

2. Please tell me more about your fiancé?

3. Where does your fiancé parent live? Where did you first meet your FIANCE? When did you first meet your FIANCE?

4. How did you first meet your FIANCE?

5. How long have you known your FIANCE?

6. What does fiance's mother do for a living?

7. What is your fiance's mother’s name?

8. Has your fiancé use other names?

9. What is your fiancé date of birth?

10. How old is your fiancé?

11. Where did your fiancé go to college?

12. Which state did your fiancé go to school?

13. What did your fiancé study in university?

14. What do you plan to do once you are in the US?

15. What color are your fiancé's eyes?

16. What color is your fiancé's hair?

17. Did you fill the form yourself?

18. Where and when were you engaged?

19. What does your fiancé do for a living/job?

20. What company does your fiancé work for?

21. How did you meet your fiancé?

22. How long have you known your fiancé?

23. How many times have you met?

24. What are the dates of your fiancé visits?

25. How long do you planned to stay in American?

26. What is the name of your fiancé ex wife?

27. Did you know that your fiancé was divorced in 1999? No he was divorce in 2000

28. Does this matter to you that he was married before?

29. What is your religious background?

30. Does your fiancé speak and understand your language?

31. Where state does your fiancé live?

32. Have you meet your fiancé in person?

33. What is you fiancé telephone number?

34. What is your fiancé address?

35. Where was your fiancé originally born?

36. When did you fiancé divorce Millicent?

37. Does your fiancé have any kids?

38. Where did you fiancé visit while he was here in Ethiopia?

39. What is your fiancé favorite food?

40. When is your fiancé date of birth?

41. Have you met your fiancé parents?

42. When are you planning to have your wedding?

43. Questions about the pictures; when, where and who.

44. Questions about fiancé English; do you speak good English?

45. How do you communicate with your fiancé?

46. How do you keep in touch?

47. What language do you use to communicate with your fiancé?

48. How many times do you two talk on the phone each month?

49. Are you willing to marry him/her?

50. Why do you want to marry him/her?

51. He is much older than you. What do your parents think about this?

52. Where and when was your engagement party?

53. Does he/she own or rent his/her home?

54. Have you set a date for the wedding yet?

55. Please tell me about your wedding plan?

56. How much does he earn?

57. Write his full name?

58. Spell his last name?

59. What is his mother’s name?

60. What is his father’s name?

61. Does your fiancé have any brothers and sisters?

62. Have you talked with your FIANCE’s brothers/sisters on the phone?

63. What does his brother who lives in New Jersey do for a living?

64. Where do your FIANCE’s exes live?

65. How tall is your fiancé?

66. How much does your fiancé weigh?

67. Does your fiancé have any pets?

68. What does his brother who lives in Boston do for a living?

69. Does fiance have any niece and nephews?

70. Why do you like/love your fiancé?

71. Do you speak English?

72. Do you want a translator?

73. How do you and your fiancé communicate?

74. Why do you want to go to America?

75. What kind of car does he drive?

76. Does your fiancé owe the home he lives in?

77. What are your fiancé hobbies and interests?

78. What do you have in common with your fiancé?

79. What do you plan to do once you are in the US?

80. How many times do you talk to your fiancé on the phone?

81. What is your fiancé mother’s name?

82. Where was your fiancé born?

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Congratulations!!!!! :thumbs:


01/31/2008: Sent I-129F to VSC

02/05/2008: NOA1

03/19/2008: NOA2 (48 days)

05/13/2008: Interview (103 days) APPROVED!!!!

05/23/2008: Visa In Hand

05/25/2008: Stephen's Flight to USA Coming home with me!!!!

06/20/2008: Civil Wedding


07/07/2008: Filed AOS, EAD & AP

07/14/2008: NOA1 for AOS, EAD & AP

08/15/2008: Biometrics

09/05/2008: EAD & AP (60 days) APPROVED!!!!

09/11/2008: AP arrived in the mail

09/13/2008: EAD arrived in the mail

09/20/2008: Family Wedding Ahhh, finally the stress is over!

09/22/2008: AOS Interview Appointment Letter

11/04/2008: AOS Interview (10AM) APPROVED!!!!

11/14/2008: GreenCard Received

03/28/2009: Connor (our son) arrived into the world at 10:00PM


09/27/2010: I-751 packet mailed to VSC

09/29/2010: NOA1 received

12/03/2010: Biometrics

01/24/2011: Approval E-mail Received 01/26, 9:30AM (120 days) APPROVED!!!!

01/28/2011: GreedCard Received

"And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." ~Kahlil Gibran

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Congratulations! I hope you have a safe flight here to the US and a very happy marriage. :) That's a very good list of questions! :thumbs:


07/11/2006 - First met

08/22/2008 - K1 Visa in hand

12/27/2008 - Marriage

05/20/2009 - AOS complete

10/06/2011 - ROC complete

04/20/2012 - Annaleah born!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Morocco

Congrats!!!!! :dance::thumbs:



Our Timeline

Sent I-129 f to csc on Dec 23,2006

Received Dec 26th

NOA1 Jan 3,2007

Check cashed Jan 5,2007

Touched Jan 13,2007

Touched May 15,2007

Touched July 17,2007

Touched July 18,2007

Touched July 20,2007

Touched July 22,2007

Touched Aug 12,2007

Touched Aug 13,2007

Touched Aug 14,2007

Touched Aug 15,2007

Touched Aug 22,2007

NOA2!!! Oct 31,2007

Case forwarded to Casa Nov 19, 2007

Interview Feb 6.2008


AP......now we wait

11-08-08 arrived in Atlanta

11-20-08 MARRIED!!!!!

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Our journey to be together (work in progress)

March 2007 - Met online

1/28/08 - Sent I-129F to VSC

5/13/08 - Visa in hand!!!

7/7/08 - POE

7/11/08 - legal wedding

7/20/08 - AOS/EAD/AP sent to Chicago Lockbox

11/18/08 - AOS approved!!!

11/25/08 - Received welcome letter...and Green Card!!!

12/21/08 - ceremonial wedding

10/9/10 - Sent I-751 and started the fresh hell that is ROC

10/14/10 - NOA1 for ROC

10/29/10 - received appointment for Biometrics

11/22/10 - Biometrics appointment

Currently: Living blissfully with my Essex lad...

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Hungary

Congrats! Thanks for the good list of questions that we can learn from.

Our Relationship

(09-27-06)Met in Hungary

(11-25-06)Fell in Love

(11-24-07)Met again in Hungary

(02-19-08)Met again in Hungary

K1 Visa Petition

(09-27-07)Preparing to send K1 Petition

(12-03-07)K1 Petition Sent US Postal Service

(12-11-07)Received NOA 1


(03-11-08)Recieved NOA 2

(03-21-08)Recieved at NVC

(03-27-08)Sent from NVC

(04-02-08)Received Packet 3

(04-27-08)Medical Completed

(05-15-08)Received Packet 4

(05-29-08)Interview Date

(05-29-08)Visa given 40 mins after approval

(06-02-08)Arrival at the JFK and EAD given

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Saint Lucia


AOS Timeline:

7/30/08: Sent AOS to Chicago lockbox

7/31/08: Received by USCIS

8/06/08: Check cashed

8/07/08: Rec'd NOA for I-485 AOS

8/07/08: AOS, EAD, & AP - Touched

8/08/08: Rec'd NOAs for EAD & AP

8/12/08: Rec'd Biometrics appt letter

8/21/08: Biometrics

9/29/08: EAD & AP - approved!!

10/6/08: EAD & AP - received in the mail!

2/06/09: Received interview notice for March 10th!!

3/10/09: Passed interview - husband's GC approved!!! Woohoo!!! :-)

01/2011: File to remove conditions

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Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!

AOS Journey

July 1. .. . . . . sent AOS packet

July 9. . . . . . . .NOA for I485; I131; I765 issued

July 14 . .. .. . . . NOA hardcopies rec'd

July 30 . . . . . . .. .update on CRIS transfer to CSC

Aug. 5. . . . . ... . . .Biometrics appt. in Dallas

Aug. 21. .. . . . . .. . .AOS touched

Aug. 22 . .. . . . . . . . .AOS touched (again--what's happening over there)

Sept. 2 . . . . . . . . . . . AP approved (dated on letter--case was never viewable online)

Sept. 4 . . . . . . . . . . . E-mail from CRIS EAD card production (Hubby is so excited!!!)

Sept. 5 . . . . . . . . . . . Touch on EAD

Sept 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . AP hardcopy surprised us in the mail!

Sept. 11 . . .. . . . . . . . EAD card arrived (the same day that Keeb got a job offer!! woot!!)

Sept. 24. . . . . . . . . . .. CRIS said. .. AOS card production ordered!!!

Sept 28. . .. . . . . . . . . .Welcome Letter rec'd

Sept. 30 . . . . . .. . . . . .GC in mail

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Congratulations! :star: and thank you for posting the questions :)


08.01.2011 - I-751 SENT

08.05.2011 - Check cashed

08.08.2011- NOA Received

08.19.2011 - Biometrics Letter Received

09.12.2011 - Biometrics Appointment


02.01.2012 - 10 year GC Received.

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