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    [size=4][b][color=#0000FF][u]K-1 Timeline:[/u][/color][/b][/size]
    10/30/07: Sent I-129F package by Fedex to CSC
    10/31/07: CSC receives package, signed for by N. LA BARRIE :)
    11/06/07: Touched
    11/07/07: Check cashed!
    11/08/07: NOA1 hardcopy received!!!
    11/17/07: Touched
    11/19/07: Touched again!
    3/10/08: Touched
    3/10/08: [b]NOA2!!! :)[/b]
    3/11/08: Touched
    3/13/08: Touched
    3/14/08: Touched & NOA2 hardcopy
    3/24/08: Rcvd by NVC
    3/25/08: NVC to Barbados
    4/10/08: Packet 3 rcvd in Barbados
    5/16/08: Medical
    5/20/08: Interview: Visa NOT issued. CO not convinced w/authenticity of our relationship. CO requests interview w/petitioner
    6/11/08: 2nd Interview (w/petitioner & beneficiary).....[b]APPROVED!!!!![/b] :)
    6/19/08: Visa in hand!!
    6/20/08: US Entry
    6/27/08: Wedding :-)

    1/14/11: Filed for Removal of Conditions

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  1. My husband (came here on a K-1 visa 9 years ago, recently naturalized USC) petitioned his mom and we received the NOA1 on 2/15/17. We visited my mother-in-law recently (my 2nd time meeting her) and I realize now that we will have a conflict of personalities when this goes thru, which I voiced to my husband. I also researched the insurance cost if we were to insure her and it will costs us over $800 a month, which we cannot afford right now. My husband and I decided now is not the right time to petition her; at the time, we just factored in the additional groceries and a little stipend for her but completely forgot about her health insurance. Not to mention the conflict of personalities living in a 2-BR condo with our child is a nightmare waiting to happen. My husband and I decided we will re-file the petition when we get a bigger house and when we can afford her health insurance. Do we have to state the reason for my husband's withdrawal of his mother's petition? What is the best way to word the withdrawal letter? I understand my husband will have to get it notarized. Time is of the essence since this will be the 5th month since he filed the petition. I appreciate any helpful response.