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US Immigration from Morocco

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K1 Interview
2:17 pm yesterday


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Question guys, with Casablanca, once they receive the file, if we start emailing I am assuming this speeds up the process correct? What if we didn't email, would the interview take longer to be assigned?

My NOA2 date is Jan 4th, when do you guys anticipate my interview to be?

Thanks in advance guys , have a good day/night

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Waiting time
4:47 pm January 14, 2019


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Hey everyone

i had my interview last month and the officer ask to drop some documents at Aramex. I just wanna ask how much time it will take for we hear something from them??

thank you

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About RFE (need join sponsor)
5:39 pm January 11, 2019


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Hi guys in December 18 2018 Uscis sent us RFE regarding adjustment of status, and my sister in law wants to help us as my join sponsor she make good income, in the RFE Uscis asks for most recent tax return, is it fine to send 2017 since my sister in law she didn t fill tax yet for 2018.

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I checked process time in uscis for spouse
2:42 am January 9, 2019


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Im still waiting to get approved for n400 so i can apply for my wife to get here and live with me but i checked at uscis process time and showed me

Permanent resident card 5 month to 7 month

Citizen 6 month to 8 month

Is true it will only take 8 month for my wife to get a visa

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Help please!!!!
10:18 pm January 8, 2019


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Hello guys I need your help

I'm applying for k1 visa I met my fiance through dating app called badoo and Idk how to prove it is not a marriage broker website as many people said terms and conditions not enough, and it's possible to get rfe for it I'm so scared and nervous

I already emailed the owner of the website.


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