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US Immigration from Morocco

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Removing condition on a 2 year green card
3:19 pm July 27, 2022



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Good Morning visajourney community,

we are getting ready to file for removing of condition on my husband's green card, I have few questions:

1- we received a green card with wrong expiration date so we had to send it back and file I-90 to have it corrected, so for right now he only has a stamp in his passport. in this case, shoud we send just a copy of his stamp and biography page of his passport?

2- we filled the I-751 form, we listed all our kids including 2 from my previous marriage. is this correct?

3- im including a cover letter with all the documments we are sending which includes:

  • Birth certificate of our son.
  • Copy of our 2020 and 2021 joint US tax return.
  • Copies of our auto insurance policy.
  • Copy of our visa cards statement showing a joint account.
  • Copy of our health insurance cards showing a joint policy.
  • Copy of our Costco's Club cards on a joint account.
  • Copy of electricity bills on my husband s name showing our home address
  • Copy of water bill on my name showing our home address
  • Copy of statement from the bank showing that my husband was added to my bank account
  • A copy of our airline reservations for a vacation that we have planned in June of 2022.
  • Few pictures of our family gathering

do you guys think this is enough documentations to prove our ongoing marriage relationship? I appreciate your time and effort.


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CR-1 Admin review additional redivide
3:10 pm July 26, 2022



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Has anyone got this before? We have already done the K-1 time it expired. We have a child together who just turned three and we got married last year we ve been together a total of four years. What further review do they need?

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Form I-751
12:26 am July 24, 2022


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hello everyone!

my husband entered the US on an IR-1 visa in 2019 from Morocco. we are confused on whether or not he needs to file form i-751.

when I did a quick Google search, it said it s for conditional 2 year visa holders. but, I see a lot of people on here who also have IR-1 visas that are filing this form.

please send advice and thanks so much in advance.

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Am I DQ'd or not
5:50 pm July 19, 2022



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Hello VJ family,

I got a message on CEAC and an email saying that I am DQ'd however I was missing the front page of the passport. I submitted it the same day I got the email but it hasn't been accepted yet. Am I really DQ'd or is there a glitch and im back in queue again? which would be super frustrating as it would be the 3rd submission. I'm human it happens but just wanted to clarify.

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Evidence of a bonafide marriage
11:26 pm July 6, 2022


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Do I just need 1 of these or is it best to try to get more?


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