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US Immigration from Morocco

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Change of adresse when deployed
8:08 pm yesterday



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So me and my husband just moved to Germany and I was not able to change the adresse online they keept saying that the adress i entered couldn't be found so invalid....... then i called uscis hoping I'll be able to change it though the phone but the lady said I'll have to print the AR- 11 form and fill it and mail it.

Please if anybody had to do it this way what is the address you used ??

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Documents needed to exit Morocco
12:46 pm August 10, 2020



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Does anyone know or have any recent experience or information on what documents you need to exit Morocco with a k1 visa?

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Interviews being rescheduled
1:33 pm August 6, 2020



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Casa is finally starting to schedule 2nd interviews for spouse visas who need to come in as the medical exam part has expired or is about to. Still don't know how they will handle the people who cities are closed down because the virus cases have increased

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Just filled N-400 and estimate wait...!!!
12:01 am August 1, 2020



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I filled N400 on 07/29/2020 and was received on 07/30/2020.

Estimate waiting time was 12 days, today i checked and it went down to 3 days!

My Question is, if possibly this could happen as well with Estimated case completion time as shown for 6 months??

i am in el paso texas.

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High school exchange students
10:01 pm July 30, 2020



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My family has had several exchange students

mom and dad had 3 from Chile, Ecuador and Dominican Republic/ brother had a Japanese student

this year we were about to have one and the EO for students and F1 and J1 visas was issued

We are working thru the Rotary Club for our exchange but this EO leaves us wondering as to the following statement from ICE


It says a student must leave if the classes go online as changed by the school system / so far our school is "in class" and we expect our student on the 3rd of August with school starting the 12th.

Who is responsible for the student to leave if something happens during the school year? and what if this change is only temporary? could the student stay if the classes were online for only 2 weeks or a month? Or does the student need to leave immediately?

Our student is from Chile and they have called several times being very worried about the EO

Schools should update their information in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) within 10 days of the change if they begin the fall semester with in-person classes but are later required to switch to only online classes, or a nonimmigrant student changes their course selections, and as a result, ends up taking an entirely online course load. Nonimmigrant students within the United States are not permitted to take a full course of study through online classes. If students find themselves in this situation, they must leave the country or take alternative steps to maintain their nonimmigrant status such as a reduced course load or appropriate medical leave.

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