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US Immigration from Morocco

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Aos after k1 form i-944
6:37 am yesterday



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I'm currently in USA through K1 visa, luckily we got married last day before shut down because of corona outbreak, i just got our marriage certificate by mail last week and i m filling out forms of adjustment of status, i m really confused about a new form i have to submit with affidavit of support is i944 declaration of self sufficiency, in form they ask about tax and health insurance but i m still on k1 and i don't have yet my Social security number bcs office is close i just have international health insurance i just start pay it last month so its payable every month, they ask about money i have in bank account but i don't have a bank account here, i have some money on my country bank, help please i m really overwhelmed and i have to apply as soon as possible fkr adjustment of status, thanks in advance

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Adjustment of Status from Tourist Visa
6:21 pm April 7, 2020



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I have few questions. Hopefully someone can give me answers. It is very much appreciated. Here is the situation. My mom was visiting me as a tourist in the US. I am a US citizen. I decided to file for her Green card especially with this Covid 19 shut down. My understnading is that I need to fill out I-130, I-485 and -I 864 all together.

When I was filling out I-485, I come accross this:

- Part 8, Question 61: Self-Sufficiency - Are you exempt from the public charge ground of inadmissibility?
I believe the answer to this question is "No".

1- Do I need to complete I-944 form as well?

2- If the answer is yes. Do I need to include any documents with that?

3- Is there a model sample that I can follow to fill out the form./


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Green card holder travel
1:07 pm April 5, 2020


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Hello everyone.

I don't remember if I've posted this before but it had been a while since I had been on here. With a weak signal on my phone, I'm unable to search the answer I was seeking, so I figured I'd ask the question again.

We r in Morocco on an unexpected vacation and we are getting on a final flight out of Morocco to London this week.

My question is since my husband is a green card holder, would he need a visa to stay overnight in London?

My husband doesn't want me to sleep overnight at the airport, due to me being pregnant and our baby girl. That's why I wonder if it's a requirement for him to get a visa to sleep at a hotel in London...

Thank you in advance!

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cancelled flight (split topic)
11:22 pm March 29, 2020



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Husband s flight was cancelled due to travel ban for flights arriving from Europe. Approved visa will expire Aug 10th. Also his passport will hit that six month from expiration point on June 15th so we really need him to fly before that. If we can t get him here before that we will pray that his country opens their quarantine in enough time for him to get an updated passport but my biggest concern is what we would be able to do if we hit August 10th and he still was unable to travel due to the virus and travel bans

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NVC invalid document
2:44 am March 27, 2020

hamoud 0808

Hamoud 0808

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i received an email from the NVC regarding my wife visa case. the police certificate is not valid and i need to submit it again!!!! MOROCCO requires more than one police certificate. Please delete any MOROCCO police certificates and submit all of required police certificates together at the same time. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guideline

how long it takes them to review the new document ? and when my document will be qualified .

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