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Many of you consider what a visa means but from my reading on VJ many do not
5:24 pm July 13, 2021



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to any of you thinking of a long distance relationship (here in US or a foreign country), please understand what all this means and what you will go thru if you decide to commit, and petition for US immigration (fiancee or spouse)

1. Read the guides here or in USCIS

2. Note the fees for each type of visa

3. Take time to get to know your intended spouse

4. Learn his/her culture

5. If there are religious differences, take the time to learn about the other's faith

6. And then support your differences

7. Remember intending immigrant, you can not return home for every wedding, funeral, and many other occasions, And to the USC understand you must this heartbreak

8. To the immigrant homesickness is normal/ prepare to deal with it by getting to know the area , getting a DL, attending you religion's ceremonies, finding a group online or in your community form your home country to bond with , make new friends that offer a welcome to u here,, talk free on any internet site to family back home . Cook your favorite native food

9. To both Obey each country's laws when visiting, waiting for a visa or living in US

Seen to many divorces, threats to the immigrant to send them home and breakups during this covid crisis and that's why i wrote this / Hope i included the important stuff

and best to you all

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I-134F Question
2:33 pm July 13, 2021


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I am filling out the I-134F currently for my fiance. I am the sole sponsor and make above the poverty line. I recently bought a house. The question that has a part about if I have mortgages, do I need to put it down? I want to be honest but it's not a factor in my ability to sponsor my fiance. Any help is appreciate. Thanks!!

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Casablanca non immigrant visas
2:28 pm July 12, 2021



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for Moroccan tourist or student or non immigrant visas (not including K1)

the following site shows current wait times

and if you check the chart and category to the right on this site, it will show they are all temporarily closed to interviews


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? life is not fair ALWAYS. Or I can the consulate in Morocco casablanca
9:39 pm July 10, 2021



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I don't know what to say but my story is longer . I meet a woman from USA and we get married about 5 years ago. Out love story was nice. We applied for the ir1 visa with everything and proofs that our marriage is true . After one year or waiting the process she changed alot start to cheat on me and date other men there behind I get hurt alot from this woman besides her unrespectful and lied Everytime and from her and her family . It was a hell I didn't deserve that am good man. I was good with her . I remember she told me if they don't approve the visa. She will leave me because she don't love anymore. Our relationship was like 5 years of time it along time we waited and even the process takes longer . People's advice told me that to go to the interview even if this problems between me and her. I went to there . I have a hearing problem and people should be nice with me and understanding. But the officer were so rasict and doesn't care about my situation as we hear here many times they ask alot of questions answered evethings he told me I have admin procces. Have to wait. After two months they called me for second interview it was with two Moroccans work there and they were asking me the same but this time I felt like they unrespectful and hard with me it's like want to fight me . I was there for 3 hours after they say we call you. After one week I checked I found that my Visa is refused forever. I told her what happened with me she laughed alot like she is happy they did it hurt me more. I know no one knows me but am good person I never think to hurt someone but it's fine. God will reward them back of all my suffer from this. My advice to any men marry from USA don't make hopes alot Marrying a woman doesn't mean things will work out. Be sure the woman is ready to be petient and fight them and she loves from her heart. Not the onese one who love to drink alot and so everything with me. Every night and who is moody alot and doesn't care about people feelings. Marry the right person. Before. Because your way is not easy it will take many years atleast they refuse your visa they won't care how you suffer. . I have trust in God for me will reward me better I believe. Good luck to everyone thank you for reading

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Name changed in progress.
9:39 pm July 3, 2021



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Hello Everyone

I m in the process of completing our cr1 visa application and I have my maiden name on the application. But I started to get my name change and so far I have an updated SSN with the married name only, soon will have an updated driver s license but the passport will be later due to needed to travel overseas. My question is what do I do now with the application that is in progress, that is not filed yet. Should I put everything in the married name and explain I m in the progress of changing my name in the additional information about me part. I am the petitioner. Thank you for any replies.

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