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Stimulus payment not approved
12:19 pm March 14, 2022


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Hello folks,

After checking the online status of our refund, I can clearly see that they are not approving the stimulus payment for me. I know what the problem is: the tax accountant my husband uses did not submit a statement signed by us asking to treat me a resident for tax purposes, despite me stating that it has to be included (he dismissed my concerns). So what could be done now? I have never dealt with taxes, let alone issues like these so I really appreciate any advice

To add: I received my GC 2 weeks ago, after submitting the tax return. Also we filed MFJ

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Flying to US with K1 visa and Sputnik vaccine
4:58 pm January 11, 2022


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Hi! has anyone already tried to travel with K1 visa and being vaccinated with Sputnik? I know that sputnik is not approved by WHO and CDC so you cannot travel to US with it.

I wonder if somebody tried. you are allowed to travel to US not being fully vaccinated if you have an immigrant visa. I'm confused if K1 visa is a immigrant or nonimmigrant visa.

I'm vaccinated with Sputnik. revaccination requires only one shot but CDC demands two to allow to cross the border. so I'm in a trap if K1 needs covid vaccination. what should I do??

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DV 2022 Married but no Marriage/Birth Certs
3:20 am May 19, 2021



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One of my relatives was selected for DV 2022 and the only issue we are concerned about her and her family is their marriage certificate and child's birth certificate. The couple was married a few years back and they have a toddler, however they never applied for marriage certificate and child birth certificate. They had wedding and everything but no legal documents to this day. When they filled their dv-2022 application they had registered themselves as married couple. Now, the question is, if they will go ahead and receive their marriage and child's birth certificates, would this have a negative impact on qualifying to their visas as a married couple or it is not going to affect in any way during interview? If it won't effect negatively then is there a chance the KCC/embassy may ask for parental blood test results for the child and/or affidavits from relatives confirming their marriage is genuine? Please kindly share/advise if anyone has a knowledge/experience about this kind of situation. FYI, DS-260 hasn't submitted yet. Thank you!

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DS-160 and nicknames in "Other Names Used"
12:44 pm April 16, 2021


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Hi all,

I filled out and submitted my DS-160. After coming across the list of required documents, I noticed it says that police certificates are needed for all names used. Now, I'm a little worried and I'm thinking if I shouldn't have included my nickname that my friends call me by. Just to be clear I have never used my nickname for any official documents or had any ID's in that nickname. I included my nickname in the I-129F and i just wanted to be consistent so I also included it in DS-160. Should I be worried? Has anyone ever come across this? Should I email the consulate to let them know? Thanks for any help.

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CR-1 Approved! But consulate worker says missing petition doc
6:47 am November 24, 2020



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First of all, we are beyond happy that the visa have been finally been approved. We filed back in November of 2019 and sent documents to lockbox (before online processing was available), and it took almost 13 months from the filing date (would've been 12 if we had prepared affidavit and civil documents beforehand) to get to this step and the process has been not easy, but everything went smoothly except right before actual interview.

Before the interview started, a consulate worker has collected my spouse's documents and then told her that we didn't upload a petition. Consulate worker has said that I-130 petition wasn't uploaded (presumably to NVC). My spouse was very confused since I-130 was filed with USCIS and approved by them, so they definitely have it. We also filed all required documents (I-130 wasn't listed as required nor optional) with NVC which approved and forwarded it to consulate.

Despite what was said about missing petition they proceeded to interview and my spouse was approved. The consul himself didn't mention anything about missing petition and just said that visa will be ready within a week. They gave her a pamphlet with her rights and that was it.

We are very confused about the "missing petition". Has anyone encountered that and should we upload any additional documents at this stage (and where) ?

Thank you

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