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US Immigration from Kazakhstan

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Social security card with a new name
4:04 pm May 9, 2024


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Hello everyone!
We applied for AOS at the end of April. Still no updates there (other than it was delivered)

I got my Social security card back in 2022 when I was here through W&T program. But since we got married I changed my name. Can I change my SScard now with my new last name on it? or do they issue me a replacement when I get my work permit?

It is very frustrating and seems like I'm stuck, because I have no documents with my new legal name.

I'd appreciate all of your answers and advices! Thank you

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New signature for AOS
7:44 pm April 20, 2024


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Hello everyone! We're finally filling the papers for AOS! I found answers for some of my questions, but still have more I legally changed my last name to my husband's last name. So I list it on all the forms as my current legal name. Should I sign all the forms with my "new signature" (with my new current last name)? Will it be legit?

Thank you for help!

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Permission for Permanent Residence Abroad
2:23 am February 13, 2024


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Hi everyone! I received my passport with my K-1 visa and an envelope yesterday. But I also got some further instructions that said that they recommend me to get "Permission for Permanent Residence Abroad" while I'm still in my home country. This paper would take me almost another month to get done..and I planned to go in the middle of March. But if it would cause me problems later, I would rather wait and do it now. Maybe somebody had experience with that too? And do I absolutely need it? Or I can do it later through my Embassy in US?

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Apostle for police certificate
12:54 pm January 5, 2024


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Hello everyone!

I ve read a lot about this, but couldn t find the answer. I currently prepare all the documents for visa and still not sure do I need the apostle on my police certificates or not. I read here that apostle needed the you want to use certificate in the country where you go. But does It a requirement for K-1 visa? Maybe somebody had resent experience with the Embassy in Kazakhstan?

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Case number after receiving NOA2
2:54 am December 27, 2023


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Hello everyone! I read a lot of topics and comments here. They're very helpful. Didn't find much information about this small detail, so hope you'll help me.

We received our NOA2 in the mailbox on Dec.12 (idk what took them so long to send it, cuz the date of approval is Dec. 1) It says that our case will be at NVC from now and we would get case number. Question is how we'll receive this case number? Email or actual letter? Found some comments that people called them to get this number. And after we get it, where can we track the case progress?

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