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DS-160 and nicknames in "Other Names Used"
12:44 pm April 16, 2021


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Hi all,

I filled out and submitted my DS-160. After coming across the list of required documents, I noticed it says that police certificates are needed for all names used. Now, I'm a little worried and I'm thinking if I shouldn't have included my nickname that my friends call me by. Just to be clear I have never used my nickname for any official documents or had any ID's in that nickname. I included my nickname in the I-129F and i just wanted to be consistent so I also included it in DS-160. Should I be worried? Has anyone ever come across this? Should I email the consulate to let them know? Thanks for any help.

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CR-1 Approved! But consulate worker says missing petition doc
6:47 am November 24, 2020



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First of all, we are beyond happy that the visa have been finally been approved. We filed back in November of 2019 and sent documents to lockbox (before online processing was available), and it took almost 13 months from the filing date (would've been 12 if we had prepared affidavit and civil documents beforehand) to get to this step and the process has been not easy, but everything went smoothly except right before actual interview.

Before the interview started, a consulate worker has collected my spouse's documents and then told her that we didn't upload a petition. Consulate worker has said that I-130 petition wasn't uploaded (presumably to NVC). My spouse was very confused since I-130 was filed with USCIS and approved by them, so they definitely have it. We also filed all required documents (I-130 wasn't listed as required nor optional) with NVC which approved and forwarded it to consulate.

Despite what was said about missing petition they proceeded to interview and my spouse was approved. The consul himself didn't mention anything about missing petition and just said that visa will be ready within a week. They gave her a pamphlet with her rights and that was it.

We are very confused about the "missing petition". Has anyone encountered that and should we upload any additional documents at this stage (and where) ?

Thank you

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221g for military documents though never served
5:49 am October 20, 2020


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My husband went to his IR-1 visa interview this morning, but he was given a 221g notice to submit his military records. However, he has never served in the military. The website for our Consulate says this about military records:

If you have served in any country s military: Military records, notarized English translation, and a photocopy.

That s why he didn t bring any document because, according to their own website, he didn t need to. He told them he hadn t served, but they told him he needed to bring a certain document (basically draft registration) anyway.

I m very confused as to why the Consulate s interview checklist doesn t match up with what they actually require at the interview.

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RFE for 2019 tax transcript even though extension was filed
6:14 pm September 6, 2020


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My joint-sponsor filed for an extension for his 2019 tax return, and I submitted that with the AOS documents on the CEAC portal. Everything was accepted, but I got an RFE for my joint sponsor's 2019 tax transcript. I thought they might ask for it at the interview, but I wasn't expecting an RFE at this point. My joint sponsor rushed to file, and hopefully we'll have the transcript in a couple of weeks...

...but will this keep our case from getting DQ'd? (I'm waiting for them to accept a couple of re-uploaded civil documents, otherwise I'd probably know already about the DQ) Or will they move on with scheduling an interview and we'll just be expected to bring the tax transcript then? I've read mixed information in the forum. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Strange, speedy requests from NVC
9:58 pm September 2, 2020


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Hi, everyone! An odd thing just happened to us at the NVC stage. I finished uploading all the financial support info + civil docs on August 26. Today is September 2, and I already received 3 messages in the CEAC portal requesting updated documents (2019 transcript, birth certificate, marriage certificate). I was under the impression that NVC usually takes 1-2 months to review and request documents, and then you have to wait another 1-2 months for an answer again. I have not requested an expedite, though our priority date is February 2019 we were unfortunately delayed by my joint sponsor's tax filing situation. Anyway...

1. Although I uploaded my joint sponsor's 2017-18 taxes + his extension filing for 2019, they need his 2019 transcript. Ok, BUT in the CEAC portal, it's showing that they've already accepted all of my joint sponsor's documents. Do they just want me to submit the transcript by the time the interview takes place? Or will they not move forward to scheduling an interview until I've submitted it?

2. I'm more confused by their requests to re-upload my husband's birth certificate and our marriage certificate. They wrote: "We are unable to accept this document as uploaded without all sides of every page. Please replace this document in its entirety and/or with all stamps visible." The original documents are only one-sided, however. There aren't any stamps on the back. Should I upload the blank back sides, anyway? I'm not sure what else I can do.

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