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US Immigration from Hungary

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Advance Parole advice
2:39 am


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I'm in the adjustment of status process from J1, I got married to a US citizen. I've been looking into the advance parole document because I thought anyone can apply for it to go home and visit family, but as I just learned, you can only apply for it if you want to leave for humanitarian purposes or family emergency. Has anyone traveled outside the US while pending adjustment of status? For personal reasons? Is it possible?

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I-131 No PO box option.
4:48 am


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Hi, filling out the I-131 i have a strange problem. I can't put my PO box.

The form is only asking for physical address and does not provide an option for PO boxes/mailing address.

As you can see I only can Pick between 5. 6. or 7. The problem is that 5. does not ask for my PO box. How can i fill this form out with my actual mailing address?

Thank You.


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Do i have to pay the I-131?
2:32 am


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Hi, I am filing my AOS package and the USCIS officer made me confused.

Filling the I-485 and I-765 and also the I-131

At the local USCIS office the officer said the I-765 is covered by the base I-485 fee but the I-131 is not. (to be honest he did not look confident tho - he even told me to pay it on two separate checks)

According to this site tho: https://www.uscis.gov/i-131 The i-131 is free if i filed a I-485 in the past and i assume its still gonna be free if i am filing it with the rest of my documents.

Can someone confirm this to me?

Thank you

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Do i need to file a i-765 form if i already can work?
2:07 am


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Do i need to file a i-765 form? My Social Security card says: "Valid for work only with DHS authorization"?

Thank you.

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When can i get a US Passport?
1:01 pm


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Hi, my Hungarian passport expires in 2020. I would like to travel tho.

(Now i am: on K1 visa, married, have SSN, filing the AOS)

Do i have to go back and renew it?

When can i get US passport?


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