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2:16 pm July 31, 2021



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Hi Everyone,

This is a relatively straightforward question - I will file the I-864 for my wife based on assets and not income. Does the value of assets need to be 3x 100% or 125% the federal poverty limit? I couldn't find a clear answer on this.

Thank you!

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I-751 Evidence
2:11 am July 16, 2021



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Hello all,

hope everyone is doing ok.
There is a section on the instructions section which talks about having 2 people sign affidavits as proof of on-going marriage. It is listed as #5 in the instructions.

My question is - is this really necessary?

It seems to be a bit much to have two people make a letter, sign it and have that be sent in.
If anyone with any experience can chime in - if you didnt send it and what happened.
I would appreciate that much.



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Health Insurance for parents over 70
11:01 pm July 13, 2021


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We are in the final stages of the visa application, interview set for August. I expect my parents - 77 and 82 - would arrive sometime at the end of the year. If i have to i can start health insurance in October when application time opens.

My issue is finding insurance options that is not prohibitively expensive.

I went to the MarketPlace, which redirected me to Pennie - (Pennsylvania's marketplace) and once i filled in their information I was told they are not eligible because they are over 65, I should go to Medicare.

I talked to Medicare and they said they would not be eligible because they have not spent 5 years here and that I could purchase coverage for them only if I purchase a plan for myself and add them to it. That is paying for 3 people and i already have insurance through my employer. I expect that would be extremely expensive.

So it seems i am going in circles.

I also wanted to see if anyone has experience with getting insurance through VisitorsCoverage and whether it is reliable. If it is yes which plan is the most recommended especially if it becomes long term.

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Issue with Fingerprinting
3:34 pm June 24, 2021


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I need help on what to do next on this.

We are in the final stages of the green card process, and my elderly parents just went to get their new passport. In order to get a passport they needed to provide fingerprints. They could not take a fingerprint from my father, they said his fingertips are too smooth with no ridges.

He received the passport for only 1 year. Which is a problem by itself, but the biggest issue is that I think this is definitely going to be an issue when either getting the visa or when trying to enter the United States where fingerprinting is a must.

What do i do next to make sure there are no roadblocks for them to get the visa or to travel into the US?

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Can I work at a bank with a Green card?
5:24 am May 11, 2021


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I just applied to work at a local bank and they just told me that they will do some background checks: I-9.

I was so excited because everything looks good but I just started thinking - Can I work at a bank with a green card? I just filed my I-751.

Actually what kind of jobs allowed and not allowed as a permanent resident?

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