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Registered for selective service too late please help
2:38 am August 12, 2022


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I arrived to the US 09/2018 and did not remember registering for selective service. When I received my permanent resident card 5/2019 I was already older than 26 at that time, this is when I got my welcome to the USA paper about the fact that I need to. I can see that I have a registration in the system though for last action: 07/2019 (I was already passed 26 at this point)

What should I do now my naturalization interview is next month?

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Lost my green card can I still go to the interview?
12:06 pm August 8, 2022


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I just lost my wallet the same day as I received my letter for my interview.

Can I still go to my scheduled interview that is a month away? What do I have to do now? please help i feel so hopeless all my cards were in that wallet.

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N-400 interview - 3 years v. 5 years rule
3:02 am July 22, 2022



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Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or opinion about who gets interview appointments earlier. As far as I see the timelines, the marriage-based applicants getting interview appointments average 2-4 months after applying. The 5 years based applicants is 7-9 months. Is there some rule about that? Thanks.

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Self-Translate Police Report?
8:18 am July 14, 2022



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Hi Everyone,

I have an upcoming IR-1 appointment. I've gotten my police report, but so far haven't had it translated - will the embassy be okay with me translating it myself? If not, do I need to reach out to a specific translator or can I go to any who is certified?

When submitting my civil documents, I self-translated my birth certificate, and they didn't seem to have a problem with that. Thank you!

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EB3 Immigrant visa question/NVC consular route
12:53 pm July 1, 2022



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Hi everyone!

We had an I-140 approved on the 21st of April( EB3 skilled worker consular route) , NVC did not contact us with the welcome letter since. Does anyone else experience this?

Also I was looking at EB3 timelines but found they aren't really completed ones, so can you please give me your timelines? :)

Any advices on the NVC route? Our consulate will be Budapest.


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