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5:54 pm September 12, 2023



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I m a US citizen and I have filed I130 for my son who was under 18 three years ago. In May of 2022 NVC sent us a welcome letter. I have filed every asked documents but they wanted a joint sponsor. I got help from one of my friend. He is the approved joint sponsor already but he is married and I had to make an application for his wife. I made a mistake because I have filed I864 (joint sponsor) instead I864A (household member) for her. I asked NVC to cancel her as joint sponsor because I can t set up her as household member because of the same name.
They didn t cancel her joint sponsor status but still want me to submit every 2021 W-2 and 1099 and schedule form for them. This is the other problem because none of the tabs are functioning under affidavit of support .

I can upload documents under my son the applicant s name only but NVC doesn t accept it. I have sent several inquiries but I get the same automated answer every time and no one cares I m not able to upload anything because the AOS button doesn t work. They don t have any phone number anymore. I m uploading the asked documents every time and they don t accept it because I have to uploading under the joint sponsor s name but I can t because of the disfunction of CEAC. This problem caused 11 months of delay already and I don t have any idea how to be able to solve this. I have mailed every documentation for the NVC but they didn t react so they didn t accept it. I have attached a letter to let them know the problem but I didn t get any answer.

Please someone who had the same problem help me. Thank you

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What happens after "I751 - Petition to remove conditions of residence?"
7:08 pm June 26, 2023



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It's been a very long time since we received any updates on our status, but today we received a letter saying...

"Congratulations! USCIS approved your request to remove the conditions on your permanent resident status" You are deemed to be a lawful permanent resident of the United States as of the date of your original admission or adjustment of status. You should receive a new Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551, also known as a Green Card) within 60 days...."

Does this mean we can file for her citizenship now? The N-400? I'm asking because we didn't have a 2nd interview or anything... Just seems like a bunch of steps have been skipped. I remember filing and her having a biometric appointments over a year ago and that's the last thing I remember.

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Current Month/Year Being Reviewed - USCIS
5:41 pm March 12, 2023



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Is it possible to see which I-601 (not I-601A) USCIS is currently reviewing? I've seen that some people somehow know what month/year USCIS is currently on. TYIA!

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N-400 Interview Reschedule
2:58 pm February 17, 2023



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Good morning Guys and Girls,

We are kind of in a bind and not sure what to do.

We are coming from a K-1 Fiance Visa. We had finished and got the 2 year conditional green card.
So the time for the 2 year conditional green card expired, but we put in an ap to remove the conditions to a 10 year back in Aug of 2021.
The case didnt move in any fashion.
So once the time came - we put in an app for the n-400 in Nov of 2022.

We have had no movement and so, since it has been 3 years for seeing my mother, grandmother - booked ticket to travel overseas to see them 2 weeks ago. Non-refundable of course.

Low and behold - We get a notice that Green card is coming in the mail via usps - On the app it shows the i-751 removal of conditions was approved and new GC printed and shipped.
However we also just got a notice that the IV was scheduled for the N-400.
*Drum Roll*

The date is exactly when I am overseas.
What recourse do I have?

We called USCIS to put in a request to reschedule the interview.

What else should we do?

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I-601 Time Frames
2:43 pm December 27, 2022



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I have a priority date of September 26th, 2022 for my I-601. I was wondering if anyone has recently seen any approved, and what kind of time frame I may be expecting for a decision?

When I submitted my I-601, the time frame on the USCIS website said 8-12 months, but now it says 27 months! Not sure what is going on. My case is pretty straightforward so hoping for a quick decision....

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