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Living together on tourist visas while waiting for CR-1?
6:38 am March 23, 2020


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My Hungarian fiance and I (US Citizen) are planning on getting married in Ireland (where he and his family reside) this September. After that, we plan to apply for the CR-1 Visa.

At first, we were thinking we could have him stay on VWP for less than 90 days and then he could go to Mexico for a few days and re-enter. I now realize that could easily constitute border hopping.

Anyway, some complications to our situation:

1) I am a full-time student and can't take longer than 2 quarters (about 5 months) off of enrolment to maintain my admission. I am currently on leave for work and will have to return in September just after we get married.

2) He is currently trying to find an EU-based remote working job so he can make money while in the US, which would mean he quits his current job. Is that an ok thing to do? Would that maintain enough of a tie to EU to eliminate issues when entering US on VWP?

4) While he has a well-paying job and mine is decent, we both have student loans and a wedding to pay for (though we're trying to keep costs to a minimum!).

5) While we're very good at long distance, we are looking forward to finally living together. If our only option is to live apart and make short but very few visits, we'll do more than our best. But given it's a marriage, we want to do everything we can to remain physically together.

We're now considering the following:

- We get married in September in Ireland.

- We enter the US a few days/weeks after our wedding, fiance on VWP with a return ticket already purchased for December. I go to school and work for one quarter. Fiance works remotely from EU-based job. While living in the US, we would be staying in a studio apartment rented from my parents. No formal lease to attach him permanently to the address.

- While in US, we apply for CR-1.

- In December, before his 90 days on VWP are up, we return to Ireland and stay there while fiance continues to work remotely or perhaps at his old job? Not sure yet. I may be able to do some online coursework and care for his family members (non-paid). I may also be able to do research for my degree there (we met while I was studying abroad in Ireland). I could be there for up to 90 days on a tourist visa.

- Depending on CR-1 status at this point, we could either 1) live separately for a short time waiting on CR-1 greencard approval, me studying in US, him working in Ireland. Or we could 2) do the switcheroo back to the US so I can study in US while he's here working remotely.

- Depending on options we would then: 1) Schedule our interview at the consulate in Dublin and he would enter US on CR-1. Would I need to be at the interview? or 2) Schedule an interview at an embassy in the US. Is it possible to do this for visitors on the VWP? Then have him fly in from Mexico or Canada (or somewhere else with inexpensive flights) on CR-1.

It's a little complicated, but is this situation viable? I will so appreciate any advice anyone can give. We already decided after months of back-and-forth that K-1 wasn't going to work for us so we're really trying to make the CR-1 work. And of course this is all dependent on the COVID-19 situation. Sorry if this was a headache to read!

Much love

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Where to put immigrant in the 1040?
9:39 am January 22, 2020


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I am filing taxes for the first time (jointly). I arrived on a K1 visa and got married in Jan.

I got my Green card in May 2019.

I can see all over the news that its really important to put ?immigrant? on the forms.

Where are those fields exactly? Where I should pay attention and what do I have to write exactly?



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Medicals - depression
12:53 pm December 22, 2019


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So years ago i was treated with depression, with pills. One time i was in hospital for one day only.

last year i quit pills by myself, and i went back to the doctor to tell this to him, and he gave me a paper i dont need more, because i feel better and i dont need therapy and\or pills. He agreed and wrote this to me, we cancelled the therapy and pills.

But this week some bad things happened i couldnt handle, and i was at the doctor to give me some pills (Frontin) to can sleep and calm cause i was mentally exhausted.

my question is, will it affect to my medical result? Because it will shown in my medical history. Will they deny my application because i got pills after my doctor said i need no more?

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Letter of intent
1:24 pm December 19, 2019


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So ive heard about RFE-s about the wedding plans or etc in the letter of intent.

Will it hurt if we write a bit more than the usual intent?


"Dear Sir or Madam:

I, ..., do hereby state that I am legally able and willing to marry ...., and intend to do so within 90 days of my arrival into the US using the K-1 visa.

We plan our wedding after my arrival to the US in a courthouse, with closest family members, and after that we want a wedding ceremony with friends and family. Detailed wedding plans are attached to the petition with our text messages.

Yours truly,"

And my fianc will use the exact same, except "90 days of HER arrival"

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Filed i130 abroad but moved to the US on work visa
6:51 pm December 14, 2019

Amanda Szabó

Amanda Szabó

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My husband and I (US citizen) started the green card process overseas, but then moved to the US on a L1 work visa. Our noa1 has been approved after exactly one year and we are working on submitting noa 2 to the NVC. We have decided to continue with consulate processing and will be flying back for the interview as this seems the quickest option. Our question is regarding the Affidavit of Support. My husband is working full time and supporting me and our 1 year old son completely. He makes a very good salary. We are able to obtain sponsorship, but would rather qualify on our own. I read somewhere that if he has been domiciled in the US for 6 months and has a job he can qualify to sponsor himself. Is this true and can it be done through consulate processing?

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