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Health-Related Concerns and Interview Process for F4 Visa ***Merged***
3:28 am August 11, 2023



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Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. I have a few questions and I'm really hoping someone could provide some guidance.

My parents were documentarily qualified on May 10, 2023, for an F4 category with a priority date of August 2, 2007.
90 days later there is no message about interview at the embassy, case is still at NVC.

Their tourist visa is set to expire in December 2023. I'm wondering if I need to submit another application to renew their tourist visa. Will this renewal process have any impact on our ongoing green card application?

I remember reading somewhere that if the Priority Date is earlier than the final filing date, the interview could take place after document qualification.
Could someone please confirm whether, after being documentarily qualified, we should expect an interview when the final action date becomes current?

If this is indeed the case, I believe it's important for them to renew their tourist visa as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide!

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question on document (split and merged posts)
1:32 pm May 5, 2023

Alejandra Solares

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On 9/17/2020 at 11:23 PM, sauldelgado said:

Just a quick update. I was able to get the Desplegado de denuncias from Ministerio Publico back in July and our lawyer sent the documents back to NVC early in August. I was not expecting to hear anything from NVC until late October or early November but last week I got the confirmation that our case is DQ! The bad news is that since my case is employment-based means that I will not be getting any appointment dates any time soon until the bans are lifted for those categories.

For those trying to get the right document, don't bother with the one above. It needs to be issued by Ministerio Publico and you can get it online in one or two days. You need to fill a form in MP's webpage and then you need to contact them using informacion@mp.gob.gt indicating that you have filled the form and give your DPI number, otherwise you will never get a response from them. Once you do that you will get your document(s) in a matter of hours.

Finally, if you ever lost a document and filed a complaint (denuncia) in order to get new ones issued, be warned that those complaints will show up in your Desplegado de denuncias. I didn't know that it was normal to have a few records on this document if you ever filed a denuncia and was freaking out trying to figure out why on earth would I have something in my record but it turns out this is completely normal as long as you appear as the aggrieved party. My documents were accepted without any issue by NVC. Hopefully this information will help someone out there!


This information was very useful. I have sent my Desplegado de denuncias to NVC, but they are requesting to submit a photocopy of my court and prision records indicating the nature of my conviction and sentence. I appear as the aggrieved party, so I don t know what exactly NVC is requesting since Antecedentes penales and Antecedentes Judiciales are not accepted by NVC? IMG_0498.thumb.jpeg.ff950db3a206fc499cce49475da5aaa0.jpeg

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6:44 am April 24, 2023


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Hey guys, just coming to update on my husbands adjustment of status process.

We had an active K1 petition active when he decided to surprise me with a visit back in September of 2022 for my birthday.

October comes around and we say eff this and decided to marry on a whim. We knew the process would be long but I got all the paperwork together and sent off the I-130, I-485 packet November 15th.

We received the NOA1 within a week or two.

January comes around and we received an appointment notice for his biometrics. He did that and we didn t hear anything until April 15th when we received an email that the AOS was approved and to expect something in the mail within a month.

April 20th comes around and and we find the official approval notice in the mail. Then today comes and his LPR card was in the mail. It was all surprisingly fast.

We didn t interview and in total it took 6~ months. This was faster than ever expected and i m genuinely surprised we didn t require an interview?

Anyway, we re both extremely happy and i m hoping to see more successful adjustment stories.

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I-130 Actively Reviewed I-485 Approved?
8:43 pm April 15, 2023


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Hey guys, today I received two notifications.

Little backstory: Husband and I went the concurrent filing route when we got married (October) and submitted the i-130, i-485 and all the other ones in November for the AOS process.

Well, today I wake up to see that the i-485 was updated to 'Case Approved' but the i-130 was barely updated to 'Case Is Being Actively Reviewed' status. This doesn't really make sense to me, I know theyre two different petitions but assumed they would both be looked at together? Any knowledge, insight, advice is appreciated.

This is good news, right?

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How to resubmit concurrent filing packet?
9:51 pm March 14, 2023


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I recently submitted my application to USCIS that included forms I-130, I-30A, I-485, I-864, I-693, I-765 and I-131.

However, my payment was declined because my bank thought the charge coming from USCIS was fraudulent. I received my application back today and it came with a green slip that said to refile with the green paper on top. The applications all came stapled together, my medical examination form came back open and some of the evidence I had submitted is out of order. Is it okay to re-submit the application as is alongside a money order. Or should I remove the staples, organize everything again and get a new sealed envelope from my civil surgeon?

Thank you in advance :)

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