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Request of Initial Evidence
10:50 pm October 1, 2019

Tatiana & Jorge

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So we are in the process of the I-485 and as the new poverty guidelines came out for 2019 I don't meet the requirements. I sent my 2018 taxes with the I-485. But I recently got a new job and am getting paid a lot more than what I used and what they want is my taxes but since I dont have my 2019 taxes yet because of obvious reasons, I can't send it again or they will deny. How can i show that I provide enough money without their requirement of only needing my taxes..

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Payment for multiple forms
4:01 pm September 16, 2019


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Hi everyone! When filing I-130 and I-485 in the same packet, do I only send one form to pay for the whole amount ($1760) or do I need to send 2 (one for $535 and one for $1225) so they are individual? (I'm paying with a card, so I'm submitting form G-1450)

If I need to submit two separate forms, is it ok if I just put them both on top of the entire binder or do they have to be, say, payment for I-130 on top of that section in my binder, and payment for I-485 on top of its section?

Thank you and I hope this is not confusing.

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Anyone else? Form I-130 and I-485. August 2019
9:39 pm September 5, 2019



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I sent my I 130 and I 485 package on August 23th and was delivered on the 25th I haven't recipe any notification from USCIS, I also attached form G 1145. I'm very anxious.Anyone else

sent their forms on similar dates?

Sorry my English is not perfect, I'm still learning.

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Travel outside of US with extension letter after I751 approval but no green card in hand yet
12:44 am July 16, 2019



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Hey? everyone

wonderi?ng if any of you guys can answer a question for me. Today we got our approval notice for the I 751 ROC and states that the green card should be received in 60 days. However the letter also states that we should not travel outside of the US while waiting for the new green card to come since our old one is expired. But like many of you, we had received the 18 month extension letter and it is still vali?d through Feb 2020 (received Aug 2018). I m thinking the reason they say no travel is so that people who have an expired card and no extension letter don t leave the US and have trouble getting back in AND that since we do have a letter that is valid through our trav??el dates we should be okay. Anybody can help out with this? ?

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I-751 Contradicting Biometrics Notices?
6:44 pm June 13, 2019



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Hi all, my DH just received a notice for biometrics appointment (dated May 31) that is scheduled for next week, June 19. A few issues have arisen with this letter. First, DH already received an NOA (dated March 29) that a biometrics appointment is not needed and they will use his old biometrics already on-file. Reviewing his case status online, it still shows that "as of April 14, 2019" his fingerprints have been reviewed and approved. He also just spoke with USCIS on the phone this past Friday to confirm his status from an Everify review with his new job and USCIS said his case was all in order and in processing still. He's going to call them today on his lunch to ask for clarification, as well.

Does anyone have experience with receiving a biometrics appointment notice after USCIS already sent a letter saying an appointment is not needed and the online status says biometrics has already been processed?

A second issue we have is that the appointment is scheduled for the local USCIS office near our old address in Massachusetts. We've lived in California for the past year and his I-751 was filed in California. We realized we forgot the AR11 during moving and submitted it in December 2018. The lawyer we consulted for his I-751 had said USCIS doesn't need an AR11 because we submitted the original I-751 with our new address. In any case, we have a confirmation number for the AR-11 that was submitted in December 2018 but both the March 29 "no biometrics needed" letter and the May 31 "biometrics appointment" letter were originally sent to our old PO Box in Massachusetts. We have mail forwarding which is good for another month and is the only reason we've been getting the letters. How do we get USCIS to send mail to our current address if we already submitted the AR11 change of address? We have the confirmation number that it was received when we submitted it online.


If this matters: We ended up filing his I-751 late. It was originally required in August 2018 but the account I wrote the check from (personal check was stupid, I know) ended up being closed out after the NOA1 was received but before USCIS cashed it. The original I-751 was rejected because of bad payment. We called USCIS and the person said to wait for further notice which was the wrong information and after calling back two months later and consulting with a lawyer, we ended up submitting a new I-751 with an apology letter the day before USCIS sent a termination of status letter from lack of filing a proper I-751. However, USCIS ended up accepting the new I-751 and sent DH an NOA re-instating his status with an extension of his provisional green card while the new I-751 is being processed. So, he's been in-process since late November 2018 and we submitted the change of address in December 2018. The receipt number on all NOAs since November 2018 has been the same and is connected to the new I-751 petition.


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