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US Immigration from Guatemala

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N-600 - child 13 year old
1:56 pm June 17, 2024



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I would like to file the N-600 for my youngest kid and do it online. I read in the USCIS website that you must be 14 years old in order to create an online account in your name. How can I do it online without creating an account for him? Can I use my online account?

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I-485 About To Be Denied For The Second Time
10:33 pm June 5, 2024


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My wife came to the US with the K-Visa in December of 2021. We married in 2022 within the 90-day time period but we waited a bit too long to start the filing process for the next step (This is mostly due to us trying to collect the necessary documents, some of which we had to get from the country of origin). In 2023 we submitted our first form of I-485 along with what we thought were all the required documents and waited for months to receive an answer. Finally the $1,200+ fee was charged to my account and they reviewed our application. A few days later we received notice that they required proof of my income, so we sent them that. A few weeks later we received notice that our application was denied because I failed to provide 3 years' worth of tax information. In the meantime, the fee for the application went up to $1440, so I spent a few months gathering that and all the necessary documents gain and sent the application again in April. This time we sent forms I-485, I-864, I-765, and I-131 altogether. I read mixed information on whether I needed to include the fees for forms I-765 and I-131. We read somewhere that if we were sending those forms along with the I-485 we didn't have to pay that fee, so we didn't send it. Just a few days ago we received another set of notices. The first two were for forms I-765 and I-131 saying we needed to include the fees. So that's not a huge issue, we will get the funds and pay the fees so they can process that. Our big issue is that they also sent a "Request For Evidence" for form I-485. It is a 5-page document requesting pretty much everything we had just sent them. The first page says that based on the documents we submitted, they could not determine that the petitioning sponsor on Form I-864 is qualified. I calculated that I did meet the required 125% of the federal poverty guideline for my household size, but maybe someone here can just confirm this for me. I have custody of 2 kids in my house from a previous relationship and a 3rd kid with my wife. How much did I have to gross in 2023 to qualify without having to get a joint sponsor? Also, any other help you guys can provide would be immensely appreciated. My wife's uncle has become very ill back in Guatemala and this is making her very depressed.

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Form i-751 Checklist
7:35 pm May 20, 2024



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Hi Everyone,

I am putting together form I-751 for my husband and would like to know what evidence items I should submit.

His green card expires on 9/16/2024 so we have to submit on 6/18...

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Can we send a copy of the Medical Exams?
10:45 pm March 10, 2024


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We're about to re-send our i-485 form along with everything it asks for. We had sent it before with the original medical exams and now we only have the copy. I think the medical exam is good for 2 years but was wondering if they will accept a copy instead of the original?

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Wife was denied via form I-485
12:03 am February 1, 2024


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We're a little lost and confused now. Just to give you a really quick overview of where we're at: She was able to travel to the US from Guatemala with the K1 Visa. We got married within the 90 days in 2022 but we just filed form I-485 back in March of 2023. We just received the letter saying we were denied because we failed to provide my (the sponsor) tax information for the year. The worrying part is that at the end of the 3-page letter, it says "The evidence of record shows that, when you filed your application, you were present in the United States contrary to law" and then it proceeds to say that she must leave within 33 days of the date of the letter.

I have scanned and redacted personal information from the 3-page letter that they sent me and I have attached it here. Please someone help me understand what is going on and what we need to do. Thank you!

Redacted Letter.pdf

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