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I-130 Expedite for Spouse Visa
1:52 pm November 2, 2018

Natasha Solis

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Can I expedite the I-130?

My husband is the beneficiary. He currently lives in the USA, undocumented (EWI). We have an I-130 processing at Nebraska Center PD 05/15/18. His mother has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease and she is getting worse. He has not seen his mother in over 13 yrs, and would like to be able to visit her before she becomes completely forgetful and/or dies from health issues. He also has a daughter in his country he has never seen and needs to get custody of and needs to go to Guatemala to sign paperwork for those purposes.

Do these circumstances qualify him for expedite?

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Police certficate
1:29 am October 1, 2018


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Does the police certificate I get from Guatemala need to be translated into English before going to visa interview?

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12:43 am September 29, 2018


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When getting certified copies of court records does every page need to be stamped certified or with one page for all documents enough.

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12:26 am September 21, 2018


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Hello Everyone,

I have a quick question my son and I came with a k1 visa we are in AOS waiting stage

we got I131 approved and was wondering if we can travel to our home country to visit my parents for Xmas?

we will be traveling with my husband whom is a US Citizen(petitioner)

P.S forgive me if its been asked before I just could not find the answer

Thank you

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Prep for Interview
2:13 am September 16, 2018


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Hello all!

We are waiting for my husband's interview date at this time and are looking to prep for the final step of this process! What kinds of questions can he expect? Do we need to provide proof of our relationship even though our I-130 was approved? Will they be examining our relationship? What kinds of things should he expect and prep for during the interview? Anyone who has gone through this process specifically in Guatemala able to offer any insight?


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