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US Immigration from Guatemala

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blurry document
3:56 pm March 31, 2020



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hello everyone, so yesterday I submitted all documents and since everything in Guatemala its closed they are doing everything electronically. They sent me a blurry document and that's what I submitted. Today as I was carefully reading the document I noticed you could go online and get a clean version. do you think the blurry document will be rejected?

Documento (6).pdf DONIS OTTONIEL PEREZ ORDO EZ (2).pdf

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5:23 pm March 23, 2020



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Hello everyone!
so I have a joint sponsor and CEAC asks you for a proof of domicile. is a check stub enough?

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Browser used
4:17 pm March 18, 2020



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hello everyone!

what browser did you use to upload supporting documents to NVC?

thank you!

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NVc system down???
9:58 pm March 16, 2020



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Hello everyone!

So we have a lawyer working on our case and we gave his assistant all the necessary paperwork on thursday. I asked them today and they have not submitted the paperwork because they say the system is down and say they have been checking everyday. I trust them because they have helped my Whole Family with immigration cases but this is frustrating. Is anybody having problems too? Thanks un advance.

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NVC sent email requesting police certificate.
7:05 pm March 2, 2020

ana y

Ana y

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Hello all! Hope to receive some help...First off, im petitioning my husband who is here in the US. He has an approved i601a waiver, on January 22nd we mailed our supporting documents for ds260 to NVC and last Friday we received an email saying they need the Police Certificate, because the one we sent they can not accept. (im including what the email says)

______10 - GUATEMALA POLICE CERTIFICATE:___________________________

We cannot accept the police certificate document you sent. You must send us the correct document so we can continue to process your case.

To see the guidelines for your document, go to our website at nvc.state.gov/find. Select your country from the menu on the left side of the page. The next page will be your country's "Reciprocity Schedule."

Click on "Police, Court, Prison Records" on the bottom. This will take you to a page with the exact requirements for the type of police certificate you must submit to NVC.

We sent Antecedentes Penales and Antecedentes policiacos. We have a lawyer and they were sure everything was correct. We look at the website it shows and it says this...

Police Certificates


Fees: Free service

Document Name: Antecedentes

Issuing Authority: Ministerio Publico (Public Ministry)

Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: White sheet with authentication code at the bottom.

Issuing Authority Personnel Title: Minister of the Public Ministry

Registration Criteria: See registration requirements here

Procedure for Obtaining: Application is made online. The applicant may pick up the report in person or send a representative with a signed consent letter and a copy of the applicant s identity document.

Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are not available

Alternate Documents: There are no alternate documents

I went on the website and it's the Ministerio Publico de Guatemala. Has anyone else had to get this document from this institution? Our lawyer says its the first they here of this and from everyone else I hadn't seen NVC ask for this different document. Since my husband is here in the US he has a lawyer in Guatemala get his documents then he sends it to us here in the US. But even that lawyer has never heard of this. If any one has had this experience, I would really appreciate to hear from you all. Thanks and good luck to all!!

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