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11 SoCal residents charged with arranging sham marriages to get green cards
8:44 pm April 8, 2022


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After pairing foreign national clients with citizen spouses, Benitez and his staff allegedly staged fake wedding ceremonies at chapels, parks and other locations, performed by hired online officiants.

For many clients, the agency would take photos of undocumented clients and citizen spouses in front of prop wedding decorations for later submission with immigration petitions, according to prosecutors.

Benitez and his co-conspirators would allegedly also assist certain clients -- typically those whose spouses became unresponsive or uncooperative --with obtaining green cards under the Violence Against Women Act by claiming the undocumented clients had been abused by alleged American spouses, prosecutors said.


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Evidence of Immigration Status?
9:45 pm January 15, 2022



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Hi. I arrived on a K1 mid-September, applied for a Social Security card in October and was married soon after. My card arrived, and (maybe wrongly) I went to the office again to get a new card in my married name.

I applied for AoS (just) before my K1 visa expired but apparently a new card / State ID is being held up because DHS have no evidence of my immigration status.

Does this sound correct? I have an I797C showing receipt of the AoS package and went for my biometrics appointment two days ago. Is it just a question of waiting for systems to catch up or is there anything else I can ask USCIS for which Social Security and the State Department would accept?

Thanks in advance ?

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Medical exam in the US before interview. Medical history needed?
8:02 pm September 11, 2021



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Hello, we just got our interview date for spousal AOS from tourist visa, but have not done the medical exam yet. We were aware it could expire so we waited til now as we had no idea how long getting an interview could take. Looking at the I-693 it seems to me that we only need his vaccination transcript. I read "If you have any medical records, including vaccination records, take them with you to the initial appointment." All we have are vaccination records and probably would take a long time to get medical records. Is it necessary?

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Panic over embassy / immigration package.
9:57 pm September 7, 2021



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It arrived no bother with the big black letters stamped on the front saying not to open it. But I've just noticed that it was sent out with the opening and one side sellotaped up. So who is to say I didn't steam it open and reseal it?

I always use tape too for extra security when sending things. The glue is never brilliant on large envelopes so hopefully it'll be easy to explain.

There's a wee bit of wear and tear. God knows how, it has been kept in the courier plastic bag for two months! These are only a few millimetres long but it's an awful long way to go only to get someone really pedantic sending me straight back ?

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AOS from L1 that is under adjudication
3:58 pm August 21, 2021

El EscocÚs

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Posting for a friend.

His L1 renewal is currently under renewal adjudication, however his visa has actually expired and he is at home on unpaid leave of absence until the the USCIS make a decision one way or another (long story re: why it s got to this stage).

I m curious if he can apply for AOS a) while his L1 renewal is under adjudication and a decision hasn t been made on the renewal or b) if the decision is made not in his favor, and he hasn t applied for AOS, is the AOS option out of scope because he is no longer has a status to adjust from?

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