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US Immigration from Scotland

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Drivers license
3:23 am today


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Has anyone tried getting a drivers license?

we filed AOS around 2 weeks ago and social security card should be here this week.

is the social security card all we need to go through driver license process or must we wait for green card?


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Traveling when in US
4:40 pm January 1, 2019


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For those who have filed for AOS, when can you begin to travel out of the US?

we are hoping to visit the UK in May but not sure if we will be able to.

How has others experience been with this?

thanks for the help

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Entering USA customs time
8:28 pm December 13, 2018


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How long do people typically spend in customs when they first arrive in USA with K1 visa?

Specifically in LAX if anyone has any experience with that


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London Interview Cancellations
2:03 am November 29, 2018


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Hi guys,

I have my interview booked in London for December 18. What does everyone think my chances are of getting an earlier cancellation date?

Should I accept defeat and book my ticket to London for my already scheduled date?

Also, if anyone has to cancel their interview please feel free to pm me and let me know if swapping with my date will help you and me :)

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London interview help!?
9:00 pm November 27, 2018

Adam anderson

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I have completed the medical and DS160

my visa is in transit but I cannot book the interview?

am I missing something? I have heard about a DS161 or application of readiness form, must this be done prior to interview?

from what I ve read I should be able to arrange my interview when the NVC status changed to in transit

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