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Will I-485 be reviewed with I-130?
7:07 pm April 15, 2021



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We filed our I-130 and I-485 in Oct 2020 (UK citizen on an expiring J1 visa, married to a US citizen). We haven't received any updates, besides a notice regarding missing form I-693 which we plan to bring to our interview. According to the USCIS processing times, our I-130 should be processed at any time (Nebraska) as the receipt date for a case inquiry is less than a month before our receipt date. Is it fair to be optimistic that we will indeed hear something soon? Additionally, would our I-130 be reviewed with our I-485? The processing times listed for I-485 at our local field office (Cincinnati) are much longer than those for the I-130.

We are just so eager to hear something! Also we have received no update on the I-765 either.

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Lost 797c receipt for I-130
4:03 pm March 4, 2021



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Context: My wife filed an I-130 on my behalf online in October 2020. We received notice online then via mail that it was received. We scanned and copied the 797c that we received in the mail for the I-130. A copy of this 797c was mailed along with our I-485 package later in October. After submitting all of these forms, we put the box containing all of our extra evidence, forms, etc. away and haven't touched it since.

Problem: We are moving and decided to organize/consolidate all of our immigration documents. We realized we can't find the original 797c that we received as receipt of our I-130 petition. We have the 797c for my I-485 and related petitions. My wife is very stressed about this as she has been very careful about keeping everything organized and cannot think of where the form could be. How likely is it that we will need the original copy of this form at any point in time?

Thank you!

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Updating with Social Security office after naturalization - questions
3:11 am January 31, 2021


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To those of you who have already been naturalized, did you skip out the SSA visit while most of them are not doing in person right now? I wanted to update my DL with DMV as my understanding is that they want us to do so once we are citizens. My local office is doing online only and want you to print and sign the form and mail in all your original documents. The reviews on their site for people actually getting them back or managing to contact anyone by phone to find out where their certificate and license is ... well let's just say I'm not willing to go that route. I see there are some offices a few hours away that will do in person by appointment only, which would be fine with me. Do you have to go to the office nearest you, or can you go to any office? I know people do name changes and things too so I assume someone here has some info. Thanks :)

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Securing a work visa after OPT year
8:59 pm January 27, 2021



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Hi everyone,

I was a 4-year F-1 student at Stevenson University in Maryland. I am doing my Optional Practical Training (OPT) year and would like to stay in the U.S. past its' expiration at the end of July. It seems as if my best option is to get a job that sponsors an H1-B. However, due to the current pandemic (and employers' reluctance to hire applicants requiring sponsorship), it is extremely difficult to find or secure such a position.

Another restriction for me personally is that my Bachelor's degree is in Business Administration. This is a very general field of study that makes it hard for me to prove more value or a specialized skill set compared to the average American employee.

My current position is in management consulting, and the jobs I have been applying to are all in the business field (consulting, sales, marketing, operations, etc). My dream is to have a career in fitness - possibly personal training - but I realise that this may not be the most realistic path for me in the short term, especially if I am looking to secure a U.S. work visa.

If anyone has any advice on potential employers, resources, or other options, I would be extremely grateful.

Cameron Harris

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Tax extension to get SSN
3:49 pm January 22, 2021



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I would get a pretty good tax break if I can file jointly with my spouse. Unfortunately he doesn't have a SSN number yet and the ITIN route seems too complicated. We're waiting on the EAD. I'm thinking to just file a 6 month extension, and then once he (hopefully) gets his SSN this summer, I can use that to file jointly. Is there any issue in filing for 2020 taxes with a SSN issues in 2021? Or is it better to get ITIN? He arrived here in August and we applied for AOS and EAD in November. Thanks.

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