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Can anyone access Ceac
6:11 pm yesterday


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Hi there i was wondering if anyone is having problems accessing in or if anyone can actually access the full use of the site. I got a notification this morning telling me that there was an update and i tried to log in and have not been able to go into documents when i am actually logged in....also when i press messages i get a 404 every single time

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US Embassy CR-1 Interview Tuesday the 15th of October
3:08 pm yesterday

Kris & Crystal

Kris & Crystal

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Today is the day...

Getting to London

My appointment was at 09:30.

I had some bad experiences travelling to London last time for the medical, they weren't the best this time. I swear London doesn't like me. I was flying BA1471 from Inverness to London Heathrow. Leaving at 19:05, arriving at 20:35 and staying overnight.

Unfortunately the day I was travelling London had Yellow and Amber weather warnings, with all the airports having IFR flying conditions or worse -- though knowing London that could have just been for a mild drizzle... sorry Londoners -- this meant I was paranoid all day the flight would be cancelled... luckily it wasn't, it just arrived about 20 minutes late.

I was also worried about the Revolution Rebellion LARPers slowing things down also but that didn't happen either

I'd recommend going for a mid to late morning appointment if you can as it would make things easier than my experience.

In conclusion, every time I'm in London, Caledonia starts playing in my head -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX9h558Tz1E

Getting to the Appointment

I recommend storing any luggage above a small backpack or bag, there are various options for this.

I stayed in the Heathrow Central Travelodge. I got one of the many buses going to Heathrow back to the airport. Took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. Then it was on to the Underground, took the Bakerloo - Southbound Line from Paddington until Oxford Circus for 5 stops, then switched to the Victoria - Southbound Line for 4 stops until Vauxhall station. There are 4 exits from that station, exit number 4 is the best to take in my mind.

Then it was just a short leisurely walk (12 to 15 minutes) to the Embassy. There are two entrances, you want to go to the South Pavillion -- it's the one with the line.

I arrived at 08:20, I skipped to the front of the line, a woman asked for my DS-260 and Passport, wrote on the DS-260 and told me to come back at 09:00. Walked around for a bit and came back at 09:00-ish she put a sticker on the DS-260 then I went through security, skipped the line -- death stares all round from those queueing -- took the lift to the first floor then left and left again... you'll know when you get there, there's a smaller area with a few windows and seats -- numbers 19 to 24 -- one of these windows is a cashier.

I took some crappy pictures if it helps anyone know what to look for https://imgur.com/a/RHFbZHJ

At the Appointment

I waited a few minutes then went up to present my documents. I had to have my fingerprints taken. Answer if I was ever married before, did military service, lived in any other country, if I was adopted, etc. Then despite bringing a massive binder full of stuff all I had to provide was my passport, a visa/passport style photograph, the courier confirmation, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police certificate and that was it.

Everything else was consulted through the NVC uploads. Everything was fine I was given a handout on domestic violence, sex trafficking, etc and told to sit down and wait for the interview portion.

This next bit took a bit longer as there were belligerent people holding up two windows. Complaining about how much money they had already spent, and how the embassy was conspiring against them, etc.

When I got to the interview portion I had to swear what I was telling was the truth, give my fingerprints again and answer a few questions (How we met? When we met? If I met her parents) and that was it, was given everything back except the passport, told I was approved and that I should receive it in 1 to 2 weeks, based on previous experiences though I'm hoping it's a bit faster.

I was out of there by 10:20, probably would have been faster were it not for the belligerent people.

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Really inappropriate ad!
5:16 pm October 11, 2019


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I logged in just now using a different browser (Microsoft Edge) than I usually use (Chrome) because Chrome seemed to be having some issues for me. I apologize but I do use AdBlock on Chrome :blush: so I don't normally see ads, but I don't have it installed on Edge. When I went to go look at a thread in the Current Events section I had posted in earlier today, I found a REALLY INAPPROPRIATE ad on the right hand side of the screen:


I do not think VisaJourney would want to have Ashley Madison advertising on this site! Why would you want to encourage users to have an affair??? Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thanks!

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Divorce with conditional green card
9:37 pm October 9, 2019



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Hi there

so I came here on marriage-based green card with the 2-year conditional. As a married couple, our intentions were genuine as was our marriage and, at the time, love. Within 6 months however, my wife cheated and I filed divorce. I have to file for the 10-year renewable in March 2020, and I plan to be totally open and honest of course. I have read mixed things however on whether or not I have to contact USCIS before then to declare the divorce or just simply file as I would in March with all the evidence of divorce and explanation. If I get an interview I will happily and truthfully share the full story. Should I be assuming I should be able to get the 10-year renewable? We did not divorce on bad grounds, we did a simple and quick uncontested divorce because we already had a settlement agreement and no children.

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GreenCard Timeline
10:59 pm October 3, 2019



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Does anyone know how long it takes once you do your Greencard interview to actually receive the card?


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