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US Immigration from Scotland

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Interview cancelled (due to corona probably)
4:03 pm March 16, 2020



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my fiance's interview was tomorrow (march 17th) and he got this today (march 16th): "As of 17th March 2020, the United States Embassy in London, UK is reducing routine Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visa appointments. At this time your visa appointment is cancelled. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. "

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Booking medical/interview
11:53 am March 16, 2020


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Ok, so with everything going on I need some outside perspective. I just got my case number, applied for DS-160 and was planning on booking medical/interview today.

I've seen embassy closures elsewhere and even if the medical facility stays open, its starts a clock of 6 months. So do I book the medical and hope the embassy stays open or do I risk hoping in a few months things will have calmed down and 6 months is enough to do the interview when embassy reopens. Really wish the UK government would release their timelines for planned closures of things.

Or wait. Which is difficult to even type lol.

Any input before I start making calls would be appreciated :)

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Interview in a couple days and fiance forgot required item
7:52 pm March 15, 2020



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My fiance lived in Australia for 8-9 months on the youth visa thing but he never got the police certificate. The UK embassy said "Required for all countries where you have lived for more than 6 months since the age of 16 and any country where you have been arrested, even if you were not resident there". How bad is this? :( Should we reschedule?

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Thank you for starting a new subforum for COVID-19/Coronavirus!
6:22 am March 15, 2020


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Not sure who to thank for this, but I think it's a great idea to keep these together in one centralized area. The more information that is more accessible to more people more easily, the better. :)

Of course, keep all those CEHST coronavirus threads where they belong, in the dungeon. :D

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Does London Embassy need Evident of Relationship?
11:25 pm March 13, 2020



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My fiance has his visa in a few days but we weren't planning to bring any evidence of relationship as the official checklist does not say to do so:


Has anyone had an issue with not bringing any?

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