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I-485 AOS Inspection and Admission Evidence
1:10 pm April 26, 2022


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I m (US Citizen) preparing my moms package for AOS and getting the evidence needed but I have a question in the i-485 instructions says:

4. Inspection and Admission or Inspection and Parole
This evidence must relate to your most recent arrival into the United States. Submit copies of the following documents, if available:

A. Passport page with admission or parole stamp (issued by a U.S. immigration officer);

B. Passport page with nonimmigrant visa; and

C. Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record (See Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record in the General Instructions section of these Instructions).

Unfortunately my mom lost her passport with her visitor visa 10 years ago and we don t have that information but the good news is she still has the physical I-94 Arrival-Departure Record that shows her name, date she got admitted, seal, where she got admitted and the visa class she was admited.

The I-94 is enough evidence to prove she was inspected/admitted by an immigration officer?

Any help and information will be appreciated.

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Using 1040-NR and MFJ?
11:44 pm March 18, 2022



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Hi all,

I am working with a CAA at H&R Block to prepare a joint return with my nonresident alien wife, who we wish to have treated as a US citizen for tax purposes. I have had a difficult time finding any CAAs in my area with knowledge of the process when the spouse is outside of the US. The independent firms I contacted gave me bad information, so I decided to use H&R. I have a good idea of how the process should be but I wanted to clarify a couple of things that didn't sound right.

  1. The tax preparer is telling me that my wife can submit a 1040-NR as MFJ, I think I would be submitting a separate form for myself along with that (I assume a 1040 but I missed what she told me). That didn't sound right to me and the 1040-NR instructions say "A nonresident alien filing Form 1040-NR cannot have a Married filing jointly or a Head of household filing status." I asked the preparer about this but she insisted it was possible to file this way because we were also sending a statement electing her to be treated as a US citizen for tax purposes. My wife is unemployed and has no US income, so I did not think the 1040-NR would otherwise be applicable.
  2. The preparer kept insisting that my wife didn't need to file for the ITIN right away, and that she could potentially do so later on, even next year. I basically insisted on doing it along with my return, and insisted on an extension in the mean time so that I could gather the necessary documents (the statement, W-7, etc.) to have my wife sign in May. Are there any scenarios where a nonresident alien spouse can file a MFJ return without an ITIN or SSN? I did find this statement on the IRS page about nonresident spouses: "If your spouse is neither a U.S. citizen nor a U.S. resident within the meaning of IRC section 7701(b)(1)(A) and you file a joint or separate return, your spouse must have either a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)."
  3. Regarding the W-7, I explained to her that we would be getting a certified copy of my wife's passport from the embassy in her country. The tax preparer seemed to understand this but she kept saying she would need to sign off on the box at the bottom of the W-7 for certifying acceptance agents. She told me that if she didn't do it, then I would have to take the W-7 and the certified copy of my wife's passport to an IRS office to have them sign it. That was not the impression I got from reading things here, where people submitted the forms themselves. Regardless, she seems willing to sign that box if I bring the certified passport copy back to her before filing by paper.
  4. If H&R Block does screw up the return I submit, what are the consequences? Is there any recourse--I realize a return could be amended but will they fix their mistake / give me the money back?

Any advice in this situation would be appreciated. I hate to be "that guy" challenging the expert he hired but I want to advocate for myself as well. I'm thinking about calling the IRS this week to ask about the 1040-NR but I'm not sure if my tax preparer would listen. Am I thinking about this situation correctly?

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2008 Civic test study material
3:55 pm March 7, 2022


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I did my civic test on 02/23/2022 and answer all the questions right.

For everyone studying for their civic test, I highly recommend this podcast:


I use spotify but I'm sure you can find in everywhere you listen podcast.

Great for people who commutes only make index cards for the state related questions and us leaders.

Good luck.

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Adjustment of status of parent with overstayed tourist visa
7:01 pm March 2, 2022


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Hello everyone,

I'm getting my citizenship certificate later this month but I want to be proactive and start the paperwork for my mom and apply I soon as I get it, she lives in USA, she came to USA on 2005 with a tourist visa (B2) with no plans to stay but due an abusive relationship with my father, she decided to stay, she is been working without authorization and she doesn't have lawful immigration status. Even though there's penalties, she is exempt and still be eligible for AOS because she will be in the Immediate Relatives (parent of a U.S. citizen) category please refer: https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-7-part-b-chapter-8

I have a couple questions:
1. One of the requirements to apply for AOS is proof of lawful admission, she has the physical version Form I-94, the Arrival-Departure Record Card, because she came before April 2013 there's no digital record in the i94 website, does a copy of the physical version should be fine?

2. Unfortunately her passport with her tourist visa got lost, years ago so she don't have a record of the last stamp, passport number or visa number only the I-94. Is there anywhere I can retrieve that information here in the USA? what other evidence I can show that she had a lawful admission?

3. Some forms ask for the entry information like the passport number and travel document number because I don't have that information I was thinking to add it in the additional information page.

Any advice or list of form that I have to file I would be more than graceful, thanks in advance :)

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Passed the test but a decision cannot be made about your application because computer system was down
3:44 pm February 23, 2022


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Hello everyone,

My interview was scheduled today at 9:30 am at Holtsville NY, I got there at 8:30am the wait was around an hour the interview was okay the interviewer was really nice.

First thing he asked me if your spouse is here with me today I said no, I didn t knew he was allowed to be here (nowhere in the interview schedule notice saids to bring your spouse and more with covid restriction) I asked is it a requirement to he to be here? and he didn t gave me a yes but he said just because your conditional status was not removed them I said my spouse is in the parking lot I can call him so he can get in, he said no is fine let s get the citizenship process done first.

We started the English and US history and government test, the officer asked me to write a sentence, and read out loud another sentence, asked me 6 questions I answered correctly he said good job and he proceed, unfortunately the server was down in his computer and he couldn t have access to my documents, he asked me if I upload my taxes I said yes and he asked me if I have them with me and I didn t so he gave me the Naturalization Interview Results I passed the exam but


Because he needs to see my taxes

I feel so annoyed I took off a day off from work and drove 1 hour and because their server was down a decision cannot yet be made

The officer said that everything was fine and there s nothing to worry about but I will get a notification by mail about an update but all know how long that takes

I will appreciate any guidance on this situation, thank you and good luck.

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