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US Immigration from Honduras

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Honduran birth certificate not accepted
9:18 pm yesterday



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Hi, I m not sure if this is the right forum but i need help ? so my husband and i are doing his AOS and they sent an RFIE staring that the birth certificate we gave was not correct and that we need to send in the copia de folio de libel de nacimientos which is the long form birth certificate. I m not sure what to do or how to go about obtaining this now? Is there some way i can obtain it online or do this electronically so as to save money? Also the Honduran mail service has been unreliable and don t want to risk waiting months for them to mail a birth certificate here ? I m just at a total loss and don t know what to do

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2:19 am October 8, 2019


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I have researched and I am still confused about the Biometrics. We have not received anything in the mail or through e-mail in regards to my husband having his biometrics done. However, I am reading that he will need to complete this process and pay for it. We already had his interview and waiting for the Dr. to send my husband's medical exam to the Embassy. We submitted every document required (except the medical exams, because the Dr. said he would the the medical exam). We have had our case expedited, and now since we are here at this point with our case being handled directly with Honduras, I feel like I have no idea what is going on. If anyone could guide me to the correct information on Biometrics that would be great!! I do not want there to be anything else that could hold up my husband from getting his visa.

Thanks....much appreciated.


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Travel Visa - To U.S. from Honduras
8:21 pm October 7, 2019



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Hi Everyone!

My wife is from Honduras and has 3 children from her previous marriage. After our marriage, I was able to petition for her 2 boys, as they were under the age of 18 at the time of our marriage. They are now permanent residents living with us her in the U.S.

Unfortunately, our daughter was 19 at the time of our marriage, and I was not able to petition for her.

In the meantime, we are applying for a travel Visa so that she may visit.

It is my understanding that the U.S. Embassy in Honduras is not approving travel visas at this time. Has anyone on this board recently been through the interview process at the Embassy?

In general, I am trying to find out how to have her best prepared and if there is anything further I can do for a positive outcome.

I am contacting my states Congressman for assistance, but I am uncertain what that will be. I am going to have her bank account adequately funded to cover travel expenses and have made her an authorized users on a few US credit card accounts. I also want prepare an affidavit of support letter that she can bring to the interview, along with evidence that her 2 brothers are living here with me in the U.S.

I have never applied for a travel visa. Will any of this be helpful, and more importantly, are there any other things that I can do to help her before her interview is scheduled. We are thinking late December/January.

Thanks in advance!

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How many months are the documents good for in Honduras
5:06 pm October 3, 2019


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So my husband's case is in administrative processing and we are hoping the Dr. will send the medical exam to the Embassy this month. He had his medical exam in July, but the Dr. decided to hold onto the exam after doing to more drug testing. My husband is clean, but we are just waiting now for the Dr. to send the exams.

My question is....

How long are all the records good for?

Birth Certificate

Book of Births

Medical exam

Police Record

We obtained these records in July so they are only within 3 months...I am hoping we have 3 more month.

thank you

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I129F with pregnant step daughter
6:04 pm September 30, 2019


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Ok need some help. I filed for the I129f for my fiance back in 2013 but he was denied because of being banned for 10 years. I am filing again because the 10 years is almost up. But we didnt file for his 2 daughters to come on the first time. But now i am filing for the 2 daughters aged 19 and 14. The 19 year old is pregnant. Is the baby qualified also. She is about to have the baby in december and i will file right after. Am I allowed to file for her since she is pregnant. Or is her baby disqualified from having papers. I have been their step mother since they were young.

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