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US Immigration from Honduras

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Husband's Parents Filing for Unmarried Sons - Confusion!
5:16 am March 10, 2021



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Hi there! I'm hoping this question makes sense as it's a little complicated to explain!

My husband has recently filed an I-130 for both of his parents. He has two older half-brothers, one from each parent from their previous relationships prior to their own marriage. Looking into the future, his parents would be thinking of filing for both sons separately either as permanent residents or citizens when the time comes.

His Mom has an older son in Honduras who is around 30, never married, with one daughter (and is still currently in a relationship with the mother of the daughter).

Additionally, his Father has an older son in the United States around the same age who has never married. However, this son entered the US illegally and remains presently.

My questions are the following:

-For his older half-brother in Honduras (Mom's son), is it best for his Mom to file immediately as a permanent resident? Or wait to become a citizen? If she hits the five-year mark and is eligible for citizenship, would she need to wait to file for citizenship until her son's visa is processed? Lastly, would this son's daughter be eligible as a derivative?

-For his older half-brother in the United States, would he be eligible as he is currently present in the US illegally? If so, what kind of ban would he be facing and is there a waiver for it that is likely to be accepted?

My apologies for the lengthy post, I would appreciate any feedback at all!

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J1 Visa Waiver - Request for Visa Sponsor Approval Letter
2:10 pm February 5, 2021



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My daughter in law has approximately 16 months left on her J1 visa. She is a teacher and received her J1 through a teacher exchange sponsorship program. She is married to a US citizen and is planning to apply for a green card. Her home country's embassy is requesting a letter of approval for the waiver from her J1 Visa sponsor in order to provide a No Objection Statement. She was advised not to do this because this may trigger an immediate termination of her J1 visa. She has all the other supporting documents. Anyone else have this situation? Any advice?

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I864 ez Immigrant Address Question
12:52 pm January 29, 2021


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I am completing the I864 EZ form and have a question about part 2.a. "Immigrant Mailing Address"
My husband is the immigrant, and he lives in Honduras. I am the sponsor and live in the US. For the immigrant mailing address, I am not sure what to put because he lives in a rural area and does not a street name or house number. Should I list his sister's mailing address in Honduras, or list mine?

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Form I-864 Questions
3:38 pm January 22, 2021



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My wife is the petitioner, and we want working to get the I-864 form filled out for the sponsorship. We have two visa cases, IR5's, one for each, (mom and dad). We've only had to pay the AOS fee once, not twice, but had to pay each IV applicant fee. 1 for mom and 1 for dad

Because my wife doesn't have employment. I'll have to be the only joint sponsor. So my question is, do I have to fill out two I-864 forms for each? (mom and dad)?


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Health Insurance Required?
5:35 pm January 18, 2021



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We are in the process of getting my wife's parents over here. She is a US Citizen, and she is the petitioner. Our case is now at the NVC. Being the petitioner/sponser, do we have to get them health insurance? Where is the best place to get them health insurance? When exactly can you get them health insurance, I am assuming you have to get it for them before they travel to the US.

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