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US Immigration from Honduras

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Affidavit of support
4:01 pm


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So I filed my I-129f on September 19th and got my NOA1 about a week later. My fianc is currently in Honduras. I m going to visit him over Christmas. I know that once the petition is approved (hopefully) he will need an affidavit of support. I am just barely making the income requirement so my mom is going to sponsor as well. My question is, should I fill out the affidavit of support for both me and my mother and take it to him in December? Or will that be too early? I m just not sure if the affidavits need wet signatures as opposed to scanned signatures. Thank you!

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Honduras Interview Documenta
4:52 am


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Hi Everyone,

can anybody share the details with the following:


Copia Certificado de Folio de Nacimiento

Copia Certificada de Libro de Matrimonio

will a copy of the folio And signature and stamp of registrar suffice? Or Does it need to be certfied in tegucigalpa?

thank you!

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México travel with green card
3:31 am


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Has anyone from a country that requires a visa to visit Mexico gone with their green card?

I see that they don't require a visa for residents of the US (GC holders) regardless of passport country and it's probably fine for air travel as airport passport control probably knows these things.

We live fairly close to the border and going by land to beach towns is tempting, but they have check points along the highways going in, and I'm not sure if the 19 year old young men in the middle of nowhere who staff these things are as up to date on this or will they see a Honduran passport and go straight into giving us problems?

If you've traveled by land within Mexico and presented a GC, let me know whether it was smooth or if you were given problems.

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Vaccines needed?
1:57 am


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My fianc isn t sure that he will be able to find any proof of being vaccinated as a child, even though he knows he was of course. He is 21 years old and is coming from Honduras. Does anyone have any idea of exactly which vaccines he will need given his age and county? Also, is it okay if he goes to the low cost clinic and gets vaccinated before his medical exam so as to save money? Just trying to think ahead. Thank you!

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AOS to Parent who has TPS, had an advanced Parole, but has had deportation proceeding
4:28 pm


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My Father's History:

Came to us without inspection on November 11th 1995, applied for asylum and was denied and asked for Voluntary Departure on August 14, 1996. HE DID NOT LEAVE.

5 years passed, its now March 2001 and president bush granted TPS for those Salvadorians with deportation orders and no criminal records. My dad applied and was approved.

4 years later, In 2006 he applied for advanced parole and was approved. Traveled to El Salvador and re-entered the US just fine.

17 years later still with TPS and no criminal records, I filed AOS for him because I turned 21. Went to interview and since my dad does not have good memory he lied under oath and said 'he has never been in proceedings of removal' which he was, in 1996.

We received a NOID (notice intention of Denial for his permanent residence) NOID says he can applied for a waiver of inadmissibility (I-601) but I looked at those criteria and its a pardon and he needs to show extreme hardship for U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident spouse or parent (NOT child)

In this case, what do we do? will his AOS just get denied and end of story. What will happen once his TPS is removed in 2020?

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