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Changing Eligibility in a pending N400
3:08 pm today


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Hey Guys,

Long story short, I had a 751 pending for a long time and my attorney suggested that I apply for N400, so I did so under the 3 year rule and it was pending since April 2016. After that I got divorced and finally the 751 waiver got approved yesterday and I saw the N400 changed online to scheduled an interview. Now I'm not eligible for the 3 year rule since I'm divorced, but I am eligible for the 5 year rule. What should I do to change my eligibility to make them treat the N400 under the 5 years rule instead of the 3 years rule ?

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Petitioner pregnant
2:52 pm January 13, 2019


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Asking for a friend on our group: her fianc is from Egypt, like mine. They are engaged as well. She visited him 2 times and the second time she became pregnant, because he is from a middle eastern country will this look bad at his interview? Should he not report it to the consular? I ve advised her to just tell them, it might help their case but I d like to know if anyone else has had this experience.

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Mistake on online N400 form
12:19 am January 13, 2019


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Few days ago I filled out the N400 form online and I noticed that one of the yes or no questions was not answered ?

I applied for citizenship few days ago based on marriage and suddenly after submitting the application I noticed that question "have you ever married US citizen for benefits?" Was not answered even though I remember for sure that I selected no .Also I noticed that the address of my previous work is mistakenly wrong ( switched with another employer's address). I have just been scheduled for biometrics appointment . What do I need to do to fix this mistake ? Is it a simple mistake ? And do I need to hire a lawyer ?

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How is the CoN returned for passport application?
5:49 pm January 7, 2019


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My husband applied for an expedited passport since he just got his certificate of naturalization. Does anyone know how they return the CoN? We have a small PO Box in an apartment building and we're worried the postal office will try to shove it in there and bend it. Does it come back in the hard envelopes? Any experience? Thanks.

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i751 mess
8:01 pm January 5, 2019


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Hey Everyone,

I have a quiet of a story and a mess with the USCIS. I know I'm way beyond DIY case, but I've been hiring lawyers and changing lawyers and that would be my last stop which is VJ. I'm gonna try to make it as much short as I can. Any help would be appreciated.

I came to the US in 2011 first time stayed for 3 month and left. I came the second time in march 2012, met my Wife in June of 2012 we dated for couple month and we got married on Oct, 1st 2012. Applied for AOS and got approved on march 22nd 2013. Applied for ROC on march 12 2015 jointly with the help of a lawyer to VSC. In February 2016 when it was pending so long, my lawyer advised me to apply for N400 in Philadelphia local office. I did so, I got NOA for the receipt, Bio appt, then I got another NOA for the interview on 04/29/16 that they will interview me on 06/06/16. I was so confused that I got an interview for the N400 while the i751 still pending. I called my lawyer and he told me that I should take my wife with me cause it might be a combo interview for both cases. Anyways on 06/01/2016 I got a letter in the mail that my interview was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, that's when I realized that they made a mistake for scheduling me while the 751 still pending. My wife's sister passed away, she started drinking and basically the marriage fell apart by the end of 2016. We filed for a divorce and the divorce was finalized 02/07/2017. I went back to my lawyer to inform him with the new situation and he advised me to file a new 751 with a waiver. So I did so, and submitted everything that I have up to the point of the separation. This time I was in south Florida which is where I moved after the divorce. The second 751 with the waiver dated 03/31/2017. in October 2017 I moved back to PA so I did the change of address for 3 pending cases ( 2 751's and the N400). Due all that time I was going every year for my stamp. I have total of 4 stamps in my passport. I think that breaks the record. last time I went for the stamp with an info pass, they only gave me 6 month that was back in Oct 2018. He gave me till 04/2019. On 12/02/2018 I got a NOA for an interview notice. As much as I was excited that they finally scheduled me as much as I was disappointed when I checked which case was it and I found it was the First jointly filed 751 which is noway to get approved due to the divorce. The interview is on Monday (01/07/19). I did many service requests, info passes, calls to the 800 number. Every time I would get the same answer. Background check, name check, in the line for an interview, and the stuff that we all know about, but nothing really about my case. I would like to know if anyone is in a similar situation please? Do you guys thing that they would interview me on Monday or not ? I feel like the 2nd 751 when I did the change of address it didn't go through even tho that I got a confirmation letter to the new address when I moved back to PA. I'm only saying that because probably in Philadelphia they don't know anything about the 2nd 751 that's why they scheduled me for the 1st 751. is it normal to have 751 pending for almost 4 years ?

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