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US Immigration from Egypt

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Marriage Certificate Question
7:48 pm September 11, 2023



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I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for when looking online.

Me and my husband have been married since 2018. We were married in Egypt and had our marriage certificate notarized while there and it is bilingual and we did everything we could find would be needed while in Egypt. However, next year will be three years that my husband has been living here in the USA with me and he will be able to file for citizenship...

I'm wondering if there's anything I need to do here in the United States to have our marriage certificate documented. Do I need to have anything done with the court/county clerk/etc. to have our marriage documented in the US or receive any kind of documentation from my state recognizing the marriage. Or would our foreign marriage certificate suffice as proof of marriage?

Very confused about this as someone had mentioned they had to receive some type of certificate from the state instead of just their foreign marriage certificate and I can't find anything about this when searching online.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Bank statements
9:14 pm September 2, 2023


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Asking for a friend of mine. Will they ask for a bank statement from the U.S citizen? And if yes, what is the minimum that should be in her bank? Thank you! What if she only has $1000, would that be a problem for her fianc to be accepted in the interview?

Thank you!

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Purchasing plane ticket before having visa in hand
9:24 pm August 21, 2023



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What are the steps for purchasing a plane ticket for my fianc e thru the K1 visa. Can we purchase the ticket before she has the actual visa in hand or do we have to wait to have that before booking ticket? Want to try and get ticket as much time in advance to be cheaper. We are in final steps of process and about to do interview. Thanks

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7 Years Officially Married
8:40 am August 19, 2023



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Hello guys , I need some help here about my story ,

in 2016 i entered the US with K1 visa , and stayed there for 1Month cause we had a problem together

in 2017 she came to egypt and we got married cause the consular revoked my visa and refused to give another one to enter the states again

we applied for a Spouse Visa and after we got the NVC letter to pay and complete the paperwork , i found out that i cant travel to USA cause i have school and Army urgent

Now after 5 years could we complete the case again and is it possible to get the visa she didnt visit me within this period ? and how my status will be? thanks in advance

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Address doesn’t match Passport or Taxes
5:16 pm July 29, 2023


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I have a bit of a confusing issue, so I ll try to make it as clear as possible. I m a US citizen, and have been living/married in Egypt for 2 years(husband is Egyptian). We will apply for the I-130 in Egypt via online. The issue is, all my husbands documents, passport, marriage certificate etc have his old address on it, not the one we ve been living at. This is due to the fact most Egyptians don t update their address on all their documents when they move because it s a nightmare.

When I filed my 2021 taxes I put our current address not the address that s on all our documents. My husband received his passport June 2022(after I filed my taxes), and it has his old address. This looks fishy as the addresses don t match up with documents/ timeline of when we got married. I defiantly don t want it to seem like we re being fraudulent, but I feel it s going to send red flags. Has anyone had a similar issue?

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