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US Immigration from Egypt

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Continuous residence & Earliest day of eligibility
9:09 pm yesterday


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I got the green card through the DV visa on 3/28/2015 and left the US on 4/6/2015 and came back on 3/20/2016 to stay 11 days and left again on 3/31/2016 and came back on 8/26/2016. I settled down since then and had short vacations outside the US as follows:

2017 - spent 30 days outside the US

2018 - spent 21 days outside the US

2019 - spent 21 days outside the US

2020 - did not travel

Am i eligible to apply for the N400 application as of now and if not what is the earliest date? I think that the 4 years plus one day rule applies to me and the below also applies to me. Can anybody confirm this?

Eligibility After Break in Residence

An applicant who USCIS determines to have broken the continuity of residence must establish a new period of continuous residence in order to become eligible for naturalization.[15] The requisite duration of that period depends on the basis upon which the applicant seeks to naturalize.[16] In general, such an applicant may become eligible and may apply for naturalization at least 6 months before reaching the end of the pertinent statutory period.[17]


An applicant who is subject to a 5-year statutory period for naturalization is absent from the United States for 8 months, returning on August 1, 2018. The applicant has been absent from the United States for more than 6 months but less than 1 year. As such, the applicant must be able to rebut the presumption of a break in the continuity of residence in order to meet the continuous residence requirement for naturalization.

If the applicant is unable to rebut the presumption, he or she must wait until at least 6 months from reaching the 5-year anniversary of the newly established statutory period following the applicant s return to the United States. In this example, the newly established statutory period began on August 1, 2018, when the applicant returned to the United States. Therefore, the earliest the applicant may re-apply for naturalization is February 1, 2023, which is at least 6 months from the 5-year anniversary of the pertinent statutory period.[18]

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Citizenship transmission of a baby born in Egypt
4:25 am August 11, 2020


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We applied for K1 form fianc visa and due to coronavirus pandemic, there is a delay happened to our papers to get transferred to the American embassy in Egypt

We re expecting a baby coming in October and the father is American .. is it possible to proceed with the citizenship transmission for the baby once it s born? Due to the embassy website


or should we apply for another fianc visa form for the baby?

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One Month Extension on Medical Exams
8:10 am July 30, 2020


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Looks like the DOS has approved a one month extension of Medical Exam expiration.


Potentially good news for people like us. We had our interview scheduled for May, did my husbands exam in April and the next day the embassy canceled the appointment Due to COVID closure. The embassy is still closed and they announced canceled all appointments till at least Sept 30. So hopefully that means we MIGHT not have to redo it if they start processing again after Sept. 30 - we will see how fast things move.

any thoughts?

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I-864 Aff of Support - Filling it out my Joint Sponsors Form
12:50 pm July 25, 2020


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My dad is serving as my husbands joint sponsor for the 1-864 Aff of Support. He is an older man and would like me to fill out the form for him and he will sign it. He has collected and given me all his information and he has reviewed it as correct.

The thing is I have to fill it out the form by hand because something is weird with the form when you try to fill it out using a Mac computer and where I am located in a city with limited Computer access/computer cafes. So the form will be filled in my handwriting and signed with his name and handwriting (he will send me the original signature). Will this be a red flag? I am assuming I will need to fill out and sign the preparers section (Part 10)? Do I need to provide any other proof on his approval for me to fill out the form since there will be 2 different handwritings? I think I might be over thinking but better safe than sorry!

Thanks for everyone's patience on maybe an "overthinking question" :)

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How long it takes to get biometrics appointment after submitting N-400 online ??
11:24 pm July 23, 2020

George George

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Hi all,

I will submit form N-400 to apply for citizenship next month in San Bernardino (SBD) office in California and i wonder how long it takes to get biometrics appointment after submittal as I have to travel and i need to prepare ahead of time.


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