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F1 Visa advice + Adjustment of Status
2:08 am July 16, 2021

Eslam Atef

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Hello everyone, first of all i just wanted to ask about a bunch of questions

Currently my brother is a US Citizen and he is applying for my mother to Form I-130

In same time I'm applying for F-1 Visa to study in USA. Does this ( Form I-130 or F-1 ) conflict with each other any of the applying process ?

Does my brother could Improves my position In applying for F-1 Visa or it would make the situation more harder ?

Plus Can i apply for adjust of status while I'm in the states with my F-1 Visa after my mother become a Permanent Resident ?

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Online USCIS account for minor child
11:46 pm June 22, 2021



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My child is a legal permanent resident. His last name was changed and I'd like to file form I-90 on his behalf online (he is 12 years old), in order to get his name changed on his Green Card. Can I create a USCIS account online for him? I had already created an online for myself, but I am not sure how to proceed when it comes to creating an account on a minor child's behalf. Can anybody walk me through it step by step please? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Nvc stage for cr1 in Egypt
7:56 pm June 14, 2021


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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody in Egypt has already done the affidavit for your income for the cr1 spousal Visa. The reason why I'm asking is because I'm really confused on this part and really need help. So I do have a current income as of 2021. But in 2020 I did not make enough because I was living in Egypt with my husband. But I do have a job now, and I don't know if I am going to need a co-sponsor. Is there anyone that would be able to help me to explain to me what I need to have.

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Nvc stage Egypt
6:21 pm June 1, 2021


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Hello everybody I received an email from NVC to move on with the next steps for the cr1. How do I do everything for NVC? And is the Embassy in Cairo Egypt doing interviews now?

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Pre-Interview Cairo (IR1) Need to register appointment on USTravelDocs?
3:05 am May 28, 2021



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I know that before the interview it's necessary to register the address online in order to return the passport.

But, is it also needed to register the actual appointment date online?

I'm seeing some conflicting information and travel.state.gov doesn't really make it clear.

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