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  1. This is a Canada specific question. You might want to post this in the Canada forum. LOTS of people from other countries will say that you cannot enter the U.S. without using your K1 visa. Which is the truth for all other countries. The only people I have seen be able to do this are Canadians crossing at land crossings. But it is a case by case basis and it not a guarantee. So please post this where you can get region specific advice. Good luck
  2. I am sorry but this is such a bad idea. Why on earth would you ever want to risk your partner's future in the United States? Even for a teeny tiny chance that they may or may not find out...that is enough for me to follow everything to the T. Good luck
  3. This should probably be posted in the Canada forum as there are regulations regarding importing his vehicle. As for his licence, that depends on what state you are in. Here in Georgia my Canadian licence meant nothing, I had to take the written and driving test all over again. Good luck
  4. canadian_wife

    Not sure where to start?

    Good luck, welcome to the journey
  5. canadian_wife

    Citizenship through Apache blood.

    Are you referring to the Snyder Act of 1924 perhaps? Good luck
  6. Yes, I traveled internationally many times between interview and oath. And...are you seriously suggesting that traveling internationally is on the same scale as being imprisoned? Surely not! Good luck
  7. canadian_wife

    LOTS of questions

    1 - no, your Singapore income does not count. The I864 is to show that you can support your husband when he moves to the U.S. Since the Singapore income with cease when you move - that income obviously cannot be used to support him. Have you read the I864 instructions on what income/assets can be used? That is a great place to start. 2 - There is nothing stopping me, a US citizen and a current resident of the Great State of Georgia from up and moving to California tomorrow. So I guess the same is for you, right? No one wants to be apart from his/her husband or wife. Sadly I believe this is ultimately part of the process. Good luck
  8. Have you looked in to the school that you would want her to attend? Perhaps start there and see what they would issue, if it is not the required documents that NigeriaorBust says, then you would probably need to look at other schools and what they issue. Good luck
  9. I wish I knew so others could avoid the same problem. Every 90 days I put in a request, I went to infopass I did everything. Senator Perdue finally helped me. Good luck
  10. It took about 2 years from the initial interview to the oath ceremony. I had to get a senator involved because it was taking so long. I was eventually notified through mail. Good luck
  11. When I went for my naturalization interview Atlanta does same day oath ceremonies. So I dressed up nicely and curled my hair expecting my oath to be that day. But I got "a decision cannot be made". The officer explained to me that many times junior officers are given the task of doing interview but do not actually have the authority to approve. This seems to happen a lot at busy offices. I'm sorry this happened to you, I hope it is a quick turn around. Good luck
  12. While you believe these crimes happened 'way back', the United States government does not think they happened 'way back'. That is what missileman is saying. Good luck.
  13. canadian_wife

    Crossing the border w/spouse + a UHaul while CR1 is processing

    Will the CBP officer know this? Or is it plausible that he will just take her word for it? I don't know, it just seems like a risk to me. Good luck
  14. canadian_wife

    Crossing the border w/spouse + a UHaul while CR1 is processing

    You might want to post this in the Canada forum. I am not 100% sure but I do not think a beneficiary's items can move before the beneficiary. Post in the Canada forum for specific answers. Good luck
  15. Well, you know you can't say no. That would be lying. An especially risky move since you've already admitted to using drugs 4 years ago. Tell the truth, it is the only option. Good luck