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  1. Please post only once - that will help aggregate your answers. Yes, you can petition your spouse as a green card holder and then update once you become a US citizen. Please start with the guides. There are guides for petitioning a spouse and for applying for citizenship. Good luck
  2. Welcome All of your questions can be answered by reading the instructions to each for and the handy dandy guides located here. This is a DIY site so unless your case is particularly difficult, you should not need a lawyer if you educate yourself, read the guides/instructions, and ask questions here. Good luck
  3. Is there a requirement that medical care can be paid for prior to visa issuance? Good luck
  4. I highly doubt a lawyer can do anything for a denial of entry. Likely the agent will refuse to speak to the lawyer as they are not obligated to. Good luck
  5. https://ma.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/filing-local-petition/ Hopefully that link is helpful. It appears you can only file with 'exceptional circumstances' Good luck
  6. How long have you been together? How long were you dating before you married?
  7. I guess it all comes down to options. You can spend the extra money for a hotel in Quebec for a week. Or you can spend the extra money for a round trip flight to Quebec/Toronto for just the medical. Good news, neither of those places are a 13 hour plane ride from Halifax. It is about a 2 hour plane ride if google maps is correct. Good luck
  8. Where do you live that the nearest medical is 13 hours away? Why can you not get it done when you go to Montreal for your interview? Good luck
  9. I know that the waiting stinks. Even living in Canada my USC husband and I had to live apart. i guess I don’t understand why the re-entry permit that Crazy Cat suggested won’t work. Have your husband return to the US, apply and receive the permit and then return to Spain to be with you for the duration of your wait. That seems like the best advice you received. Good luck
  10. Was there anything written in your passport when you were removed from the airport? tell us more about that situation, especially when it happened. Questions 1. You can always ask but they are under no obligation to tell you. An FOIA request may get you some answers - especially at the border. 2. I am not sure about this one because I am not sure the entirety of your situation. 3. The pregnancy, in itself, will not impact your waiver. Not sure what working with a license only in US even means. Waivers should be done with a lawyer in my opinion. Good luck
  11. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html You can always apply, but looking at the wait times above, you may be out of AP before you even get a visa appointment. Chances of approval depend on your case, and we know nothing about your case. Good luck
  12. Montreal is also extremely slow. If you are to take a chance and there is a delay at the consulate for you to meet the domicile requirement, then expect a VERY long separation. Good luck
  13. From this post it is not clear who the US citizen is and who is the beneficiary. Also, where did you find the bolded statement from? Good luck
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