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  1. She will need a new medical before the interview. The interview will be in Montreal, as that is where all interviews are for Canada. And she will need to visit a panel physician. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical/MTL - Montreal.pdf I hope this helps.
  2. Have you thought about actually going to the school to judge for yourself? Parents LOVE to complain about the school on-line. Have your sister-in-law or your husband actually go to see the school before you arrive. Maybe the comments are skewed or outdated. Maybe the school has had an admin change and is on the right track. Or maybe just the few unhappy parents are the most vocal. Good luck
  3. What was the reason for the expedite? I hope someone has better answers for you than I do, I am not sure how this would work at the consulate in Ghana. Good luck
  4. http://www.visadoctor.ca/en/us-medical Try posting this in the Canada specific forum. Someone might have a better link. Look under 18 - 64 year olds. Good luck
  5. This is a Canada specific question. You might want to post this in the Canada forum. LOTS of people from other countries will say that you cannot enter the U.S. without using your K1 visa. Which is the truth for all other countries. The only people I have seen be able to do this are Canadians crossing at land crossings. But it is a case by case basis and it not a guarantee. So please post this where you can get region specific advice. Good luck
  6. I am sorry but this is such a bad idea. Why on earth would you ever want to risk your partner's future in the United States? Even for a teeny tiny chance that they may or may not find out...that is enough for me to follow everything to the T. Good luck
  7. This should probably be posted in the Canada forum as there are regulations regarding importing his vehicle. As for his licence, that depends on what state you are in. Here in Georgia my Canadian licence meant nothing, I had to take the written and driving test all over again. Good luck
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