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  1. The process is fairly simple when you marry. First step - get married. Good luck
  2. I am sorry for my confusion, but why would he be forced to fill out an I-9 with false information? Good luck
  3. Really? You searched and couldn't find anything on here? Ok. I'll help you out Go
  4. Leaving before the 180 days means a ban has not been triggered. However, she still overstayed her visa because her extension was denied. This is always the dice roll people take when applying for extensions. Good luck
  5. In truth, none of us know since none of us know the totality of her circumstances. I understand you want absolutes but I do not think any of us can give that to you. Good luck.
  6. Is your intention to bring your girlfriend and child to the US with you or will you leave them in your home country? Good luck
  7. Fair point. However, if she is asked about specifics, is her intention to lie? Good luck
  8. Being a naturally born Canadian is not enough is it? According to this link there is also a residency requirement. If she has used OHIP, for example, she has claimed to be a resident of Ontario, doesn't that mean she has lost her PR status in the US? Good luck
  9. Where do you intend to live? Based on this post it appears you intend to live in Canada, is that correct? Good luck
  10. You can see my timeline but it took me about 2 years after a decision could not be made on my case. Good luck
  11. Yes that was me! I was denied entry at the pre clearance in Toronto twice. I later had extremely strong tires to Canada and was admitted. We filed for the CR1 shortly after. Please message me if you have any questions. Good luck.
  12. Yes, you can be denied entry again. I was denied entry twice back to back. The next time I attempted to enter I had solid ties to Canada. It sounds like you may be lacking ties to Canada. I suggest waiting at least 6 months before trying again. Use that time to form ties to Canada. We, as Canadians, often take for granted our easy travel to the US. Good luck, PM me if you want to chat more.
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