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  1. Talk about expensive guns, last year I got my wife the gun she had been longing for. A Kimber 1911 sapphire pro 2. A gorgeous gun. More than twice the price of a CZ, but she was so happy. Merry Christmas to my wife!
  2. Didn't seem too bad. Was a Red Roof Inn right next to a Walmart. Just kept looking outside every half hour to be sure the trailer with the Prowler on it was still there. The blowout issue was on the way to a Prowler event in Michigan. First trailer tire went in Lake City FL, then two went actually north of Forsyth, probably nearerto Locust Grove. Limped it to McDonough on two bald (absolutely no tread, but still holding air) tires to spend the night and get all new tires in the morning, the drive straight through to central MI,
  3. I've had a small range on my property for a few years. Weather will be nicer soon so will start shooting (and making the neighbors crazy) again soon. Just picked up my first AR from my FFL yesterday, Don't know why I needed it, but when liberals started saying they want to ban them or take them away I figured it was time to "pull the trigger". Last handgun I purchased was a CZ 75 compact, all steel. Was wanting it for a while but was hard to find at a good price. Haven't shot it enough yet. Now looking at this https://www.remington.com/other-products/tac-14-dm Should be a decent home defense weapon, better than an AR as I can imagine one shot with the AR would probably go through 3 walls easily.
  4. Last blowout I had was on I-75 near Forsyth GA. Damn cheap Chinese trailer tires. Shows how much I know.
  5. I really would have thought taking the troops out of Afghanistan would have made more sense. Eight times as many troops there and it's never going to improve.
  6. I swear the more gorgeous a woman, the bigger PITA she is. Next time around I'm going for a BIG FAT UGLY one.
  7. Hillary Clinton could beat President Trump "again" if she decides to run for president in 2020, the former secretary of state said Tuesday in an interview. Is this an indication of another crazy event to come in this election?
  8. He's probably rich and she probably has a great prenup, or so I have read somewhere that's how it works these days.
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