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  1. Have not been very interested in buying an EV. I've had a Toyota Camry hybrid in the past and that's the way I would probably go in the future (hybrid). Got a friend with a Tesla 3 and wife and I went on a trip with him and his wife across the state. Did not like that car at all. My daughter ordered a model Y last November and hopes to have it in the next month or so. I had toyed with the idea of putting down a $250 deposit on a Fisker Ocean but my wife let me know I was NOT going to be so foolish (that's the mild version).
  2. Biden was actually very smart to pick her as VP. With her no one dare impeach him or invoke the 25th amendment. Who would want her to take over?
  3. Ha. Seen that one before. When my wife got her green card 6 months was the processing time, and if you went beyond that they would "expedite" your process with a service request. We went through that. It seems that since then things have gone down hill. I have a whole terrible story about our infopass appointment after my wife's card process was over the 6 month mark. Makes my blood pressure go up even now when I think about it. Yelling and intimidation by a couple of officers amid at us. I explained that we were over the 6 month mark and I wanted to know if there was a problem. First guy laughed and said green cards were taking 2 years. I told him no (they were not at that time) He asked me if I knew more about immigration than him. We were having a discussion, and when he saw me look at his name tag and write his name down, he blew up. Thank god he was on the other side of the glass partition. He made a loud announcement to the entire office that "this guy wants a green card right now for his wife". I told him no, I wanted to know if there was some type of problem. He walked away and sent someone else over. I got no real response from the second person. I asked to speak with the supervisor, and she put in a service request but told me it wouldn't do any good. In less than two weeks we got a letter for our interview appointment.
  4. I thought it was OK to breast feed to age 3 or 4. No?
  5. It's got to be COVID. Someone will get some extra money for that. And it will put us well over the million mark. Keep up the good work! Another post while drinking...... Sorry Love you man
  6. It's COVID. It's always COVID.
  7. Ah, the benefit of having the highest income tax rate in the nation.
  8. Some good news. Biden is finally ending some of the political division in Washington as many on the left and right are coming together to oppose portions of his agenda.
  9. No HOA for me. Been there, done that. I'm on 2 1/2 acres just a short distance from town, out in the woods. The county is the one that looks at the plans. charges the money, makes you wait way too long, and inspects. Mine was part of the house when I built and is attached. Like having a huge extra room at the back of the house.
  10. Oh no, you're not one of those "corn hole" people are you? ' I just like saying that. It sounds so bad.
  11. Like almost everyone else in Florida that has a pool, we have a screen enclosure. The entire pool and surrounding patio area, approx 40x60 ft, is enclosed. No skeeters and no leaves or anything else annoying except for a few spiders and an occasional snake.
  12. Ha. We are in the next phase of life...playing in the pool with grandchildren. Happy times, yet a little sad if we dwell on the fact we are getting older. Not feeling old yet, and we are still working, but it's rapidly approaching.
  13. Funny, but we live 5 or 6 miles from the Gulf Beaches, but why go and get all sandy and salty when you can jump right into the water in your own back yard. In our case the pool is really par of the house. If that weren't enough, we have a vacation home on the water in the Keys. We will be there this weekend getting salty.
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