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  1. Guess I'll have to go with New England. Step daughter lives and works in Quincy, and my hygienist is from Winchester. I've got to go to Boston on the 31st of the month for a dental meeting(ugh, the weather..). Funny, my hygienist followed the Red Socks and the Bruins growing up. Few months back she answered the phone and was helping a new patient make an appointment. She asked his name, "Jean Ratelle" he says. My hygienist laughed and says " like the hockey player?" Yep. Couldn't believe she knew the name. It was him. Nicest guy. Played with the Rangers and then with the Bruins.
  2. I am thinking with another caravan on the way, coupled with 800,000 folks without a paycheck, we have a real crisis and a reason for the President to act. I too was disappointed.
  3. And they were caught! Seems this deterrent actually worked. Article I read says this fence was only actually designed to stop vehicle traffic. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/nation/2019/01/18/border-wall-group-376-migrants-tunnels-under-yuma-fence/2619775002/ Nice try, but your spin was weak.
  4. And if /when Trump tries to crack down on visa overstays, will the left oppose it? Of course they will....
  5. Yup, I'm headed to Boston (yuck) in 2 weeks and this could be a real problem.
  6. We are all getting tired of hearing about the wall and concerned for folks not getting paid. We all know that walls work, even the liberals that try to say they don't. There is an easy way to end all this. Dems need to throw POTUS a bone. Offer up 2 or 2.5 billion. Maybe ask for other considerations. Could be a win for both sides. Trump didn't get all he wanted, yet some of the wall gets built. Time to end this.
  7. I was thinking about what has caused this snowflake culture. When I was growing up, a lot more than 30 years ago, kids were treated much differently. In my town we got home from school, hopped on our bike, and went off to do whatever with our friends. We were gone until dinner time or dark, which ever came first. There was usually a parent that had some idea where we were, but pretty much we were OK on our own. If we did something very wrong, we paid the price when our father got home. These days I see mothers hovering over their children every minute. I wonder how these kids can ever grow up. I see these kids in my office. Really makes me wonder when a 15 year old comes in and mom holds their hand and strokes their head and tells them "it's OK baby, the doctor just wants to look....". The making of another snowflake.
  8. Virtually all current and former border patrol are in favor of the wall and say it works and is needed, yet the Dems on capitol hill and the liberal experts on VJ say otherwise. I am so confused.
  9. Neonred

    Here we go, Elizabeth!!!

    He is a true New Yorker. There is a reason why New Yorkers get a bad rep.
  10. Woke? Dang, I'm just not hip anymore.... Gotta go look that one up.
  11. Funny thing, I was driving through Homestead FL today. It's a town south of Miami with a majority Hispanic population and a large number of migrants because of the year round growing season. Driving the main street, Krome Ave, I noticed on nearly every block there was an attorney. Almost every one of them had window advertising touting their "specialty". Immigration and criminal defense for most of them. No joke. I wished I had taken pictures. Made me wonder if there were some hidden message I was missing...
  12. Neonred

    Gas Prices - Cheap in my area

    Let me know when you are coming down. Unfortunately because of the wife having health issues we are never sure when we can get away. Going to Coral Gables this Friday to see her specialist again. Better yet visit Naples. A nice and attractive town without the crowds of Lauderdale or Miami. From now until the end of March the Keys are a mess. I drive down after work Thursday nights to avoid the traffic. This trip we came down Friday morning and I regret it. If someone needs to make a left turn across traffic they will be waiting quite a while.