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  1. Here you go Keith. This should make you happy. Also a topic of another thread here. http://fortune.com/2018/10/03/bernie-sanders-bill-big-banks/
  2. Trump should nominate Hillary to the Supreme Court so an investigation of her can finally get started.
  3. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/elizabeth-warren-to-consider-2020-run_us_5bb0e824e4b0343b3dc11858 Wow. A Trump Warren debate should be interesting and rather entertaining
  4. Why, oh why did this surface? This kind of stuff was supposed to be scrubbed, removed, or buried. It's making Obama and the MDL look foolish.
  5. Pretty impressive for a state of just a little over 3 million people. Watch out for the "wild hogs" Squeal like a piggy...
  6. YES. Caused my man part to act like a frightened turtle. Couldn't find it for days.
  7. Hillary sexually assaulted me in high school. Although I can't remember when and where, I'd be willing to testify if she gets the nomination in 2020. Just keep my name out of the public.
  8. Has anybody seen a picture of Dr Ford from back in the day? I haven't, but if she didn't look much better than she does now I can't imagine Kavanugh going out of his way to feel her up.
  9. Naw. We went thru the eye of Irma as a strong cat 4 and did very well. Not even enough damage to meet the deductable. But to be honest there isn't really a beach on this island. Just a few houses on a "beach" on the Atlantic side. Most oof us are all on canals just a short distance to the open water.
  10. Great question. I'm sure they do. I paid for flood insurance for my place on Big Pine Key for the last 20 years. Had 3 feet of water under the house with Irma. Quite a mess and a fair amount of erosion under and around the house. Nothing was covered. This year I didn't renew. I'm self insuring. I'm thinking of doing the same for the hurricane wind storm insurance also. But yes, government subsidized of course. Didn't mean to sound like I was arguing about.
  11. So, do you want me to move my house off the beach?
  12. $2500 to buy? I know I spent more than that just on the immigration process. If only I had known... This doll doesn't whine and complain, does it? Do they have a website?
  13. Just wondering, will the Democratic primaries be rigged again next time?
  14. What kind of quality microbrewry puts their product in an aluminum can?