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  1. Unfortunately I was out of regular Jack Daniels so I used bourbon. About a shot of bourbon with a little Jack Honey, half a shot or so of Cointreau, 1/2 oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice (we had a bunch of lemons and that was part of the reason for doing this) and fill up with lemon lime soda. Need to pick up regular Jack and see if that changes anything. Did have a new bottle of Gentleman Jack that I picked up last year at the distillery but saving that for sipping.
  2. Actually been thinking that it's a great time to head to the Keys for at least a full week. The weather is perfect and I never have a chance to get away that long this time of year. No crowds on the roads or in the Keys as they have closed down all motels and hotels. They do have a check point entering and you must prove you are a resident or home owner. I'll have to carry my tax bill with me. Other problem is my wife's daughter and family including 2 little ones (a good reason to get up and go to work each morning even if we have no patients!). Might have trouble getting them in to the Keys in a separate car.
  3. Emergencies and urgent care only. I'm going in and just doing mornings, much of which is reorganizing and throwing out stuff hidden in drawers that needed to be done anyway. Our Governor ordered that all hygiene and non-emergency work be delayed until after May 8. Got a call about an hour ago from a lady that dropped and broke her lower denture in half. I'll be working on that tomorrow. Lately it's just been tooth aches, gum infections, and sharp broken teeth.
  4. Man what a great day. In spite of two little devil children, that alcohol has really helped. Changed oil in a car and lawn tractor before I started serious drinking. The rest of the day was by the pool with a drink in hand. Don't know why people trust a drunk with cooking on the grill but..... Perfect buzz all afternoon without getting too drunk. Wish I could remember what the formula was for the drink I really liked. They just kept tasting better and better. Any research on how alcohol protects from diseases?
  5. Wife's daughter and family are still here and will be well into the foreseeable future. The 2 1/2 year old and the 6 mo old like to scream, and the older one is definitely the devil child. Then there is the yorkie they brought that needs to wear a diaper.... I've dedicated today to finding the perfect Lynchburg lemonade recipe. I'm still experimenting. I'm very close, and also feeling much better. Just now noticed I can barely focus on the computer screen. Got to be careful as drinking and posting has gotten me into trouble before...
  6. When I was a young teen there was a song about using Saran wrap. Can't for the life of me remember the name. Sorry, but the lyrics are not VJ family friendly.
  7. Same with my 87 yr old mother. She is in independent living about 15 minutes away from me. They are in lock down too. Can't even eat in the dining room. Meals are dropped off at their door. Want to go see her but they make it nearly impossible for someone to visit.
  8. The entire political focus of yesterday’s news cycle was the legislative imbroglio between Republicans and Democrats over the coronavirus rescue package. Republicans believe we should presuppose and even continue encouraging an indefinite shutdown while spending trillions to treat it. Democrats believe the same thing and also want to add all their other extraneous progressive policies too. But nobody is asking: Do we really need to intensify the shutdown before we understand the data and projections of the actual virus itself? https://www.conservativereview.com/news/horowitz-coronavirus-begin-us-matters/?fbclid=IwAR0Gr3JlRPfvEiKv3zrZXNjnTAST-VvSX5olVn_pWw2mzKJwp01fBZ-B0ts
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