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  1. A/C is so over rated. I think only necessary for Eastern Europeans and weak Texans...LOL I constantly tell my wife, "it's summer in Florida, why do I have to freeze in my own home?" And the same goes for mosquito repellent. I rarely need it but the tender Eastern European woman I co-habitat with seems to attract them. I have noticed the same back in the day when I would visit the Golden Corral. I always wondered what type of vehicle they were able to fit into to get there.
  2. Oh, I think that would have actually been flattened and baked (as in cooked on hot asphalt) chicken
  3. I was up before 4am this morning. Just saying.. And as I have said before, sleep is over rated. (Self deleted to avoid an unpleasant weekend) It was just a little fun and games with the wild chicks, except for that stubborn rooster that wouldn't get out of the way of the SUV. For an instant I thought we might be having fried chicken for dinner. Another road kill special.
  4. Is AM radio still a thing? My '64 Chevrolet Corvair has just a manual tune (no push buttons) AM only radio. Lucky it even had that "option". Never much on there to listen to. It has a small condenser on the generator (no alternator) to reduce interference.
  5. Well we played hooky today and took the day off to make the holiday weekend even longer. I was a little worn out from the past couple of busy weeks so waited until early this morning to head down here to the Keys. No problem for me as I'm a morning person, but the wife is not. Even so I did give her fair warning last night to be ready to go early. Did manage to get her up and we were on the road by 7:00am. Breakfast at Denny's Key Largo, then the run down to BPK. Back to paradise. Quick stop at Winn Dixie for a few groceries and to chase the chickens in the parking lot. A couple of adult beverages and a little relaxation on the porch while a thunderstorm passes thru. Tomorrow a little boating and a trip into Key West and more relaxation. Ahh...
  6. So sorry to hear this. Wow, I don't even know what that means, but it sounds impressive.
  7. I got a great laugh out of this one, BUT I think it's (2+2+1) and please don't make me explain! 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Is that the same as our national debt?
  9. Isn't it the wrong time of year for skiing?
  10. Just makes me wonder who thought this wack job would be a good addition to this administration in the first place. There are a couple of others that I feel the same way about.
  11. Of course you can be sure she will be "rewarded" with a cushy high paying position somewhere.
  12. On our last trip to Texas (2+1)years ago our friends insisted we visit the FANTASTIC WhataBurger. That was in San Marco or San Something. Don't really remember. I guess it was Ok...
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