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  1. So are we thinking that by not "locking her up" this might come back to bite Trump in the back side?
  2. If your spouse submitted a petition for a K-1 then you have a big problem.
  3. Don't know where you get your info (I can probably guess however...) but all accounts say this was just an average mid term result. Nothing more. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/11/midterm-election-results-followed-historical-precedent/ Blue wave or purple puddle?
  4. My wife is more pro-Trump than I am......but as an Eastern European she is likely more white than I am too! LOL
  5. Guess you missed the fact that this was normal practice under the Obama administration (when thay were not part of "catch and release") and has been discontinued uner the Trump administration. Continuing with the "separating babies from their mom" line makes you look foolish.
  6. But of course we all know it's not really asylum they are seeking. Have you seen any of the interviews with these people? They admit they are coming for economic reasons.
  7. Was just thinking, Canada seems to be very open to new immigrants. Can't we load all these people up on a train an send them north?
  8. Guilty. Back in my college days there were a lot of large women I called cows...
  9. Guess I am guilty of perpetuating this belief. For years, when my kids were small, I would tell them that the brown cows produced chocolate milk. (I do use Ovaltine as a weekend treat!) I will say I too am a milk lover. I consume milk, cheese, or ice cream daily. Must have at least half and half in coffee.
  10. Here you go Keith. This should make you happy. Also a topic of another thread here. http://fortune.com/2018/10/03/bernie-sanders-bill-big-banks/
  11. Trump should nominate Hillary to the Supreme Court so an investigation of her can finally get started.
  12. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/elizabeth-warren-to-consider-2020-run_us_5bb0e824e4b0343b3dc11858 Wow. A Trump Warren debate should be interesting and rather entertaining
  13. Why, oh why did this surface? This kind of stuff was supposed to be scrubbed, removed, or buried. It's making Obama and the MDL look foolish.
  14. Pretty impressive for a state of just a little over 3 million people. Watch out for the "wild hogs" Squeal like a piggy...