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  1. Thanks so much! Yes we are going to work on it. I was just curious if it did come down to that. I appreciate the info!
  2. My husband and I, unfortunately, are having martial issues. My AOS is still pending, I’m still waiting for a bio appointment (been waiting over 8 months now). My question is, If it comes down to us separating/divorcing Do I have to return to Canada immediately and my application is denied? Is there anyway I would still have a chance at the green card. I have built a life here and love it here. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  3. I am wondering the same! I am from Canada also. Living with my US husband in Florida. We are going to make an appt with an accountant to take care of everything but from my understanding they will send in the W7 form with the tax return and the IRS will process the return once the ITIN is issued? (I am still waiting for biometrics. Been waiting 8 months)
  4. Since we are stuck in the US and cannot work are we entitled to the stimulus check? (No Social security number yet)
  5. When I filed September 20th, 2020 we had to use a joint sponsor (my father in law) because my husband (the US citizen) had just moved back to the US and started a business therefore didn’t have US tax income. Now since it was just tax time, we have his transcripts for 2020 showing over 100k. We no longer need the joint sponsor. Should I fill out another affidavit of support and send it in Right now or wait and bring it to the interview? (I am currently still waiting for BIO appt).
  6. My PD is august 20th, 2020. Still haven’t received my bio appointment. I’m in Florida. When should I be expecting the appointment ?
  7. Jess&Rob

    Registering car

    Not sure if there’s a forum for this.. but does anyone have experience shipping/ registering a Canadian car in the US (Florida) ?
  8. "By reciprocal agreement, programs that are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada are recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. However, individuals attending dental programs in one country and planning to practice in another country should carefully investigate the requirements of the licensing jurisdiction where they wish to practice."
  9. Yes I know what the requirements are to become a dental hygienist in Florida. I’m asking for the I-944 if I need my certificates evaluated
  10. Am I required to do an Academic Equivalency evaluation for my highschool diploma, dental assisting cert, and Dental Hygiene license from Canada? They are in another lockdown and schools are closed until mid January so I am unable to retrieve transcripts. HELLPPP
  11. Do I have to include a education equivalency report for my schooling from Canada? (High school diploma, dental assisting and dental hygiene certifications)
  12. Port orange FL☀️🙌 PD august 20th, 2020 just received RFIE dec 21 no bio appt yet
  13. Getting ready to send I-944 in, can anyone comment on my list: -Form filled out and signed -Last 3 years of Canadian foreign tax transcripts -Letter/ proof indicating no credit report/score -All certifications/license/schooling documents -Proof of health insurance -Proof of savings - bank statements(last 6 months) for me and my spouse -My spouse’ IRS and canadian tax transcripts -Proof of spouse’ new business he started this year- screenshot of PayPal sales (will have taxes filed before interview) + business tax receipt Is there anything I am missing or should add? thank you!
  14. Is writing a sworn letter stating I have no credit report because I have no SSN number along with screenshots of me attempting to retrieve one with all 3 companies enough?
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