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  1. i know this question will be the past for many of you, but i figure i will definitely get a good answer. When the NVC eventually receives my packet, will they email me? or will i just find our from calling ?
  2. Hello all..Well i haven't been on here much, but after 221 days we finally got our approval, and just our luck now the NVC is taking what normally took 2 weeks to process the paperwork, is now taking 6 weeks...but i guess anything under 221 days is not that bad...But would of been nice to have her here for Christmas... it is nice to see all the nice pictures... Well i will have next year.. :-) Happy New Year to all.. Carmine and Agnes..
  3. Carmine N Agnes

    Denied entrance in the USA

    Well when they sent my fiance home, they put her on the next flight back. Now I did already buy a round trip ticket,, so I'm sure the airlines just called it even..
  4. Carmine N Agnes

    Denied entrance in the USA

    Yes we're hoping so.. We're now sitting at 170 Days today.. Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.. I can deal with thanksgiving , but Christmas...not an easy thing to accept..,
  5. Carmine N Agnes

    Denied entrance in the USA

    No was her 11st visit
  6. Carmine N Agnes

    Denied entrance in the USA

    Well I think that USCIS will take their time looking into the denial, but I will keep you posted on our case..
  7. Carmine N Agnes

    Denied entrance in the USA

    Standard code R39007. Seems to be the standard code. He did ( cbp officer ) said us getting the k1 visa shouldn't be a problem.. 170 days and waiting..
  8. Carmine N Agnes

    Denied entrance in the USA

    She was turned back. R39007 code. I looked it up seems to be the standard code. But I had my senator check on our status, and USCIS says that their looking into more of her back ground check, which can only mean the December issue. Do you know if this happened to you?
  9. Has anyone else been denied access into the USA? And is this causing a delay in the back ground check? My fiance was denied entrance last December with her valid ESTA. We're now at 170 days waiting still for the NOA2. I HAD my Senator look into the delay, and they said something was flagged in her back ground check. ( which leaves us to believe the denied entrance is causing the delay) so we're wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew of a couple who did? Thanks for a any help..